How to register for a plane with an electronic ticket? What does an e-ticket look like?

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How to register for a plane with an electronic ticket? What does an e-ticket look like?
How to register for a plane with an electronic ticket? What does an e-ticket look like?

The modern world requires the use and application of new technologies. The sphere of passenger air transportation is no exception. Such a rapid development of technological progress allows us to solve many problems and save time. This allows you to quickly move from one city to another. Moreover, knowing how to register for a plane with an electronic ticket, you can do it at home or in the office, saving both money and time, and, of course, your he alth, since you will not have to worry and be nervous. Now flying anywhere in the world has become comfortable and enjoyable.

Purchasing an e-ticket

How to check in for a plane using an electronic ticket

Currently, air transportation of passengers is very different from travelby water or rail. If on all modes of transport it was possible to buy a ticket and arrive just before departure, showing only the ticket to the controller, then you always had to arrive at the airport in advance and this time was much more than two hours before departure. Such a time period was necessary in order to slowly pass all the checks and the registration itself, which make it possible to board the liner.

Now all these problems can be solved if you purchase an electronic ticket and go through this registration via the Internet or in any other way. Many passengers have already used such services, and some are still wondering how to check in for an airplane using an electronic ticket. The first step in such registration is the purchase of such a plane ticket itself.

You don't even have to leave your house to do this. To do this, you just need the Internet, which will allow you to go to the airline's website and select the desired flight and time. You can immediately purchase it by paying on the Internet, or you can simply book it, and then go to the ticket office and pick it up. After the ticket is purchased online, you need to print it. It usually comes by email after payment. There is no need to be afraid of losing it, since all the information will already be entered into the airline's database.

Benefits of online registration

The procedure for registering for an aircraft using an electronic ticket is usually prescribed by the rules that are freely available. It is advisable to carefully study all the information thatbe on the ticket itself.

But still, special attention should be paid to how to register for an airplane using an electronic ticket and how the registration procedure will go in general. In time it will depend on many factors. This and what the total workload of the check-in point will be at this moment, what is the number of passengers. Most often, on domestic lines, this takes no more than one or two hours, but on long flights, such registration can stretch up to thirty hours.

Therefore, one of the positive characteristics of online registration is its short duration. Another advantage of such a procedure via the Internet is the ability to view the entire internal layout of the aircraft on which the flight is to be. You can see how the chairs are arranged and choose those seats that will be more comfortable. It is worthwhile to carefully study not only the location of the toilet rooms, but also where the emergency exit is located.

Usually, the rules of each particular airline also contain information about what kind of hand luggage you can take with you, in what quantities, as well as how to properly prepare luggage for transportation.

Rules for electronic registration

Procedure for check-in for an aircraft using an electronic ticket

In order to go through the check-in procedure, it is necessary that the passenger not only study the flight rules, but also know what an electronic plane ticket looks like. If such check-in takes place online, then the passenger may take his time and arrive at the airport thirty minutes beforeflight.

In order to complete such online registration, you must go to the website of the road carrier whose ticket was purchased.

It is advisable not to leave such registration for the last minutes, but to complete it at least twenty-four hours before departure. Having entered the website of the airline that will operate the necessary flight, you need to open the "Online Services" tab. Now you need to find the button with the name "Registration" and click it.

The next step is to enter the booking code that was issued with the electronic ticket and indicate the passenger's last name. As soon as everything is done correctly at this stage, a cabin layout will immediately appear on which you can choose the place where it will be comfortable to sit during the flight. As soon as the data entry is completed, you must click on the "Registration" tab and immediately this stage will be considered completed.

After such registration, you should send the boarding pass to your own e-mail, and only then print it out. You can not only make a paper version of it, but also dump it on a USB flash drive so that, in case of loss or loss, you can check the electronic plane ticket by number.

How is boarding the plane going?

Electronic plane ticket check by number

Understanding how to check in for a plane using an electronic ticket, not all passengers traveling with such a document for the first time feel confident and sometimes do not even know how they will board the plane. Unknown virtual registrationcan scare and alarm people.

If a passenger has an electronic ticket with a boarding pass, then he should also move to customs and passport control. Do not be afraid that something can go wrong, because this system has already been worked out. If you have luggage, then you must check it in. The worker will check the registered ticket, and this procedure does not take much time, and then he will determine the weight of the luggage, as well as mark it and send it for verification. As a result, the queue will move quickly and there will be no delays.

Register using a mobile device

How to check an e-ticket for a plane

Check-in for a plane with an Aeroflot e-ticket can be done in several ways. The Internet always helps to successfully complete such a procedure. Today, electronic registration can also be performed using mobile devices: iPhones, smartphones and tablets, through which you can access the Internet anywhere and at a convenient time, and go through the registration stage.

If you use this method, then not only will you receive all the necessary information and a boarding pass by e-mail, but an SMS message will also be sent to your mobile device, which will contain a link to an individual code. But this data alone will not always be enough, as at some airports the security service will still require you to present a printed boarding pass.

It is known that at Moscow Domodedovo and Pulkovo airports such a ticket will not be required, the servicesecurity will require only a message with a code.

Registration via terminal

If a passenger is still afraid to register his e-ticket through mobile devices, then you can do this in a special terminal. To do this, you need to select the flight number, which is always indicated on the ticket, and dial the passenger's last name. In such a terminal, you can get a boarding pass, which will give you the opportunity to go through security. Now many passengers know not only how to purchase a travel document in such terminals, but also how to check an electronic ticket for a plane.

How is online check-in on airline websites?

Check-in for an airplane with an Aeroflot e-ticket

Usually, the check-in procedure on the websites of different airlines has general rules, but there are some nuances that passengers should still be aware of. The largest air carrier in Russia is the Aeroflot company, which provides detailed instructions on its website on how to independently and competently go through the registration process. The latter can be carried out both a day and forty minutes before takeoff. Passengers carrying animals or children under two years of age cannot be registered in this way.

Check-in on the Transaero website allows passengers to check-in thirty hours before takeoff. But if there is less than an hour left before departure, then it will be impossible to register. You can check in on the Ural Airlines website four hours before departure.

Restrictionsfor online registration

What does an e-ticket look like?

But all passengers can go through the simplest online check-in procedure for flights. To date, there are still some airlines that do not use such services. It is also forbidden to register in this way for those passengers who will be carrying small children, animals or people with disabilities. If a passenger is carrying luggage, then it requires additional clearance.

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