Where to relax in Bali: choosing the best resort, hotel descriptions and tourist reviews

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Where to relax in Bali: choosing the best resort, hotel descriptions and tourist reviews
Where to relax in Bali: choosing the best resort, hotel descriptions and tourist reviews

The Indonesian island in the Malay Archipelago is distinguished by national color and natural charm. But you need to choose the best resort in accordance with your vacation plans. Where to relax in Bali in January or May? In Bali, you can go diving or surfing, visit nature reserves and temples, luxuriate in a spa, enjoy a massage or do yoga, study local life and traditions. Some tourists do not stay in one place at all, because the island can be explored up and down in a relatively short time. Where to relax in Bali? Tourist reviews will help you decide.

How to get to the island

The areas of Bali where it is better to relax are scattered around the island. The specific choice of resort depends on the preferences of tourists, budget and plans. The international airport is located in the city of Denpasar - the capital of Bali. direct regularthere are no flights, only charter planes fly. Can be reached with transfers. At the lowest price, flights can be found from Vladivostok or Irkutsk with a transfer in Hong Kong. Flying from Moscow is usually more expensive. The best deals are from Qatar with a transfer in Doha or Thai Airways (via Bangkok). You will have to get from St. Petersburg with two transfers. Usually connecting in Istanbul and Singapore.

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To fly with minimal cost, tourists usually choose the following scheme: it is profitable to get from Moscow or another city of the Russian Federation to Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong), and then overcome the rest of the way by low-cost in combination with other modes of transport, if required. The most popular low cost airlines are Air Asia, Tigerair (for flights from Singapore), Lion Air (from Indonesia). For fifty dollars you can fly from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore or the Philippines, a little more expensive tickets (about ninety dollars) from South Korea, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, China. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a ready-made tour and fly on a charter flight, and then plan your vacation on your own.

South Bali

Where is the best place to relax in Bali in January? During the rainy season, the weather is suitable for a beach holiday, and you can also enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Where to stay? The southern part of the island is suitable, where the capital with an international airport and resort centers with the best hotels and restaurants are located, for example, Jimbaran, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua. by the mostan attractive and noisy resort is Kuta, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of tourists. The city was a small fishing village and a place of pilgrimage for hippies who came from Kathmandu. Today it is a huge tourist center, which is full of life around the clock. Those who value peace and quiet will not be able to fully relax here. At the same time, Kuta is the best white sand beaches, a large selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, nightclubs, an airport and eternal transport chaos.

Where is the best place to relax in Bali in winter? Quiet and relaxing holidays, say travelers, can be enjoyed in the villages of Seminyak, Kerobokan. There is less noise than in the tourist Kuta, and the general atmosphere is suitable for relaxation. A resort town with wonderful beaches, excellent shops and a choice of hotels of different price categories, and even close to the airport - Tuban. There are fewer clubs and shops in Legian, but Kuta is very close, so if you want entertainment, you can go there. Sanur is the first tourist center in Bali, which today is considered a more respectable place than Kuta, beloved by young people. High class hotels in Sanur, with swimming pools and exclusive catering. Restaurants and shops are more expensive, valuable antiques can be found among souvenirs.

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Where is it better to have a rest in Bali for rich tourists? The small fishing village of Jimbaran today has become one of the most respectable resorts. On the white beaches of Jimbaran, washed by azure waves, there are two of the most luxurious hotels - FourSeasons, Ritz Carlton and several other five-stars. The calm sea is almost unaffected by the tides, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, plenty of water sports and excellent fish restaurants - all this makes a holiday in Jimbaran a real pleasure. A luxurious resort is Nusa Dua, where everything is done for the comfort of tourists. There is no local trade, locals do not enter the resort area, service is top-notch, there are chain hotels, gourmet restaurants and expensive shops, private beaches.

Where to relax in Bali in December to go surfing? At the southern tip of the island, Uluwatu is a resort suitable for water sports enthusiasts. The waves in this place are excellent, but in general the infrastructure is poorly developed. The main purpose of a short trip to Uluwatu is usually to visit local temples. Takes a day trip. But this resort is popular with those tourists who are tired of the round-the-clock fun and noise of Kuta or the strict elitism of Nusa Dua. So where to relax in Bali? Uluwatu is a retreat on picturesque (but not equipped for a truly comfortable stay) beaches.

A unique place in the southern part of the island is Ubud. The resort differs from other tourist places only by its location in the depths of the island. Ubud is a good alternative to a lazy beach holiday. The sea is an hour away, but you can admire the picturesque hilly landscapes, rainforest, rivers flowing among rocks and cliffs, rice fields. There are no more such resorts in Bali - this is confirmed by numerous reviews of tourists. In Ubudthe culture and nature of the island is concentrated, there is a wood carving center and a jewelry gallery, high-class hotels and a lot of leisure options. You can visit the ancient city and the colorful local market, go to the rainforest with a guide, learn belly dancing, painting, playing unusual musical instruments and touch the Balinese culture.

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Eastern part of the island

The beaches of Bali, where it is better to relax for surfers or lovers of a relaxing pastime, are scattered throughout the island. In the eastern part are the resorts of Padang Bai, Selang, Candidasa and Amed. Padang Bai is the easiest way to get to the neighboring islands, and in itself, relaxing in Padang Bai is a pleasant experience. Here you can go scuba diving, sunbathe on a comfortable beach, spend time in numerous cafes of a small village. Candidasa was a quiet fishing village in the recent past. Now there are many restaurants and hotels, which has led to a decrease in the beach area. The main type of recreation is swimming with a mask and fins, diving. Often those who want to explore the eastern part of the island stop for a while in Chandidas. For an overnight stay, it is better to choose places on the coast, because the village is stuffy, noisy and dirty. Amed and Selang will appeal to snorkellers, while the northeast coast is suitable for general swimming, but the beaches are rocky or black sand.

Northern Bali

There are much fewer places to stay in the north, but you can spend more time hereexciting and interesting because of the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Balinese culture and history. According to reviews, the most popular holiday destination in the north is a small group of Lovina villages. It has a good infrastructure, budget hotels, nightclubs, inexpensive restaurants and shops, but few souvenirs. Lovina is in many ways inferior to tourist Kuta, but beaches with black volcanic sand attract a separate category of tourists. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere like families with children and older couples. So where to relax in Bali with a child is clear. Lovina is a good choice.

Where is the best place to relax in Bali in the summer?

Resorts in the western part

Where is the best place to relax in Bali? Resorts in the western part of the island are the least popular, although tourists often go here on excursions to get acquainted with the local culture, see ancient temples and visit the national park. The tourist infrastructure is very poorly developed, all resorts are concentrated in the northwestern part of the island. Choosing the western part of Bali is only for experienced travelers, who can abandon comfortable hotels in favor of small huts similar to those in which the locals live.

Best surf spots

The beaches of Bali, where it is better for surfers to relax, are Canggu or the Bukit Peninsula. There are enough experienced surfers and beginners, creative people and advanced youth in Canggu. The infrastructure is quite developed, there are many European cafes and restaurants, the nightlife is not too rich, but parties are regular, soIn any case, you won't be bored. Where is it better to relax in Bali in May for lovers of water sports? The surfing season lasts from April to November, at other times the conditions are somewhat worse. A good wind for kitesurfing occurs in July-August. It is good to relax with the family in the vicinity of Canggu, but you will definitely need a scooter or car to get around. The beaches are mostly wild, not crowded, with a minimum of tourist amenities like sunbeds.

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Where is the best place to relax in the summer in Bali? The second option for surfers is the Bukit Peninsula with the most expensive and beautiful villas on the hills or high cliffs. The ocean view is truly breathtaking. The peninsula has a special microclimate. It is hot and dry here, there are no rice fields, but you can walk along the winding country roads, immersed in greenery. Bukit is a high rocky shore with secluded beaches, which often have to go down the stone steps. The peninsula is secluded, but it is the heart of surf Bali. For beginners, there are fewer opportunities here, so it's better to ride with an instructor.

Choosing between Bukit and Canggu, experienced tourists are advised to take into account seasonality. From November to March there are almost no waves in Canggu, but you can go to the eastern part of Bukit and to the east coast in the Sanur area. Or you can just settle in Kuta and go where you like best. For beginner surfers, it is better to choose Canggu. Not very confident surfers will find the waves of Bukit beyond their strength. You can also focus on Kuta Beach, where all the main surf schools in Bali are located. Classes for Zero Studentsspend right there. It should be taken into account that some schools offer their students free transfers from their place of residence to the school and to the place of practical training. Therefore, you can settle in any area you like.

Beach vacation

Where to relax in Bali? Judging by the reviews of tourists, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran are suitable for an exclusively beach holiday. In general, Bali is unlikely to appeal to those who want to spend most of their time on the beach. There are very high waves, in some places the bottom is reef or rocky. The only exceptions are the Nusa Dua, Sanur and Jimbaran listed above, where there are practically no waves, you can sunbathe and swim relatively freely. Many beaches have black volcanic sand, there are stones and corals in the water that are exposed at low tide, there are few amenities (umbrellas, sunbeds, etc.), and in winter the beaches of Kuta are filled with garbage thrown out by the ocean. An important detail - there are practically no closed private beaches.

where to relax in bali in january

Weather and holidays by months

Where is the best place to relax in Bali? Resorts, weather, sea - tourists with different needs go to different parts of the island. The rainy season lasts from March to November, the rainiest months are December, January and February. The rains are of varying intensity, with the greatest amount of precipitation falling in the west and south of the island. At this time, it is difficult to plan excursions, you can spend time on the beach, but there are a lot of algae and debris on the shore, high waves can rise. But the cost of rest in the rainy season is much lower. Where to relax in BaliFebruary? Ubud is great for those looking to indulge in spas or yoga. Where is the best place to visit Bali in January? At Christmas and New Year there are many vacationers from Europe. The Gili Islands, the resorts of Sanur and Nusa Dua are very popular, and on New Year's Eve itself, the loudest parties take place on the beaches of Kuta.

Where to relax in Bali in the dry season to spend as much time on the beach as possible? You can go already in April, but the high season starts in May and lasts until the end of October. At this time, the conditions are ideal for visiting excursions, swimming and sunbathing, playing sports. There is no excess humidity and there is practically no rain. You can choose almost any resort. The surfing season on the island lasts all year round, but it is better to come to the general tourist. Surfers love August and July the most when the right waves form. The resorts of Bali, where it is better to relax at this time, are not limited to tourist Kuta, Sunar and Legian.

What to see for a tourist

Where to relax in Bali? Those who want to get acquainted with the local culture can stay in almost any place they like, because it is easy to move around the island. Tourists in Bali are attracted by ancient temples, each of which is unique in its own way. The interior decoration is striking, a huge number of different decorations and decor. Many temples are of exceptional historical importance, while others are simply interesting to see. Such attractions are indicated on the signs with the word pura (palace). There are several types of temples: pura puseh is dedicated to the founders of the settlement andfacing the mountains, pura desa - a temple of spirits that are beneficial to the locals, pura dalen - a temple in honor of the dead, facing the ocean. There are several Buddhist shrines, such as the Brahmavihara Arama Monastery in Banjar, and the Catholic Church in Palasari.

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Attract tourists from all over the world and other sights of Indonesia. On the eastern shore, for example, is the ancient city of Almapura with royal palaces. In the past, here was the capital of the kingdom of Karangasem, founded at the end of the seventeenth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the state became the strongest in Bali. After the arrival of the Dutch colonialists, Karangasem offered no resistance, so the palaces were not destroyed. You can visit the architectural ensemble Taman Gili. This complex of buildings, built in 1710, has long been the political and social center of the kingdom. The town of Gianyar, northeast of Denpasar, is famous for its dilapidated eighteenth-century castle. In addition, you can go on an excursion to the monument to the god Ganesha, the Elephant Cave and the complex of royal tombs of the eleventh century.

The island is rich in natural attractions. Tropical jungles and lakes, magical beaches, outlines of dormant volcanoes and rocks fit on a small piece of land. Virgin forests with monkeys are a place of constant pilgrimage for tourists and a real Balinese classic. One of these is near the resort village of Ubud. Humanoid animals are not averse to eating dried fruits and nuts fromhands of tourists. At the same time, you can visit the volcanoes and mountains nearby, which are considered sacred. These are Agung volcano, Kintamani and Mount Batukaru. Fans of cultural leisure will enjoy numerous museums: the State Historical Museum, the Rice Museum, the Art Center, the Art Center, the Museum of Private Collections.

Shopping on the island

People come to Bali not in pursuit of world brands and unusual purchases, but a large number of local sellers of unusual souvenirs are of interest to tourists. So you won't be able to leave without shopping. Balinese culture has given a lot of interesting gizmos. Tourists buy national clothes, traditional jewelry, figurines and musical instruments, fabrics, paintings and folk art.

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What you need to know about Bali

Where is the best place to relax in Bali? Many tourists categorically dislike the island (despite the good service and a fairly developed tourist infrastructure), but this is only because the prevailing idea of ​​\u200b\u200bit does not coincide with reality. The ocean, for example, is here from all sides, but it’s not possible to swim calmly everywhere. White sand and calm waves from the pictures in the catalogs of tour operators are Jimbaran, Nusa Dua or Sanur. The rest of the areas are beaches with coarse sand and big waves, which are almost impossible to stay on for those who feel insecure in the water. And during the rainy season in these areas, the ocean throws up piles of garbage on the shore.

Housing in Bali is relatively cheap. You can rent a house with a pool and a garden at a price"odnushki" in some of the remote areas of Moscow, but the final cost of rent depends on the time and period. A villa will cost less if you rent a house for a long time. Re altors profit from visitors, there are also those who can take a deposit and disappear in an indefinite direction. Therefore, it is better to look for a villa through travel communities or the local population. If you are going to rent a house for several months, then prepare the entire amount at once, because in Bali it is not customary to break down the payment by months.

It is possible to live in Bali for a small amount, but only for those who are ready to save on everything, live in the outback and eat exclusively lean rice. For a tourist, such a vacation will definitely not seem budgetary. Travelers often complain about the lack of civilization and amenities (sunbeds, towels, changing rooms and showers) right on the beaches, expensive alcohol and seafood, and the impossibility of normal movement around the island. The traffic on the roads is crazy, traffic jams are not marked on the maps, and it is much safer to travel by bike or taxi than on foot. There are a lot of dogs on the island that sleep right on the roads during the day and attack people at night.

Ordinary tourists before going to the island need to decide exactly what they want to get from their vacation. Bali is a very special place, which in its usual form is not suitable for everyone. And for good service you have to pay a lot of money. For inexperienced Russian tourists, Greece, Turkey or Thailand and other countries are more suitable, while Bali will be interesting for experienced travelers who are not afraiddifficulties and are ready to selflessly study the peculiarities of the life of the local population. You will have to study if you do not want to overpay for food or spend the night on the beach, where at night thousands of small eyes of spiders, snakes, frogs and large cockroaches will watch you from the bushes.

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