Ski resort Innsbruck: description, photos, reviews. Holidays in Austria

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Ski resort Innsbruck: description, photos, reviews. Holidays in Austria
Ski resort Innsbruck: description, photos, reviews. Holidays in Austria

The ski resort, which is located in Innsbruck - the capital of the Tyrol region - has existed for more than one century. This is the most popular and famous place for lovers of Austria. Here you can not only explore the Old Town and the picturesque Alps, but also spend a few winter days especially actively!

Innsbruck is truly the center of winter sports, as it is here that the sophistication of this stunning city and the characteristics of the best ski resort are harmoniously combined. It is surrounded by numerous areas where you can snowboard and ski. Read more about the Innsbruck ski resort in Austria and reviews about it below.

Innsbruck Airport

Tourist areas of Innsbruck

The resort is divided into certain tourist areas. All of them have no end to tourists. The most popular Austrian ski resorts of Innsbruck are presented below.


Despite the relatively small area of ​​the ski resort near Innsbruck, there are conditions for successful winter sports for both beginners and professional athletes. Toto get to the beginning of the descent, you need to use the Roman road, the Pendelbahn lift or a 4-seater chairlift. According to reviews, the slopes do not have a significant width and interesting scenery.


Up to a height of 1,905 m from Innsbruck follows the lift. In principle, you can go down from here, or you can transfer to another lift to climb to a height of more than 2,330 m, in order to be able to contemplate Innsbruck and the majestic mountain ranges from a great height. There are two ways to descend: the black slope is more extreme and the blue slope is more relaxed.

innsbruck pistes

Axamer Lizum

This Austrian ski resort of Innsbruck merges with Mutterer Alm. This is an ideal place for intense and rather extreme skiing. There is a choice of black trails, the length of which is about 7.8 km. There are also parallel descents located on virgin soil. The main mass consists of red tracks. Below Axamer Lizuma there is a ski lift, as well as an area for beginners.

Stubai Glacier

The ski resort is distinguished by a variety of slopes: there are a lot of difficult slopes. For intermediate skiers, you should go to the red slopes, and for beginners, the blue ones are perfect. According to reviews, off-piste skiing along the 10 km track is gaining popularity in Stubai. Also in this area there is a place for snowboarding.

beautiful city

Schlick 2000

It is relatively small in sizethe ski resort of Innsbruck, which is also quite large. It is most attractive for a relaxing holiday with the family, as well as among racers, freeriders and snowboarders. From below, you need to climb here on the cabin, and sections of the tracks located above are served by ski lifts. Down from the farthest located black track there is a blue slope.

To relax with the family, locals recommend visiting Muterer Alm or Patcherkofel with easier trails and children's areas. However, in order to ride a sled in the Austrian mountains, you can stop in any tourist area. According to reviews, it is preferable for experienced skiers to go to Axamer Lizum.

innsbruck celebration

Local lifts and slopes

In Innsbruck there are all conditions for skiing off-piste, there is a lot of space for extreme downhill skiing. There are quite a few cross-country and back country trails, snowboard parks, and plenty of other amenities. Therefore, people jokingly say that in Innsbruck skiing is the main way to get around.

The city is surrounded by 9 ski areas, which can be reached by a free bus. In addition, for the convenience of vacationers, a separate ski pass is provided here, which allows you to use the slopes of Innsbruck more freely.

The main attraction and pride of this city is called fully equipped and even somewhat unique tracks. On the territory there are 5 fully equipped forskiing areas that are optimally suited for skiing. They consist of a large number of tracks that are optimally suited for skiing people with different levels of training for skiing.

Hungerburg has slopes for every skiing enthusiast. Here is the world-famous Olympic track, suitable even for athletes.

According to reviews, the Glungetser area is ideal for professional athletes, as well as amateurs with sufficient experience, since the local slopes are more than 4 km long, and the terrain is quite difficult for beginners.

The Mutterer Alm is an ideal destination with ski slopes mainly geared towards amateurs and beginners, as the slopes are relatively calm, making the area very attractive and frequented by today's tourists in a relatively short time.

Lizum is the most visited area in all of Innsbruck. The trails of this area are very diverse, so every amateur skier will be able to find the most suitable slope for himself. In addition, there are separate men's and women's trails on the territory.

Innsbruck skiing

Innsbruck infrastructure

In the ski regions there are many hotels and hotels offering visitors accommodation at different prices. There are also many restaurants and establishments for good nutrition, where you can try food from different countries. Majorityrestaurants are located near hiking trails or near hotels. There are also enough cafes and bars in Innsbruck.

Throughout the winter, various sports competitions, concerts are held here, and modern skiers are offered a wide variety of entertainment. The most frequently praised in the reviews are Christmas markets, horse sledding, ice climbing, bobsledding, ice skating, and, of course, skiing.

In winter, tourists are also advised to visit Alpenzoo - the local zoo. It is located on a mountain, and its peculiarity is that the enclosures are located downwards in a beautiful cascade. In addition, there are many museums in Innsbruck:

  1. Muenze Hall, telling the story of medieval Austria. You can also climb to its very top to view the area from above.
  2. Audioversum is a unique interactive museum that takes visitors into the enchanting world of sound and hearing with truly impressive sound effects and exhibits. Local installations are created through the use of unusual technologies. This museum will teach you to truly be surprised, hear and feel.
  3. The Bell Museum consists of over 200 small bells and large bells that every guest can ring.
  4. Swarovski Kristallwelten is a truly noteworthy museum, even a huge complex consisting of the museum itself, huge gardens, an exclusive shop, and many other premises. The exposition consists of unique works encrusted with the famous Swarovski crystals. In the gardens of touristsexpect small waterfalls, multi-colored flowering flower beds, as well as original lanterns that look amazing against the backdrop of mountains and slopes. The store sells accessories and jewelry with Swarovski crystals.
  5. Innsbruck infrastructure

Innsbruck Entertainment

To diversify a rather active ski holiday on the ski slopes, you can visit the indoor areas, where there is everything you need to play squash and curling, or if you wish, go to the indoor pool. In addition, you can fly a balloon or an airplane, mark ice stocks and go ice skating.

After an active holiday, you can visit local discos and bars to drink delicious beer or aromatic tea. Also, if you wish, you can buy souvenirs for family and friends, or see other attractions: for example, the Local History Museum, a bay window called the Golden Roof, Hofgarten Park, the Helbling House, Ottoburg City Hall, the Olympic Games Museum, the Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Triumphal Gate, the Congress Palace and more.

Innsbruck landscape

Where to stay?

More than 200 comfortable hotels in Innsbruck host hundreds of thousands of skiers every year. The most budget room for 2 people costs about 60 euros per day. This rate includes a bathroom with a shower, free Wi-Fi and a kitchenette.

The average room rate is about 80 euros per night. Usually this amount includes breakfast, as well as a small kitchen, a terrace and some equipment for a comfortable stay. Often, these numbers may have a separateentrance, as well as a cozy dining area.

It is important to note that the Innsbruck hotels located near the slopes are distinguished by a high level of service and services, so even the most budgetary room will be worthy.


Innsbruck has truly limitless sports opportunities, which is why the described area is so loved by professional skiers, as well as not fully trained travelers. Here, each guest will be able to find the best option for the route and suitable accommodation. The advantage is that Innsbruck Airport is located near the city. A week's vacation in this place will not "eat" all the savings. And by adding a fairly developed infrastructure, you can get a wonderful resort for a ski holiday in the winter.

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