Haven't you vacationed on the island of Cyprus yet? Reviews of tourists call there

Haven't you vacationed on the island of Cyprus yet? Reviews of tourists call there
Haven't you vacationed on the island of Cyprus yet? Reviews of tourists call there

In the central part of Russia, autumn has already cleared up, and the Russians are looking for where to go on vacation, so that the sun warms and the water is warm. The choice very often falls on the island of Cyprus. Reviews of tourists simply beckon there, promising all the joys of a full-fledged beach season. Let's try to figure out a little about which city is best to buy tickets to.

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The place of rest depends entirely on your choice. If you cannot live without cars, people, big houses, that is, you are an urbanist, then your place is Limassol. This city is located in the south of the island of Aphrodite. With a population of 161 thousand people, it is the second largest. After the well-known historical events of 1974, connected with the occupation of part of Cyprus by the Turks, when they invaded Kyrenia and Famagusta, this settlement became the largest port and an important commercial and tourist center of the island.

If your choice fell on Cyprus - Limassol - reviews of tourists will dispel the last doubts. Firstly, there is an ideal climate for a quality sea holiday, as the island is protected frommost manifestations of bad weather in the Troodos mountains. Remarkably, at the foot of the mountains there are large vineyard plantations known throughout the world. Indeed, even during the time of Richard the Lionheart, who landed on the island with his crusaders, this area was very well known for the production of sugar cane and wine. Currently, Limassol is the largest center of winemaking.

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After reading the reviews of tourists about Cyprus, you will find out what else it attracts millions of tourists to. These are luxurious villas and apartments, hotels, taverns, nightclubs and pubs, which are mainly located in the eastern part of the city. In the summer you can't crowd here. The beaches on the coast of Limassol are very good, sandy, have everything you need for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Clean, uncrowded and cozy beaches include Lady's Mile, Pissouri Bay and Kourion Beach on the outskirts.

In shopping centers you can buy goods for every taste and budget: from handicrafts to trendy items. Not far from the embankment there is St. Andyus, numerous tourists make delightful walks along it, combining relaxation with visiting a large number of different shops located at every turn.

For vacationers arriving in Cyprus, the reviews of tourists are of great help in terms of determining the sights that make sense to see. It is possible to visit any distillery in order to observe the process of wine production andtaste the product. Not far from the Old Port is the castle in which Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre in 1191, who later received the English royal throne. The Museum of the Middle Ages is also located here, where you can see a lot of interesting things, including tombstones and various pottery. In the city itself, it is proposed to visit the Archaeological Museum, which stores all the exhibits found in this area for the entire foreseeable time; in the municipal art gallery, which presents paintings by Cypriot artists; at the Museum of Folk Art.

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If you read the reviews of tourists before arriving in Cyprus, then you definitely know that you need to visit the city garden and the small zoo located in it. And in September, a ten-day wine festival takes place here every year.

Everyone rests in this city - both hanging out youth and respectable gentlemen. There are hotels for every taste, the city itself and the tourist zone are located very close. From here it is convenient to carry out excursion programs to different parts of the island.

It turns out that it is very useful to learn about Cyprus reviews of tourists. April 2013, it turns out, was rainy and cool there. And if earlier, by the end of a given month, some vacationers managed to get a black tan, then this year no one managed to do it.

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