The capital of North Korea: description

The capital of North Korea: description
The capital of North Korea: description

North Korea is a unique and peculiar country, one of the most closed countries in the world. Traveling to North Korea, as well as the impressions received from visiting it, cannot be compared with any travel on earth. For those who were born in the USSR, a trip to North Korea will take you back in time. Comparing life, everyday life and realities, some details of this country, we can say that North Korea lives and is still in 1950. If you want to completely plunge into the distant socialist past, then a trip to this wonderful country is what you need. Traveling through this amazing country, you will meet inhabitants on your way who are very similar to the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union.

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North Korea is a country of "victorious socialism". It has a special political system and an ideology peculiar only to this country, which is based on the construction of socialism. This ideology is called "Juche" in honor of its founder - the first president of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Kim Il Sung. In addition, the son of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, has great authority and respect. Today, this peculiar country is entirely connected and dependent on the names of thesegreat leaders. All North Koreans worship and greatly revere these people.

The capital of North Korea is the city of Pyongyang. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. In addition, the city of Pyongyang is a visiting card of North Korea. The capital of North Korea differs significantly from other cities in this socialist country. The population always wears neat, clean and smart clothes.

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You won't see garbage on the streets. In addition, the capital of North Korea is distinguished by its diversity and a large number of giant monuments, monuments, palaces and other attractions that embody the socialist spirit and development path of this country.

There are never traffic jams on the streets of Pyongyang, as there are very few cars here. Along the roads you will see many kilometers of hand-planted stripes of flowers. The capital of North Korea is always filled with festive mood and joy of its inhabitants, mass organized processions and youth dances in the squares. A measured calm life prevails in this country, there is almost no crime here.

However, few can get into North Korea, as the country is closed to foreign tourists. The entry of visitors into it is controlled by the authorities. It is almost impossible for tourists from the USA and Israel to visit it.

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Travelers from other countries are allowed to visit North Korea, however, it is given with great difficulty. If you did manage to get here, thenyour journey takes place under constant supervision and accompanied by local guides. One of them is a guide around the country, while the other performs a control and protective function.

The special political regime has an impact on the daily life of the population, as well as tourists. Tourists cannot move freely in North Korea, only accompanied by guides. In addition, mobile phones, propaganda literature and much more cannot be imported into the country. It should be noted that you will not find access to the Internet in this country, as well as ATMs. So, before you make a trip to this unusual republic closed to others, familiarize yourself with the rules of stay and the way of life of its population.

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