Kamianets-Podolsk: attractions. Photos and reviews of tourists

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Kamianets-Podolsk: attractions. Photos and reviews of tourists
Kamianets-Podolsk: attractions. Photos and reviews of tourists

In the Khmelnytsky region, not far from the mysterious river Smotrych, on the high slopes lies the mysterious medieval city of Kamenetz-Podolsky. The sights of these places annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists who are willing to get acquainted with the history and culture of Western Ukraine. According to some reports, the city was founded in the times of Kievan Rus, and Sarmatians, Scythians, and Alans lived on its territory at different periods. All peoples have left a piece of their traditions, which is why Kamyanets-Podilskyi today is so diverse, has a rich history, keeps numerous secrets hidden in ancient fortresses.

Kamenetz Podolsk attractions

History of the city

A stone miracle, a flower on a stone - as soon as they don't call Kamenetz-Podolsk. The sights of the city make the traveler think about its history. It is still unknown when it was founded. Nomadic tribes settled in this place, but where they went is unknown. As a full-fledged independent city withself-government Kamyanets-Podilsky appeared during the time of Kievan Rus. In difficult periods, he tried to balance in order to prevent destruction and maintain stability. The inhabitants regularly paid tribute to the khans, were subordinate to the Principality of Lithuania, passed to Poland. During its centuries-old history, a city on stone has seen and experienced a lot. The main thing is that he managed to preserve his architectural, cultural and historical heritage until our times. Today, everyone can get acquainted with the sights and simply beautiful corners of the Khmelnytsky region.

Things to do in Kamenetz-Podolsk

Despite its centuries-old history, the city cannot be called ancient, gloomy, unsuitable for receiving tourists. On the contrary, there are a lot of comfortable hotels and inns, you can stay in the private sector. Almost every street has a cafe, snack bar or restaurant, so no one will go hungry. Much attention is paid to the excursion program, the guides are working to show the guests of the city all the most interesting places, tell their history, and acquaint them with the legends. Kamenetz-Podolsky is a very beautiful city, you can admire the local landscapes from early morning until late evening. Everything here contributes to relaxation, calm and measured rest in the bosom of nature. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries come to Kamianets-Podilskyi. Sightseeing, excursions to nearby villages, going to restaurants - all this allows you to fully relax, recharge your batteries and discover many secrets of the Middle Ages.

Reviewstourists about Kamianets-Podilskyi

Absolutely all travelers find something to their liking in this beautiful city. A huge number of attractions, beautiful landscapes, combined with comfortable hotels, an abundance of restaurants and cafes make the rest in Kamyanets-Podilsky interesting, eventful, full of joy and fun. Tourists note the good nature of the locals, their willingness to help, to acquaint them with their culture and history. Kamyanets-Podilsky is a paradise for travelers who decide to relax in the bosom of nature.

Kamenetz Podolsky attractions photo

Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

The architectural ensemble is of great historical and cultural significance. Peter and Paul Cathedral was originally built of wood in 1375. It was erected from stone by Bishop Yakov Buchatsky at the beginning of the 16th century. In the second half of the 17th century, the cathedral passed to the Turks, who made it the main city mosque by adding a 36-meter minaret with 145 stone steps. In 1756, when the church was again returned to the Poles, a 3.5-meter statue of the Virgin with a halo of 12 stars was installed there, she is the intercessor and protector of the entire region.

History of the castle Turkish bridge

None of the historians can name the exact age of this majestic structure. The castle Turkish bridge was designed by an unknown architect in ancient times. It stretches across the Smotrych River, connecting the Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress with the Old Town. The bridge was named Turkish because it was reconstructedin the 17th century, when the city belonged to the Ottoman Empire. It leads to the Old and New Fortress - unique defensive structures of the feudal era.

Kamenetz Podolsky attractions excursions

Stefan Batory Tower

Seven-tiered large defensive structure is part of the Polish Gate complex. The tower was built at his own expense by the Polish king Stefan Batory in 1564-1585, which is why it bears his name. The building is located on the gently sloping bank of the Smotrych River. Since this is the most vulnerable place for the townspeople, the tower was a very significant part of the fortification system that protected the city from enemy raids. In the 17th century, the building was repaired at its own expense by a furrier's craft workshop. In 1711, the tower was visited by the Russian Tsar Peter I, and in the 1780s commandant Jan de Witte renovated the building, building it up to seven tiers and adding a rectangular building.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

The splendor of the Vrublevsky forest

At the confluence of the Dniester and Tarnava, a forest spreads on the hills, striking the guests of Kamenetz-Podolsky with its beauty and majesty. This is a unique botanical monument, created by nature itself, it occupies an impressive area of ​​89 hectares. The forest mainly consists of hornbeams and oaks, but there are also very interesting, rare specimens here. In the reserve you can see white sedge, orchids grow on steep hills called tovtrs - ordinary nests.

Vrublivtsy village is located not far from the forest, it is also of interest tocurious tourists. The fact is that in its place, archaeologists discovered sites dating back to the early Paleolithic period, that is, about 300 thousand years ago. Thanks to the excavations, it was possible to find out that the settlements of the early Trypillia, the sites of the early Scythian period, the early Slavs, the inhabitants of Ancient Russia lived on the territory that today is occupied by Kamenets-Podolsky. The sights of these places amaze not only with their beauty, but also with antiquity. It seems that here every tree, every pebble has its own history, full of mysteries and secrets.

Stefan Batory's tower

History of the Dominican Monastery

One of the most beautiful temples in Kamyanets-Podilsky Krai is located on the highest point of the Old Town. The Dominican monastery is mentioned in the works of many writers and poets. For the first time, mention of it is found in the letters of 1372. At that time, the building was wooden, in 1420 it burned to the ground. The Pototskys rebuilt the monastery, but during the period of Turkish rule it was renamed into a mosque. At that time, a Muslim pulpit was installed in the Dominican temple, it has been preserved intact to this day.

Dominican monastery

Bishop's Castle

The ruins of the Chernokozynetsky castle are located near the river canyon. The building was erected in the 14th century, and from the 15th to the 18th century, local bishops lived here during the warm season. Catholic priests strengthened and completed the castle. Previously, Polish garrisons often stopped here, protecting the city from Tatar attacks. Unfortunately, the riches of the bishopsConstantly attracted attention to the castle of both Tatars and Cossacks, so the building constantly had to be protected from raids. Catherine II also made her contribution to the history of the Chernokozins, in 1795 the tsarina presented episcopal possessions to Countess Litta, the niece of Grigory Potemkin. The castle has a difficult fate, it constantly changed owners, and the world wars completely knocked it down. Only ruins remain of the once majestic building.

Most popular attractions in the city

Kamianets-Podolsky boasts many interesting places. The sights, the photos of which cause an unbearable desire to be in this picturesque region, amaze the imagination of adults and children. There are a lot of worthy architectural masterpieces in the city. Among them, it is worth highlighting the Zhvanets castle, built back in the 15th century, the Polish and Russian gates, which are a unique fortification and hydraulic structure, the Armenian well, reminiscent of the tower of a castle of the Middle Ages. Behind the Old Fortress, on a high hill, there is the “Concord Table” - this is a sculptural composition installed in 2001. She is a symbol of the region's cultural diversity.

castle turkish bridge

Kamianets-Podolsky is famous for its huge number of castles, towers, bastions, bridges. The sights of the city do not let travelers get bored. There is something to see, something to study, something to think about. When making a route for every day, you should definitely visit the Reznitskaya Tower, the home of the Theological Seminary, the Pottery Tower, the Lookout Canyon, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Allthese architectural monuments are interesting for their history of creation and further fate. Kamyanets-Podilskyi is an amazing city, on the one hand it is modern, but on the other hand, it exudes antiquity and mystery. Tourists return home with a good mood and warm memories of the city. Interesting architectural and historical monuments, picturesque landscapes open up a new, previously unknown Western Ukraine for the guests of the region.

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