LCD "Blue Dali" (Adler): description, location, advantages

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LCD "Blue Dali" (Adler): description, location, advantages
LCD "Blue Dali" (Adler): description, location, advantages

Golubye Dali (Adler) refers to inexpensive and comfortable residential complexes (developer RosStroy LLC).

Infrastructure and location of the complex

The area is distinguished by a developed infrastructure, represented by a satisfactory number of kindergartens, schools, grocery and hardware stores. Excellent transport accessibility is ensured by the proximity to the railway station and one of the central streets of the city - Lenina Street. You won't have to spend more than fifteen minutes on the road to the sea. The recreational complex "Kurortny Gorodok" is a ten-minute walk away.

Location of the complex: Adler district, city of Adler, st. Blue distance.

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Description of the residential complex

The complex consists of four sixteen-storey buildings. The total number of apartments is 522. The main material used in the construction of houses is a monolith. Therefore, you should not doubt their strength and durability. Rockwool boards were used to insulate the facades.

The minimum area of ​​apartments is 22 m22, the maximum is 87 m22. The ceiling height is three meters. The presence of a rough finish will allow during the repair to realize all your most daringdesign solutions. The equipment of the apartments provides for the presence of entrance doors, metal-plastic window packages, household control meters.

The project provides for secure parking, two-level parking, commercial areas and, of course, a playground (a significant criterion for families with children), as well as recreation areas. Thanks to the central communications, the complex is provided with water and electricity. The presence of an autonomous boiler room is a guarantee of uninterrupted heating supply to apartments.

Telecommunication facilities include satellite TV and intercom.

The estimated date of completion of the complex is March 2020. Delivery of the first block is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

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Advantages of the residential complex "Blue Dali" (Adler)

Note the following:

  1. Having a fast pace of construction work over the past six months.
  2. Designing a house according to Federal Law-214, which opens up the possibility of acquiring housing on a mortgage through banks such as VTB-24 and Sberbank.
  3. Confirmation of compliance of the house with building codes, since obtaining accreditation in several banks is a complex procedure (each bank has its own verification criteria).
  4. Low cost apartments.
  5. Availability of developed infrastructure.
  6. Proximity to the sea and beautiful views from the windows of the apartments.
  7. Good ecology of the area.
  8. Reliable developer, who has already delivered several objects, among which there are elite houses. To themmake increased demands and controlling structures, and the client with the buyer.

Selection and purchase of an apartment

When choosing an apartment, it is enough to fill out a simple form on the website of the Blue Dali Residential Complex (Adler) indicating your last name, first name, patronymic, phone number, wishes for the number of rooms, area of ​​​​the apartment, date of delivery. Other features may be indicated. Next, the application for selection is sent. Some time after its processing, professional specialists contact the client.

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They call back with specific offers. The client also has the opportunity to visit the new building and communicate with representatives of the developer company.

To buy an apartment in the Blue Dali residential complex (Adler), you need to choose a convenient payment method from the list offered by the construction company and the developer's partner banks.

You can find out about current promotions on the official website of the company, by the way, it also has the opportunity to sign up for a tour of the complex.

As for the reviews about the "Blue Distances" (Adler), they are currently missing. In all likelihood, this situation will soon change and it will be possible to familiarize yourself with them.

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