Surfing in Vietnam: the best places and times to ride

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Surfing in Vietnam: the best places and times to ride
Surfing in Vietnam: the best places and times to ride

Vietnam among tourists from Russia is associated with a place of relaxing beach holidays. But it would be strange if in this country, with its 3200 thousand kilometers of coastline, surfing was not developed. The socialist system still reigns in Vietnam. But this does not prevent people from different parts of the world from coming here. It should be taken into account that Vietnam is too stretched from north to south, and its territory occupies three climatic zones. Therefore, you can catch a suitable wave almost all year round, traveling to different regions of the state.

Another natural feature of Vietnam is that along with classic surfing, its varieties are extremely popular here: windsurfing (boarding with a sail), kite surfing (with a parachute) and Hawaiian stand-up surfing (with a paddle). In this article, we will talk about the best places to practice this sport, as well as when and on which coast it is better to come.

Best Surf Resorts

Pros of surfing in Vietnam

Almost the entire coastline of the country is suitable for boarding. Only in the northern regionsVietnam, in the Gulf of Tonkin, the right waves do not drop in throughout the year. The best spots are located on the eastern and southern coasts of the country. Vietnam also has a small piece of territory overlooking the Gulf of Thailand of the Indian Ocean. Here is the main resort of the southern territories of the country - the island of Phu Quoc. The surfing there is also great, but the season for it is different from other regions.

The main advantage of doing this sport in Vietnam is low prices. The entourage of skiing resembles Hawaii, and you will spend much less for this paradise. A warm climate is an indisputable plus for a person who, by occupation, stays in the water from dawn to dusk. In Vietnam, they meet the "crazy" who practice this extreme sport. Throughout the country you will find schools, surf clubs and equipment rentals. The choice of housing near the coast is great and is designed for any budget - from luxury "fives" to guesthouses for backpackers. Well, now let's review the best resorts for surfing.

Mui Ne

All adherents of this water sport agree that this resort town is the capital of Vietnamese surfing. And not only in its classic version. In Mui Ne, the “correct” winds blow all year round, which allows you to surf the waves on the board under sail or with the help of a kite. And for classic surfing, the best period is from September to the end of March. Then typhoons come to the Pacific Ocean, which drive serious waves to the shores of southeastern Vietnam.

What are the advantages of Mui Ne over other resorts? Formerthe fishing village, and now the rapidly developing capital of surfing, is located just 15 kilometers from the large city of Phan Thiet. So boarding can be combined with other entertainment. Mui Ne is considered more budget-friendly than Phan Thiet, although they share the same beach. Both resorts are great places for a winter beach holiday. Therefore, you can come here with those family members who are not fond of surfing.

Tours in Mui Ne (Vietnam) are extremely popular in Russia. The resort can be safely called "Russian-speaking". There will be no language barrier in surf schools, which are very numerous here. Here they teach not only standing on the board, but also sailing or kiting. The only negative of Mui Ne is a rather bad road from Ho Chi Minh Airport. Another feature: the best surfing happens in the morning. The afternoon wind is breaking the waves.

Tours in Mui Ne

Surf spots in Mui Ne

Malibu Beach is considered the best place to learn this sport. An outstanding cape protects the bay from especially high waves. In Malibu Beach, classic surfing is best done in the afternoon, while before noon is the time for kiters. In winter, professionals come to this coast. At this time, the waves on the Malibu reach four meters.

Another spot perfect for surfing in Vietnam is the Secret spot. It is also protected by a cape and is characterized by stable waves moving at a distance from each other. Mui Ne surfers are also familiar with such spots as Surf4you and Africa. The bottom in these places is sandy, without stones and corals.


On the coast of this city there are completely identical conditions for surfing with Mui Ne. In Vietnam, Phan Thiet is considered an excellent resort for a beach holiday in winter. Therefore, the surfer needs to watch vigilantly so as not to run into swimmers. As in Mui Ne, not only do they ride a classic board, but they also sail and fly under a kite. The downside of this resort is the high prices compared to other places in Vietnam. But there are definitely more pluses.

In Phan Thiet you can find a budget hotel on the first line from the sea, in close proximity to the spot. At a large resort, there will be no problems finding a Russian-speaking instructor. Unlike calm Mui Ne, the infrastructure of evening rest is more developed here, and during the day sports can be diversified with excursions.

Surfing in Vietnam: Phan Thiet

Special tours for all types of surfers

The fifteen-kilometer beach connecting Mui Ne and Phan Thiet is considered ideal for boarding. Therefore, here from Russia (but also other countries), from November to early March, special surfing tours are organized. What are they? As with a regular beach holiday, the tour includes a flight to Ho Chi Minh Airport, transfer to the resort, hotel accommodation with meals. But the program also provides lessons at the surf school with a Russian-speaking instructor.

The class is small - only 3-4 people, so the teacher can pay attention to each newcomer. Private lessons can be booked for a small fee. It also teachesthe intricacies of windsurfing and kitesurfing. The price of the tour includes the rental of all equipment - surfboard, wax, lycra, leash. The school has a locker room, safe, shower. If you have already learned how to ride the waves, you can hone your skills or simply rent equipment.

Surf school

Vung Tau

The resort is located in the south of Vietnam. According to tourists, Vung Tau is an excellent spot for beginners. Completely non-aggressive waves are present here even in calm weather, thanks to undercurrents. In December and March, the resort is occupied by kite and windsurfers, as good steady winds rise here. In January, the sea may be closed to athletes.

The disadvantage of Vung Tau is that the resort is located on a far protruding cape, and therefore takes on all the blows of the elements. For classic surfing, this spot should be visited in November-December or February-March. But if you are an ace, you can try your hand at Vung Tau in January as well. Since the resort is "sharpened" for beginners, there are many surfing schools, including Russian-speaking ones. But they are all kiting.

Vung Tau: reviews of tourists

Surfing in Danang (Vietnam)

This resort is located in the central part of the country. And this means that you can relax at the resort all year round. The climatic conditions of Da Nang delight not only beachgoers, but also fans of classic surfing. It is better for beginners to come here in the summer months. The waves during this period are calmer. The best period for professionals is from November to January. In Da Nang (Vietnam)there were surf tournaments in the 90s.

But the best spot is not the city beach, but the coast of Mui Khe, a ten-minute walk from the resort. Tourists often compare the local swell with Indonesian or Hawaiian. In winter, the waves here reach three meters. Of the advantages of Da Nang, one can note the presence of an international airport. Although there are no direct flights from Moscow to this resort. Danang is a medium sized city. It has enough excursion offers and evening entertainment.

Surfing in Da Nang (Vietnam)

Nha Trang

Most Russians associate this city not with surfing in Vietnam, but with a relaxing beach holiday. However, wind and tidal conditions in Nha Trang are similar to those in Mui Ne. But the huge number of bathing beachgoers makes it problematic to sail or kite. And fans of classic surfing catch a wave on the beach of the Vietnamese resort. Nha Trang itself has an island called Hon Do, surrounded by coral reefs. The beach break creates a nice swirling wave.

But the best spot in the Nha Trang area is located 30 kilometers south of the resort, on a beach called Bai Dai. There are surf schools. And even five-year-olds are accepted there. The season here is typical for Central Vietnam: in summer the sea favors beginners, and from November to March comes the high wave season for professionals. The advantage of Nha Trang can be considered transport accessibility. During the high season, many charters land at the local airport. The entertainment infrastructure is developed here,like nowhere else in Vietnam.

Surf tour in Nha Trang

Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam also has a small stretch of coastline in the Gulf of Thailand. The largest island of the country, Phu Quoc, lies on the same parallel as the resorts of Thailand. And therefore the season there does not coincide with other territories of Vietnam. The dry period lasts from November to April. The good news is that it is also suitable for fans of classic surfing. There may be stable waves during this time.

But fearless fans of "big wave ride" better come here during the rainy season. During this period, the waves become simply huge. But they are predictable and the board is easy to control. Phu Quoc has its own airport and ferry berths (the island is located 60 kilometers from mainland Vietnam). The equatorial climate and always warm sea is an indisputable advantage. The minus of the island is the absence of any established surf spot. There are also few schools and equipment rentals in Fukuoka.

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