Recreation centers in Tobolsk: description

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Recreation centers in Tobolsk: description
Recreation centers in Tobolsk: description

In Siberia there is a wonderful city of Tobolsk, one of the most picturesque and impressive. It is enough to visit it once to fall in love with this amazing nature, perfect for relaxation, walks and various outdoor activities. Centuries-old coniferous forests give coolness and tranquility. You can walk in them for hours without thinking about anything. Art connoisseurs and anyone who wants to get to know the history of the city better will appreciate the majestic architectural structures and cultural monuments that reflect the life of the city since its founding.

Tobolsk is also known for its recreation centers, where everyone can find something to do or just take a break from the bustle of the city and traffic.

Tourist complex "Abalak"

Recreation center
Recreation center

Located on the high bank of the Irtysh River, a wooden fortress built on the site of the battle between the troops of Khan Kuchum and Yermak's squad attracts attention from afar. Herethere is a recreation center "Abalak", which is popular not only among Tobolsk residents, but also among residents of all Russia.

The infrastructure is very diverse and stylized under one theme. Hotel rooms have names that refer us to Russian legends and epics: Voivodship chambers, Streltsy, Cossacks. For newlyweds there are apartments of the Chasozvon Tower - "Wedding". All rooms reflect the main specifics of the decoration of Ancient Russia: they have Russian stoves, antique clocks, carpets sewn from pieces of fabric.

In the tavern "White Owl" everything is done so that when you go inside, you feel like you are in a real Russian hut: there is a huge stove, wooden furniture, hunting trophies. And, of course, food that includes Siberian delicacies: lingonberry dumplings, bear or hare meat dumplings, raw fish and meat dishes, venison and much more.

For children "Abalak" in Tobolsk also offers a lot of entertainment: Baba Yaga's hut, zoo, children's cafe "Snake Gorynych". And for those who like to take a steam bath, there is a Russian wood-fired banya.

Located not far from Tobolsk, the recreation center operates all year round. In summer, boat and catamaran rentals, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding are organized for guests. There is a picnic area with barbecue grills and gazebos. In winter, visitors can rent skis, snowmobiles, sleds. On the territory of the complex there is a slope for skiing with a length of 350 meters and a height of about 50. The track is equipped according to all safety rules, so everyone can try their hand here.

Annually, the base is heldInternational Festival of Historical Reenactment "Abalakskoye Pole". The program is quite rich: combat duels of warriors, interactive platforms with various programs. A camp has been set up on the territory, which includes medieval pottery workshops and forges. All visitors who want to be in the medieval era can take part.

How to get to the tourist complex: directions

From Tobolsk, the recreation center is 20 km away and is located in the village. Abalak. You can get there from the city center both by private car and by bus No. 539, 538, 815 (from the bus station).

Driving directions
Driving directions

Recreation center "Skazka"

Tobolsk is known not only for the Abalak tourist complex. An alternative to it can be another recreation center located in a pine forest in the Stroitel microdistrict, 5. Guests are offered here:

  • two cottages;
  • mangal zone;
  • sauna with steam room;
  • hot tub and pool;
  • equipped children's corner;
  • Russian billiards, tennis and more.
Recreation center Skazka
Recreation center Skazka

Whatever recreation center in Tobolsk you choose to organize your leisure time, the time spent there will definitely be remembered for a long time.