Arriving at Hannover Airport: what services to expect, how to get to the city

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Arriving at Hannover Airport: what services to expect, how to get to the city
Arriving at Hannover Airport: what services to expect, how to get to the city

The city of Hannover in the federal state of Lower Saxony is known for its international exhibitions. But there is also something for the average tourist to see. It is a beautiful city full of historical and cultural attractions, museums, art galleries, well-maintained parks.

From Russia to Lower Saxony (Germany) is easier to get by air. Moreover, near the city there is an international airport of Hannover, which is called Langenhagen - after the name of the nearby village.

What do we know about this air harbor? In this article you will find comprehensive information about Flughafen Hannover - Langenhagen. We will help you not to get lost in the airport terminals, return your taxi-free and get to the city without incident. The information you read here will give you an idea of ​​the history of this hub, as well as the services it provides to passengers today.

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Past and present of the airport

Previously, Hannover had a different air harbor. It was called Farenwald and was located within the city. And the current Hannover Airport was founded on the site of a military airfield after the end of World War II. The fact that Nazi fighters once took off from it is evidenced only by the surviving barracks of that time.

The military airfield was converted to the needs of civil aviation not by chance. The number of flights grew, and Vahrenwald, sandwiched between residential areas, no longer had the opportunity to expand. When Langenhagen was put into operation in 1952, the former hub was unloaded. Now Farenwald is completely liquidated.

Previously, Langenhagen had only one 1,680 meter runway. Now this hub with international status is the ninth largest in Germany.

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It has been more than 60 years since the first passenger flights to the Costa Brava and Mallorca started from Langenhagen. The modern airport of Hannover is a huge air station. It consists of four terminals.

But the passenger need not worry: all the buildings are close to each other and are interconnected by covered walkways that house cafes and shopping malls. Terminal A is the oldest, like the core of the former Langenhagen. It was reopened in 2014 after a major renovation. It serves mainly German Airlines.

If you fly to Hannoveron board the Aeroflot airliner, then you will be unloaded at terminal B. Building C is the largest of all. But only four airlines serve the terminal, including Air Berlin and Air France. Building D is on long-term lease from the Royal Air Force. This terminal does not serve passengers. In front of the entrance to each pavilion there is a stand with the names of airlines that are accredited here.

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Airport display

Hannover-Langenhagen is Germany's second largest destination in Eastern Europe (after Frankfurt am Main). If we study the airport board, we will see that from this city you can fly to Moscow (Sheremetyevo), Kyiv (Borispol), Minsk, Kostanay, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Istanbul (named after Ataturk), Budapest, Helsinki, Tel Aviv.

But there are also plenty of flights to the west. From Hanover Airport you can fly to Madrid, Dublin and Cork, Paris, London, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Basel and Zurich. The hub also serves low-cost airlines, including such a well-known air carrier as the Norwegian Air Shuttle, on board which you can get to various cities in Spain, Greece, Italy and Scandinavia.

Charter flights also start seasonally from the air harbor. Hannover is connected to other cities in Germany by domestic flights. From here you can get to Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf.


Hannover Airport (Germany) is large, clean, comfortable and functional in German. There is no excessive luxury, but created for passengersall amenities: escalators, luggage carts, waiting rooms, exchange offices, left-luggage offices, first-aid post with a pharmacy, post office, children's playgrounds, mother and child room. And, of course, there is no shortage of restaurants, cafes, eateries and shops. Numerous duty-free departments are located in the neutral zone of the airport. You can return the value added tax in terminal B, in the arrivals area, in the customs window. If you want to get cash, then you should go to the counter with the inscription "Tax Free" between six in the morning and nine in the evening. This service operates seven days a week.

How to get to Hannover Airport

How to get to Hannover Airport

The hub is located 11 kilometers north of the city. How to overcome this distance? The fastest way is the S-Bahn city train. There are many of them in Hannover, and one of them - S-5 - is connected directly to terminal C. From any part of the city, you can get to the station of this train, and you will be there in 18-25 minutes. The fare in Es-Bahn is 3-4 euros (depending on the zone of your location in Hannover). And the cheapest way to get to Langenhagen Airport is by bus. The ticket costs only two euros. You will need route number 470. The bus will take you directly to the gates of terminal C in half an hour. If you're willing to shell out for a taxi, don't expect it to be the fastest way to get around, especially during rush hour. And this pleasure will cost at least 25 euros.

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