Sri Lanka Colombo Airport

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Sri Lanka Colombo Airport
Sri Lanka Colombo Airport

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest countries in the world. Every year, millions of tourists come here to see the best sights and enjoy the atmosphere, clean climate and nature of this wonderful place. In addition, Sri Lanka has beautiful beaches.

Brief information about the island

Great views of Sri Lanka
Great views of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a second name - Ceylon. It is rich in rice fields, extensive tea plantations - all this is considered the main pride of the island.

Of the interesting facts, it is worth noting that in this country there is free religion, there are many different sacred temples. They are mostly Buddhist, although Buddhism is not the country's official religion.

The state is considered very hidden and mysterious. It attracts travelers of completely different views. Here you can see many pilgrims. Basically, tourists come here to feel the rich exoticism of the island, to swim in the clear waters. This place is atmospheric in its own way and will always be atmospheric. By the way, the beaches here are quite amazing.

In terms of location, Sri Lanka is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The object is included in the number of objects protected by UNESCO. As many as seven attractions of the country are under protection. It is also worth noting that the state is located 800 kilometers from the equator, and this is what greatly affects nature.

Now it is necessary to tell you about where the airport is located on the island, because it is from here that the journey of every tourist begins. They say that how you feel at the airport is how your vacation will go. Of course, not everyone believes in this sign, but still.

Sri Lanka Airport

Sri Lanka airport
Sri Lanka airport

As you know, the island has two airports, and both of them are international. Each of them can be used by a tourist from another country. The main airport, which will be discussed in the article, is Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka.

It is interesting that it is located quite far from the central cities of this island. It is located closer to the north. To be more precise, near the city of Negombo.

As for the second terminal, it is located on the opposite side of the island closer to the south, so it will be of interest to those who travel on that part.

History of the airport

Colombo is Sri Lanka's main international airport. Its second name is Bandaranaike. Every year it receives more than forty thousand flights of various airlines from around the world. By the way, the passenger traffic here is also very impressive - five million people.

AirportSri Lanka was built during the Second World War. In those years, it was the base for aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

In modern times, it is still used for military purposes. But mainly for civil aviation.

The airport is very important for the country, because it serves more than thirty airlines, thanks to which the flow of tourists on the island is very large.

The only negative that is often talked about is incomplete compliance with all international standards. Of course, this is important. Although the shortcomings are quite minor. Sri Lanka Airport, whose name is Colombo, has been repeatedly awarded by various airlines, as well as magazines for its high quality of work.

How to get from the airport to the city?

Getting from the airport to the city is relatively easy, although the distance leaves much to be desired.

road to sri lanka airport
road to sri lanka airport

You can take the bus or taxi. Since there are no particularly poor tourists here, many people like to use the second type. For example, if you flew in with a large company, then this is very profitable.


If you have no desire to spend money, then your attention is the most budgetary way to travel. Buses run from here from half past six in the morning until half past six in the evening. After 18:30, some public transport also runs, but without a schedule.

One-way trip from the airport to the center will cost only about a hundred rubles, which is quite cheap for abroad.

In order to get to the center, you will need to sit downon 187 express bus. He gets to the city quite quickly, because he travels through the highway, which no doubt saves a lot of time.

As for comfort, it's as lucky. Maybe a new luxury air-conditioned bus is coming, or maybe an old one.

Airport Services

airport inside
airport inside

You won't go hungry at this airport. There is a fairly large selection of interesting cafes and restaurants that offer fast food, as well as exclusive local dishes.

In addition, here you have the opportunity to exchange currency for the local one. This is not to say that the rate is very profitable, but at least better than in many hotels.

Of course, there are also many shops where you can buy something for yourself as a souvenir.

In conclusion

We hope that the article was informative for you, and you managed to find answers to all your questions. We wish you good luck and many great trips.