Base "Dedushkin Khutor" in the Astrakhan region: description, services and reviews

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Base "Dedushkin Khutor" in the Astrakhan region: description, services and reviews
Base "Dedushkin Khutor" in the Astrakhan region: description, services and reviews

Choosing a place to relax with your family, you sort through various fishing bases. Dedushkin Khutor is a place that will be of interest both to those who visit it for the first time and to experienced fishermen. It is better for hunters to come when the hunting season has already started. And just vacationers can swim and enjoy beautiful views of nature all year round.

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About the base

The Dedushkin Khutor base is located in the Astrakhan region. To get to it, you need to remember three coordinates: drive 170 km above the city of Astrakhan and 250 km below the hero city of Volgograd, and then set aside 21 km to the city of Kharabali, and now you can see an island measuring 80 × 20 km, abounding in numerous ilmens (lowlands in which water accumulates from the flood of rivers) and eriks - channels through which water from rivers enters the lowlands. It is from them that after the spring flood you can catch a large number of the most diverse fish.

Recreation center "Dedushkin Khutor" in the secondhalf of the summer makes it possible, when fishing from the shore, to please yourself with a ram, pike perch, roach and bream. And you don't have to go far, within 50 meters from the rented house there is an exit to the reservoir.

Opposite the base is the island of Chub, famous for its asps. And how not to be an asp when there are underwater pits nearby, in some places reaching a depth of 30 meters?

The Dedushkin Khutor base in the Kharabalinsky district of Astrakhan has advantages in choosing a good fishing spot. After all, going down the Volga River, you need to go at least 60 km before you meet other anglers.

Famous for fishing at night from the shore. Very often come across very good specimens of pike perch and bream. But most importantly, there is an opportunity to catch a sterlet that has already become exotic. As Bulgakov says about sterlet: “Sturgeon in a saucepan, in pieces, shifted with crayfish tails and fresh caviar.” But one can only dream of cooking this fish. According to the rules, after its capture, the silver fish must be returned to the water world. But you can dream?!

Grandfather's farm base in the Astrakhan region

Where to live at the base?

Grandfather's Farm offers three accommodation options for guests:

1. The rooms are double. Equipped with a standard set of furniture and household appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner). There is a spacious freezer in which it is proposed to store the caught catch.

2. Cottages. Built on the first coastline, they can accommodate up to 6 people. But in order to live there, you need to call in at the same least 4 vacationers. The cottage consists of three rooms, two of which have 6 beds (3 in each), and the remaining room is reserved for a common room. A standard set of satellite TV, a 300-liter freezer, a small set of kitchen utensils - that's what the cottage is furnished with.

3. Log house. Built from specially selected logs. It consists of one room, which can accommodate 3 people, but it is rented to a minimum of two. It boasts a summer veranda. The situation is no different from that in the cottage.

Children under the age of 6 can stay in any category of houses for free.

All offered houses are supplied with hot and cold water, which passes through several stages of purification, and further disinfected with ultraviolet radiation.

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Prices for services

Renting a three-room cottage will cost 1600 rubles. per day per person, but you need to rent at least four (and in August and September this figure rises to 5). Additional accommodation is free of charge.

Rent a log house will be 1450 rubles. per day per person, but with the condition that all 3 places will be occupied.

If only two people stay, the price may not change, but for this it will be necessary to pay for one of the boats for the entire stay.

Double rooms can be rented for 2100 rubles per room.

What do they feed at the base?

The base "Grandfather's Farm" feeds its guests with dishes prepared according to the recipes of the Russiankitchens. Three meals a day, homemade pastries are served every evening. Tea can be drunk at the buffet. Tea is served sweet.

The chef's pride is a unique triple fish soup and fat-tailed sheep pilaf, cooked in the traditional way - on a fire. These dishes are included in the daily menu, prepared once a week and you do not need to pay extra for them. Based on the preferences of the guests, the chef can prepare the selected dish from the caught game or fish.

Guests can choose how many times to eat a day and, accordingly, pay only for this. But according to the reviews of the guests who have been there, it is clear that almost everyone eats 3 times a day.

The cost of three meals a day is 850 rubles. For children under 6 years old, meals are paid at a 50% discount.

Who can be caught on land?

The base "Grandfather's Farm" offers to hunt on an island located nearby.

Last 2015, the waterfowl hunting season was opened in the Astrakhan region at the end of September. It was then that it was possible to start the legal shooting of marsh-meadow and waterfowl inhabitants. And in November it was already possible to start hunting for steppe, field and fur animals. On the last day of the outgoing year, hunting for the first group of animals was stopped, and a couple of months later, on February 29, the hunting season was officially closed.

From the waterfowl it was possible to shoot at several varieties of ducks: gray duck, mallard, pochard and other species.

From the steppe species of birds, you can shoot at the bean goose, sandpiper,coot, pheasant and woodcock. In October, you can shoot waterfowl up to 20 heads a day, steppe - up to 5. A hare is issued on a voucher (a hare lives like this and does not know that it will die on a voucher!). Wolves and jackals can be shot without restrictions.

Six years ago there was a hunt during which 25 wolves were caught. 8 hunters participated in it, each with a gun. But after the staff of the base got a top, which was soon tamed, the shooting of wolves is not carried out.

To take part in the hunt, you must send a copy of your hunting ticket in advance. The price for waterfowl will be 800 rubles.

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Rybatsky Island, recreation center "Dedushkin Khutor" - boat rental

Each of the proposed boats is equipped with an echo sounder and electric start. Boat fuel is charged separately based on its consumption.

Can be rented:

"Kazanka" 5-meter:

Two-stroke, with 30 hp With. - 1850 rubles. Only two people can swim in this boat.

Two-stroke, with 40 hp With. – 2100 rub.

Four-stroke, with 40 hp With. – 2600 rub.

Four-stroke, with 40 hp With. (plus pneumatic assistant) – 2600 rubles

"Progress" 2-meter, two-stroke, with 30 hp. With. – 1850 rub.

"Progress" 4-meter four-stroke, with 40 hp. With. – 2100 rub.

Rent a boat UMS with 175 hp With. – 6500 rubles, but accompanied by a huntsman.

All boat prices are for daylight hours only.

If the guests sailed on their boats, then their security is onmooring costs from 100 to 250 rubles. If the trip was made by car, then the guests' cars are placed at the base for free.

Grandfather's farm base in the Kharabalinsky district


The Grandfather's Farm base has a lot of greenery: flower beds, a variety of ornamental and fruit trees, a sowing lawn. The coastal area is fenced from visiting outsiders. It has gazebos, each of which is equipped with a barbecue, and sun loungers. Here, on the shore, there is a playground for children with a sandbox.

Sandy beach provided for comfortable swimming.

fishing island recreation center grandfather farm

Additional services

Caught by the guests, fish or game, if they are not going to cook it right away, must be cleaned and gutted. At the request of the guest, assistant chefs can do this. Also, for an additional fee, you can pickle, smoke, make balyk, heh and other dishes.

Fishing craftsmen will help you choose the necessary bait - crayfish or fry.

You can cook a barbecue yourself or ask the chef about it. Take a steam bath in two baths to choose from: one is located on the territory of the base, the second - on the banks of the Volga.

Speed ​​boat trips and trips to the Volga Delta are organized.

If you are going to hunt, you can use the services of a huntsman who will help in the correct capture of animals or birds. The cost of services depends on his qualifications and will cost 400-1000 rubles a day.

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Fishing base "Dedushkin Khutor", Astrakhan region - guest reviews

Reading the feedback and comments left by people who visited the base, you immediately come to a positive opinion about the base. Adequate and friendly hosts, executive staff, green nature, water, forests and steppe. All this really corresponds to the description of the base, which is given on the Internet page, which the Dedushkin Khutor base offers customers. And people who once visited this place tend to return again.

When booking places to stay, communication takes place with the owner of the base, so each case is considered on an individual basis. In addition, the total cost of the holiday is calculated specifically for each of the guests, in which the administration of the base may include some discounts.

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