The Armory is the world's greatest treasury

The Armory is the world's greatest treasury
The Armory is the world's greatest treasury

The whole world knows that in Russia there are a great many historical, cultural and architectural monuments that are world heritage. Such a museum, which has priceless, unique treasures, is undoubtedly the Armory, which is part of the Kremlin Palace complex.


For the first time it was mentioned in chronicles in 1508, however, information has been preserved (Ivan Kalita's letter from 1339) about the values ​​that laid the foundation for the luxurious grand ducal treasury. This document describes jewelry, dishes made of precious metals, clothes made from expensive beautiful fabrics, and expensive weapons. A century later, the treasury included numerous valuables that were kept in the cellars of the Kremlin cathedrals and palaces.

By the end of the 15th century, Moscow became famous as a center of artistic crafts. Soon the most talented foreign and Russian masters appeared here, who created genuine works of art. Many of these masterpieces are still kept by the Armory.

Foreign embassies brought expensive gifts to Moscow - exquisitefabrics, magnificent pearls, weapons, ceremonial harness. During the reign of Ivan the Third, the grand ducal treasury grew so much that it became necessary to build a special room for its storage. Such a vault was erected in 1485 on the territory of the Kremlin. "Treasury Yard" - this is the name given to a new building with deep cellars. For about three hundred years priceless treasures of Moscow princes and tsars were kept here. The main part of the valuables was made on the territory of the Kremlin in art workshops, which were called chambers. The leading one - the Armory - gave the name to the world-famous museum.

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The museum building was built at the end of the 16th century (1581) under the leadership of Konstantin Ton. The basis of the museum collection are precious items that have been kept in the royal treasury for centuries. They were made in the workshops of the Kremlin and received as gifts from foreign embassies.

The Armory is the largest repository of ancient state regalia, the largest collection of gold and silver items of great Russian masters. The jewelry of the great Faberge, which has no analogues, an absolutely unique collection of carriages, as well as exquisite items of festive horse attire, became the decoration of the collection. A unique exhibit is stored here - the summer carriage of Catherine II, which looks like a gondola.

The Armory Museum offers about four thousand unique works of art and history of Russia, the countries of the East and Europe.

The collection of watches is of particular interest to museum visitors: its exposition includes more than two hundred samples. There is also a collection of orders and medals.

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Excursions to this extraordinary museum are not only interesting, they are extremely informative. The history of Great Russia, the fate of its famous people, the change of power, the development of culture and art pass before visitors at a glance. Everyone who has visited this unique treasury at least once is imbued with pride and a sense of the greatness and we alth of the Russian state.

The Moscow Kremlin (the Armory in particular) today is the greatest historical monument of value not only for Russia, but for the whole world.

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