Khimik Stadium in Kemerovo for children and adults

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Khimik Stadium in Kemerovo for children and adults
Khimik Stadium in Kemerovo for children and adults

In the pre-war period, sports began to develop at an accelerated pace in our country. Many songs, poems, literary works and films appeared in praise of sports achievements. The result of this promotion was the emergence of numerous stadiums and sports grounds throughout the country. In almost every courtyard there was a place for playing football or hockey, and skating rinks for figure skating were also flooded. Horizontal bars were the main attribute of the Soviet classical court. But professional athletes were not forgotten either. Every city, not even the largest, could boast of its own stadium. Trainings, championships, friendly matches were held here.

First post-war reconstruction

Here, in the city of Kemerovo, a place was allocated for the construction of the stadium. Initially, it was just a field surrounded by a fence. In the summer they played football here, and in the winter they filled the skating rink. The football team used to train on the same field.the name "Nitrogen". Stadium "Khimik" in Kemerovo was wooden and located from west to east.

stadium Khimik Kemerovo ice rink

In 1948, during a grandiose reconstruction, the location of the sports facility changed, the stadium began to be located from south to north. The stadium itself became stone, and the team received the same name. It was handsome and pompous, like all similar buildings of the Stalin era.

Concrete bowl and the Kuzbass team

The project of the architect Donbay L.I. was a success, the stadium could accommodate 5000 people at a time and looked like a real town of athletes with beautiful, majestic columns and arches. By the end of the 70s, another reconstruction was carried out, then the Khimik stadium in Kemerovo acquired a concrete bowl. Due to this, the capacity of this sports facility has increased to 30,000 people.

Kemerovo Stadium Khimik today

During the reconstruction, almost all buildings were redone, the stadium "Khimik" in Kemerovo became an international sports arena, the largest in the Siberian region. The host team of this stadium changed its name and became known as Kuzbass. The stadium has now hosted hundreds of bandy matches.

World Brandy Championship

Football tournaments with the ball for the prizes of the newspaper "Soviet Russia", numerous regional matches and championships were held here. In 2003, a compressor station was built at the stadium. With her help it was possiblemaintain the desired quality of artificial ice (even if it was summer outside). True, the temperature outside was not supposed to rise more than 15 degrees above zero.

stadium Khimik Kemerovo schedule

Therefore, training and sports competitions at the skating rink of the "Khimikov" stadium in Kemerovo are held all year round. A little later, an indoor module was built, where 3000 spectators can be at the same time. It happened in 2007, before the World Brandy Championship, which was held at the Khimik stadium in Kemerovo. This championship was won by Russia. And the indoor module began to be used for everyone who wants to skate in any season.

Sport Involvement

Today the "Khimik" stadium in Kemerovo is an international arena where bandy matches are held. But football and classic ice hockey are not forgotten here either. In addition, the stadium also has a gym for everyone who wants to have a slender body. In total, four rooms are equipped for classes, each of which has cardio and strength equipment.

Stadium Khimik Kemerovo

You can work out in the gym "Physics" both individually and in a group that trains in a separate room. In the summer, a playground for children of all ages is open on the territory of the stadium. There are specially equipped slides, horizontal bars, stairs for children's fun. The stadium staff monitors the order, and parents are allowed to be near the children, to watch them. To visitrecommended velodrome and rollerdrome. That's where the real pleasure is and any teenager will rightly appreciate the quality of the coverage of these sites.

Skating vacation

The stadium often hosts charity events and interesting programs in which you can take a live part and get great pleasure. Despite the fact that the entrance to the skating rink of the Khimik stadium in Kemerovo is paid, children from orphanages and boarding schools get the right to go on the ice for free as part of a charity program. Once on the ice, anyone who wishes gets the opportunity to ride with an experienced instructor. At the same time, it is worth considering the schedule at the Khimik stadium in Kemerovo, since mass skating does not take place during training and competitions. Numerous promotions and draws take place at the stadium at any time of the year. The high quality equipment of the ice rink makes it possible to hold unique festive performances and ice performances. The festival of children's creativity among children from orphanages "Kind Childhood" is held annually at the stadium, the children enthusiastically show their abilities and talents. At the same time, both the participants of the Festival and the organizers receive positive emotions.

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