Ural Airlines: passenger reviews

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Ural Airlines: passenger reviews
Ural Airlines: passenger reviews

The quality of the flight directly depends on how competently the airline operates, which provides air transportation services. In this article we will discuss reviews about the carrier "Ural Airlines". What are the features of the functioning of the company in question? What are its advantages? What do negative passenger reviews indicate?

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Reviews about the services of the carrier in question leave very contradictory. What features according to reviews does Ural Airlines (airline) have? The reviews underline the well-coordinated actions of technical support, the professionalism of the pilots, the friendliness and courtesy of the flight attendants.

What then is contained in the negative reviews? As the analysis showed, dissatisfaction arises precisely among those passengers who have not thoroughly familiarized themselves with the flight rules established by Ural Airlines. Reviews of such a plan usually reflect difficulties with ticket refunds, online payment, changing destination or departure city, paying for additional baggage.

Next, we will consider allitems mentioned in the reviews, more details.

About company

The considered carrier occupies one of the leading positions in the rating of Russian airlines of the outgoing year. In 2016, almost five and a half million passengers used its services. The company offers air transportation services, more than 250 different destinations are open.

The main aircraft of the Ural Airlines fleet is the Airbus A320. Reviews report that flying on board these aircraft is comfortable and safe. This year, active work was carried out to renew the park.

ural airlines passenger reviews

Self check-in at the airport

This service is offered by self check-in kiosks. They provide airline customers who have electronic tickets with the opportunity to check in for a Ural Airlines flight. Reviews (Moscow-Simferopol or any other direction) report that the procedure is successful in all areas. Such check-in begins one day before departure and ends one hour before it.

Why should you use this service? You are no longer afraid of the queues at the standard check-in counters at the airport. This is an opportunity to pre-register and choose a suitable seat in the cabin. You will be able not only to undergo the procedure yourself, but also to process those who travel with you.

What are the restrictions on receiving the service in question?

It cannot be used by passengers of the following categories:

  • on a stretcher;
  • slimited mobility;
  • deprived of sight or hearing unaccompanied;
  • critically ill;
  • with guide dog;
  • unaccompanied minors.

If you have baggage that exceeds the allowed weight, pets or birds, you need to transport weapons or ammunition, if you need medical assistance during the flight, then you will not be able to check in on your own. Another exception is deported passengers.

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Onboard menu

The airline pays special attention to food on board. Business class passengers will be offered a choice of several appetizers, desserts and hot meals, as well as non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks. There are also individual menus:

  • fish;
  • vegetarian;
  • baby;
  • Muslim.

Economy class passengers are offered hot meals, cold snacks, drinks and confectionery depending on the duration of the flight.

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What do reviews say about Ural Airlines in this respect? Baggage can be transported free of charge subject to certain conditions.

If the passenger is a child from birth to twelve years old, then the norm is ten kilograms of luggage and five hand luggage.

If the passenger is a teenager from twelve years old or an adult, then the norm is twenty kilograms of luggage per piece and five hand luggage.

Weigh and pay separately:

  • items weighing more than fifty kilograms;
  • flowers or greens weighing more than five kilograms;
  • sports equipment;
  • musical instruments;
  • mopeds;
  • boats;
  • spare parts for vehicles;
  • motorcycles;
  • motor scooters;
  • cars.

Some flights have their own free baggage allowance. For example, such features are inherent in the flight Moscow-Baikonur-Moscow.

For economy class:

  • baby - 0 kilograms of baggage and hand luggage;
  • child from two years to twelve - fifteen kilograms of luggage and five hand luggage;
  • adult client - fifteen kilos of luggage and five hand luggage.

For business class:

  • infant - 0 kg hand luggage and luggage;
  • child from two to twelve years old - thirty kilograms of luggage and ten hand luggage;
  • adult client - thirty kilograms of luggage and ten hand luggage.
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Transportation of unaccompanied children

Sometimes you have to send a minor child on a trip on your own (that is, no one accompanies him on the flight). Does Ural Airlines provide such a service? Reviews confirm this fact, however, they pay attention to the fact that such a flight is possible only on direct scheduled flights.

There are some age restrictions. So, children from five to twelve years old can fly unaccompanied only within the territory of the Russian Federation or the CIS countries, fromsix to twelve years - and on the territory of non-CIS countries.

More than four unaccompanied children can be on board at the same time. If passengers with disabilities are present on the same flight, the number of unaccompanied small travelers may be adjusted. This is necessary in order to ensure safety on board Ural Airlines ("Ural Airlines") aircraft.

Reviews draw attention to the fact that the age of a child who must travel unaccompanied is determined at the time of the start of transportation directly from the airport of the country of departure. At the request of parents, this service can be provided to teenagers up to the age of eighteen.

It is mandatory to have a statement about the need to transport unaccompanied children, which complies with the rules of Ural Airlines. Reviews report that this is an easy task. The application must be completed by the parents at the time of purchase of the ticket for an unaccompanied child. The document must be drawn up in four copies and at least three days before the day of departure.

Flying this kind of flight is possible only to those airports where there are permanent employees of the airline in question or their agent partners.

A specialized fee is required for the flight of an unaccompanied minor. It varies depending on the flight distance. So, if we are talking about flights within the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, it is thirty euros, for flights to non-CIS countries - fifty eurosper flight segment.

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Transportation of passengers with reduced mobility

And this service is provided by employees of Ural Airlines. Passenger reviews confirm that this kind of transportation is carried out professionally and efficiently. On the part of the staff one can feel a humane, understanding attitude.

In order to receive the service, it is important to agree in advance on the presence of special needs of the passenger with Ural Airlines. Reviews recommend doing this even at the time of booking at the box office or calling the passenger support service in advance.

Important: all airports in the territory of the Russian Federation provide the service in question for free. However, foreign airports may require additional fees for similar activities. It is better to clarify this nuance for yourself in advance at the relevant service of a particular airport.

Medical staff will escort a passenger with special needs from the check-in counter to boarding the aircraft. At the airport of departure, a wheelchair will be checked in as luggage, and it will be transported free of charge. Employees of Ural Airlines will help you move around the airport. Reviews report that everything goes as quickly as possible.

Shop on board

Passengers have the opportunity to purchase some goods directly on board the aircraft. Among the presented products you can find souvenirs, printed materials, alcohol, confectioneryor soft drinks. Payment can be made both with cash and with cards of various banks ("Visa" or "MasterCard"). On board any Ural Airlines aircraft (reviews show that passengers appreciated this) there is an opportunity to use the terminal. The only caveat: each card has a limit on purchases in the amount of one and a half thousand rubles. You must also carry some kind of document that would prove the identity of the passenger.

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"Ural Airlines" - an airline that provides quality services for the transportation of passengers by air. The reviews confirm that if you carefully read the rules of the flight, no unpleasant situations will happen to you, and the employees of the carrier company will be happy to meet you.

Choose the best! Fly with Ural Airlines.

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