Passenger, fast, accelerated train: getting to know the type of trains

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Passenger, fast, accelerated train: getting to know the type of trains
Passenger, fast, accelerated train: getting to know the type of trains

In Russia, passenger trains have always been in demand. Currently, despite the fact that there are many options to get from one locality to another, rail transport continues to be popular. But often people studying the train schedule are confused by the marks opposite the route number and the stations of departure and destination, namely, the type of train: passenger, fast, accelerated, high-speed, branded, and so on. Let's take a look at how some types of trains differ from others, as well as learn more about where to buy tickets.

Brief information about trains

There are passenger and freight traffic on the railway, respectively, there are also trains that transport either people or various objects, materials. Back to passenger.

fast passenger train

What is this type of transport? A train is a formed rolling stock, that is, a locomotive (from which the drivers operate all transport as a whole) and the required number of wagons. All moving units are linked to each other. In a modern passenger train, a mail car and a car for transporting cars can also be coupled.Passenger cars must have places: chairs or shelves.


And now let's go directly to the study of route types. Let's start with the usual passenger. This type of route is designed for the fact that the rolling stock will stop at every station and even at some stations. Parking time can be long (from 2 to 40 minutes). Accordingly, the passenger train will take a long time to reach its destination. Ticket prices are generally much lower than other routes.


The fast passenger train, unlike the usual one, stops only at large stations, and parking lots are much shorter. Of course, the speed of the rolling stock itself is much higher. Therefore, on a fast train, you can arrive at your destination much faster. Ticket prices are higher. There is only one caveat: residents of provincial cities will have to get on their own to a large station where fast trains stop.

High Speed

The high-speed mode of transport on the railway appeared relatively recently. We are talking about such trains as "Swallow", "Sapsan" and so on.

passenger train

This rolling stock is designed to transport people over long distances in a very short period of time. Of course, the number of stops is very small, or the train runs without them at all.

Local and long distance

Distinguish between local and long-distance trains. Electric trains are considered local if they travel no more than 200-250 km.A long-distance passenger train travels over 400-500 km.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets for long-distance trains can be purchased at railway ticket offices, but not at all. It is impossible to buy a passenger train ticket on a regular platform where suburban electric trains stop. You can only purchase a travel document for local trains.

To successfully purchase a travel document, you need to visit the nearest train station. Regardless of location, you can buy tickets for any destination. For example, in Moscow at the Rizhsky railway station you can buy a train to Adler, which follows from the Kazansky railway station, and you can also get this ticket while in Ulan-Ude.

passenger train ticket

It is possible to purchase an electronic ticket via the Internet. It is recommended to use the official website of Russian Railways in order to avoid fraud, fakes and misunderstandings.

Types of wagons

Passenger cars have the following types:

  • CB - compartment cars for two passengers;
  • K - compartment car (two shelves below, two - above, for four passengers);
  • P - reserved seat (the location of the shelves is the same as in a compartment, but there are no partitions, in addition, the opposite window has two more shelves for passengers);
  • C - seated (instead of the shelves of the chair, the trip is made while sitting, as in a car or bus).

Cars are simple and branded. The latter are distinguished by the greatest comfort, level of service.

double-decker passenger train

In addition, double-decker passenger trains are currently running. Ticket prices are affordable and many can make the trip.

Choose the type of route that suits you best, the type of train at an affordable price. We wish you happy travels!

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