Recreation center in Khasaut-Greek "Valley of Aksaut"

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Recreation center in Khasaut-Greek "Valley of Aksaut"
Recreation center in Khasaut-Greek "Valley of Aksaut"

Crystal clear air, small wooden houses, ski slope… No, this is not Switzerland. This is a small and very cozy recreation center located in the village of Khasaut-Greek. Therefore, if you dream of visiting Switzerland, feel free to go to Karachay-Cherkessia. Yes, yes, this is a small and at the same time picturesque village, located among the mountain ranges, and in fact it is somewhat reminiscent of the resorts of Switzerland. Moreover, due to climatic features, you can relax here throughout the year.

Infrastructure of the Aksaut Valley recreation center in Khasaut-Greek

The recreation center is located in the Aksaut gorge. The wooden houses of the recreation center are located in such a way that stunning views open from all sides. Each house is equipped with everything you need: furniture, appliances, TV and Internet. In addition, each house has its own kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, on the territory of the recreation center in Khasaut-Greek there is:

  • Ski slope.
  • Sauna.
  • Pool.
  • Playing field.
  • Cafe-bar.
  • Barbecue area.
  • Aviary with peacocks.
  • Free parking.

During the entire stay at the recreation center in Khasaut-Greek, you should not worry about your safety, as this place is guarded, and there is also a round-the-clock video surveillance for security reasons.

Infrastructure "Valley of Aksaut"

Things to do on vacation

If you chose a recreation center in Khasaut-Greek, then you will never regret your decision. You will not only not be bored, as a large number of entertainments are provided here, but even going on a simple walk, you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes, the play of birds and the murmur of a mountain river. This place is perfect for both family and corporate holidays, especially since the prices are quite reasonable.

The recreation center in Khasaut-Greek offers all its visitors the following entertainment and services to choose from: skiing from the mountain slopes, hiking in the mountains with an experienced guide, and horseback riding. By the way, here you can go fishing and even go swimming. Yes, yes, in Hasaut-Greek a recreation center with a swimming pool, which makes this place even more attractive for tourists. In addition, the Aksaut Valley recreation center offers sports equipment rental to everyone:

  • Ski.
  • ATVs.
  • Boats.
  • Tackles.

And despite the abundance of entertainment anda large influx of tourists, here you can retire and enjoy the miraculous virgin beauties of nature.

Horse rides

Tourist guide

For those who are seriously interested in resting in Khasaut-Greek, experienced tourists have compiled the following route: Cherkessk - Hassaut-Greek - "Valley of Aksaut". It is important to remember that the path to Hasaut-Greek from different regions of our vast homeland is not close, but only after overcoming it, you will understand that you did it not in vain.

Nature in Hasaut-Greek

First of all, you should get to Cherkessk. You can do this either by train or plane, or by bus or car. Then in Cherkessk you need to take a bus to the village of Khasaut-Greek, or take a taxi (which is quite expensive). Further in Hassaut-Greek to the "Valley of Aksaut" within easy reach.

The best option is to fly by plane to the city of Mineralnye Vody, and then take a bus from the bus station to Cherkessk. This will save you a significant amount of your time.

Despite all the difficulties on the way to the recreation center in Khasaut-Greek (transfers, fatigue, etc.), you will forget about it as soon as you see the Aksaut Valley.

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