Beaches of Tuscany: review, description. Tuscan Riviera

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Beaches of Tuscany: review, description. Tuscan Riviera
Beaches of Tuscany: review, description. Tuscan Riviera

The beaches of Tuscany attract with their diversity. Lovers of expensive establishments or hitchhikers will find entertainment, adventure and even love here. The area attracts with picturesque views, noisy clubs and, of course, pleasant Italians.

General information

Tuscany itself is not a city. It is an area located in Italy. The administrative center of Tuscany is the city of Florence. The region consists of ten provinces: Arezzo, Gresto, Florence, Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, Siena.

More than three hundred kilometers of coastline is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The very same territory of the region is represented by low hills and mountains. Plains make up only 8% here and are in the majority near the Arno valley.

photo tuscany
photo tuscany

The main mountain range is the Apennines, which surrounded Tuscany from the northeast side. The described region is also rich in other mountain reliefs: the Apuan Alps, the Metaliferous Hills, the Pisa Mountains, Pratomagno and Mount Amiata.

Historical background

Before you decide where to go in Tuscany, you should closely familiarize yourself with its history. In-First, this way you can determine which city or district is closer in spirit. Secondly, the existence of the region stretches from the second millennium BC.

If we talk about periodization, it is easier to divide the development of the region into three stages. The first is the ancient period. During the Bronze Age, the Apennine and Villanova cultures began to dominate here, which appeared along with the first Italic tribes. Then the territory was occupied by the Etruscans, as evidenced by archaeological finds. By the way, the Etruscan civilization was one of the first to proclaim the equality of women and men.

They were defeated by the Romans in the third century BC. The new people settled all the cities and founded new ones - Florence and Goat. In the last city, the walls, the acropolis, the forum and the Capitol have survived to this day.

best beaches in tuscany
best beaches in tuscany

The second period is the Middle Ages. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, Tuscany has been in crisis, until other nations began to come to the free lands. At the same time, large-scale construction of castles and defensive structures started. With the proclamation of free communes in Tuscany, the first institutions of higher education appeared.

Tuscany is considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It was this commune that gave the world the geniuses of painting Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the father of the Italian language - Dante Alighieri, the famous scientists Giovanni, Francesco and Ingirami.

The third period is already the New time, and, directly, today. Tourists watch how history is made in this region, and they themselvesmake edits there. For example, respect for nature and incredible landscapes.


First on the list recommended for visiting by vacationers is the Tuscan Riviera - Versilia. Known for its white sand beaches and gentle sea. People come here not only to get enough vitamin D and enjoy the playful sea waves, but also to see the beauty of small towns. For example:

  1. Luxury Forte dei Marmi (forte dei marmi). The beaches here are perfect for family vacations or for water sports. The vast majority of them are paid: renting sun loungers and an umbrella can cost 20 euros. Free zones are on the outskirts, but the number of tourists is too high. If you get tired of lying and splashing in the water, you can view local attractions: Marconi Square, Piazza Dante and Garibaldi Square.
  2. Viareggio. The beaches of this resort are marked with the Blue Flags of the European Union for cleanliness. The municipal beach area is considered free, although you still have to pay 3-5 euros for a place. Private beaches and their service will cost visitors 35 euros. The architectural treasures of the city are the Mathilde Tower, the Villa of Paolina Bonaparte and the Pineta di Ponente Park.
where to go in tuscany
where to go in tuscany

On the best beaches of Tuscany in Versilia, tourists are offered many services. Among them are especially popular:

  • punta alla yacht club;
  • diving;
  • water skiing and surfing;
  • tennis and golf courses;
  • riding.

Inveterateparty-goers will find themselves in many nightclubs where famous DJs and stars come. And art connoisseurs can get aesthetic pleasure from visiting local galleries.

Resorts in Grosseto

The first thing to note is that there are territories protected at the state level. These are the Maremma National Park, Biancane and Orbetello Lagoon.

As for popular tourist destinations, the top 3 resorts are:

  1. Punta Talamone. The town attracts people with its paintings and aesthetics of the ruins of ancient fortresses. Also here you can only be surprised at the diversity of fauna and flora.
  2. Castiglione della Pesquea. In the noted settlement, there is a clear contrast between the powerful fortress walls and the port quarters, which follows its own active rhythm of life.
  3. Pitigliano. A mountainous area surrounded by crystal clear rivers and (not) humble temples.
tuscan riviera
tuscan riviera

The most frequent request for "the cool beaches of Tuscany" is also relevant in Grosseto. Soak up the sun at:

  1. Cala Violina. Wild beach without additional service. Only azure water, purest sand and an unforgettable view.
  2. Punta Ala. A free zone, which, on the one hand, is conquered by the endless expanse of the sea, and, on the other, by the majestic pine forest.
  3. Castiglione della Pescaia. A modern beach with all amenities and an open view of the local attraction - the ancient fortress.

Elba Island

Elba Island is a real witness to many iconicevents in world history. There are no more territories that have been visited by all civilizations known to man. Untouched nature, unique monuments of art and centuries-old culture create a separate universe here, which every self-respecting traveler must visit.

One of the most popular beaches in Tuscany is located on this island - Biodola. Ideal for families with children: soft sand and a shallow bottom will add comfort to children's entertainment.

italy in march
italy in march

Another favorite coast for locals and visitors is Paolina. It has been compared to a peaceful and wonderful pebble harbor. Opposite the shore is a lone rock, which offers a view of the sea power and beauty (you can only swim to it). Rumor has it that it was here that Paolina Bonaparte liked to relax (hence the name).

Budget vacation

Free beaches in Tuscany are an incredible rarity. Some visitors can grab a piece of land for next to nothing in private areas, while others can comfortably (or not) sit on the rocks nearby.

rosignano marittimo
rosignano marittimo

The list of free zones includes:

  1. La Spiaggia Della Lecciona is an alternative to Punta Ala with a pine forest.
  2. Cala Violina.
  3. Buca Del Fate - located on the other side of the Elba Island, getting here is quite difficult (you can't do without Google Assistant or a map). The car will have to be parked somewhere near the road and on foot to get to the place through the forest. But the breathtaking view and the purest water are worth it.
  4. Barkola.

But we must not forget that many free beaches often, however, require an entrance fee (but it is minimal).


Italy in March is beautiful, and especially in Florence (no wonder it is called the city of spring). On the northern bank of the Arno River is the historic center of the city, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can also find Duomo Square, St. John's Baptistry and the Accademia Gallery.

forte dei marmi
forte dei marmi

Crossing the Ponte Vecchio you can find yourself in the heart of bohemia. The Oltrarno area is rich in many assets: these are wonderful museums that reveal the features of modern art; openwork religious buildings; restaurants inviting with pleasant aromas; modest cafes.

The city itself is a treasure trove for inspiration, encounters with history and contact with the fabulous past.


Time to digress a little from the centers of tourist influx and go to the provinces, where you can enjoy the harmony and see the real life of Italians. Livorno reveals business Italy, where residents do not have time for comfort on weekdays (a vivid example is Rosignano Marittimo).

livorno italy
livorno italy

The list of mast-si includes:

  1. Terrace Mascagni is a musical place associated with a composer named Pedro Mascagni.
  2. The old fortress as a symbol of impregnability and stability. Time is merciless, so frequent attacks and robberies reduced the building to its foundation. But the locals decided to restore the building, and todayit is open to the public.
  3. The Cathedral is a monument of Renaissance architecture.


Pisa is the pearl of the Tuscan region, which evokes clear associations with the “leaning tower” for everyone. In addition to the popular visiting card of the city, it is worth paying attention to other unique buildings. For example:

  • Duomo Cathedral;
  • Chocolate Valley that impresses with its tasting;
  • Campo Santo Cemetery;
  • Santa Maria della Spina;
  • Palazzo del Orologio.

Worth coming here during the summer holidays. Then they arrange several festivals, of which the most spectacular are Luminara and games on the bridge.

The list is not limited to this, as are the beauties of Tuscany themselves. It is necessary to visit the region at any moment of spiritual ascension and exhaustion of inspiration. Anguish will fill the soul with vivid impressions and warmth, and fantasy will destroy the erected boundaries.