Advantages and disadvantages of air transport for travelers

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Advantages and disadvantages of air transport for travelers
Advantages and disadvantages of air transport for travelers

Air travel is one of the most popular ways of traveling by air transport. It has both loyal fans and ardent opponents. Let's figure out what are the features of work, the advantages and disadvantages of air transport and which type should be preferred. Should I be afraid of airplanes and how to fly with pleasure?

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Why some people are afraid to fly

Aerophobia is one of the most common fears. People who are afraid to fly experience tremendous stress when they need to get on an airplane. Fear intensifies during takeoff, landing and shaking, when entering the turbulence zone. Some aerophobes can't even bring themselves to step on board an aircraft.


Of course, aerophobes have reason to be afraid, because, logically, it will not be possible to escape from a falling plane. Statistically, the plane is the safest mode of transport. But the point is thatFor all the advantages and disadvantages of air travel, aerophobes worry that a mid-air aircraft breakdown is an almost inevitable death. Cars may break down more often, but there is a chance to get out of them and survive.

Why you shouldn't be afraid to fly

In fact, planes are really the safest means of transport, and the chance of dying in a plane crash is extremely small. Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of air transport, it is important to remember that the aircraft is not only very reliably and efficiently assembled and tested many times. The transport vessel has several redundant options for the necessary systems.

Fly or not?

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Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of sea and air transport, rail and all types in general, each potential passenger can decide for himself which method of transportation is closer to him. Should you choose air travel?

So, time to remember the main advantages and disadvantages of air transport.


  1. Movement speed. At the moment, air travel is the fastest way available to get from one point to another.
  2. Service level. The standard level of customer service in airlines is slightly higher than the level of the same category of railway companies.
  3. There are no physical barriers for airplanes. They are independent of bridges, roads and mountains.
  4. Safety. No mode of transport is tested as long and thoroughly as airplanes, and safety is not given as much attention.
  5. Most often, meals are included in the price of tickets.


  1. Ticket prices. Due to the cost of fuel and the money that needs to be spent on building an aircraft, airfare can be quite expensive. It is one of the most expensive modes of transport.
  2. Unable to carry large loads as they can interfere with aircraft holding and balancing in the air.
  3. Still existing, albeit minimal, possibility of an accident.
  4. Some people may not tolerate takeoffs and landings, dry air or odor, turbulence.
  5. Seats are not always comfortable enough and hard to sleep in.

There are also advantages and disadvantages of Russian air transport compared to other countries (especially European ones), but in general there is not much difference. The advantages include the fact that the crew speaks their native language, and the disadvantages are slightly outdated service and entertainment equipment (for example, the lack of wireless Internet on board).

Tips for traveling by plane

  1. Gum and candy, as well as lozenges and caramel, help relieve ear congestion during takeoff and landing.
  2. Airplanes are very dry, so it doesn't hurt to bring wet wipes or moisturizer with you.
  3. On night flights, an eye mask and an inflatable pillow will come in handy.
  4. You should arrive at the airport in advance so that the bustle does not interfere with the journey.
  5. It is worth taking care of in advancemedicines for motion sickness and nausea. On long flights, you can use a light sleeping pill or valerian.
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The advantages and disadvantages of air transport should be remembered by both experienced travelers and those who have flown not so many times, especially the latter. Of course, this is the fastest and safest mode of transport, but you should not force yourself or other people to use it if the fear and discomfort are too strong.

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