Rest in Athens, Greece: beaches, entertainment, hotels, tourist reviews

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Rest in Athens, Greece: beaches, entertainment, hotels, tourist reviews
Rest in Athens, Greece: beaches, entertainment, hotels, tourist reviews

The capital of Greece is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. The reason for the popularity of the city lies in the numerous historical sights and architectural monuments. But cultural leisure is not the only reason why guests come to the capital. Holidays in Athens by the sea attract lovers of beaches and sea beauties. The Athenian Riviera is a place that every tourist should visit.

Vacation time

When planning a vacation in Athens, of course, it is important to choose the most suitable time. At the height of summer it is very hot in the capital. Experienced travelers believe that the most comfortable time for a trip is May and June, as well as September and October. On the other hand, if you want to spend all your time on the beach, mid-summer is fine. At this time, the air temperature reaches 32 degrees. But in the coastal areas of the city, the heat is much easier to bear. For excursions, August and July are not the right time, but forbeach holiday - just right. In May, it is warm in Athens. The temperature reaches +24 degrees. But it's still chilly at night. With the advent of June, the daytime temperature rises to +28 degrees, and at night - up to +22 degrees. By the beginning of summer, the water temperature in the sea warms up to +22 degrees. Therefore, it is time for the opening of the beach season.

In Greece, the holiday season usually starts on July 25th and lasts until September 5th. At this time, local residents, as well as visiting tourists, go to resorts. It is worth remembering this when choosing a vacation time.


If you are interested in a beach holiday in Athens, and not just attractions, you must explore all areas of the city in advance. There are beaches not only in the capital itself, but also in the surrounding areas. From May to July, the coast is crowded with people, so the hotel must be planned in advance. Please note that on your holiday in Athens, you may have to pay for beach access. This is due to the fact that part of the coast is a private area. It is believed that the best beaches are located in the southeastern region.

Beach club "Astir"

Sandy beaches in the resorts of Votsalakia, Alimos, Glyfada, Voula Beach, Kavouri, Vouliagmeni Beach, Varkiza Beach, Kokkino Limanaki can be recommended for relaxation in Athens.

Going on vacation, you can stay directly in Athens or in nearby areas. The choice of location largely depends on your goals. If a beach holiday in Athens is important to you, you can choose one of the resorts in the area, and come to the capital on excursions. In the townyou can rent a car. You will need it if you decide to spend your holidays near Athens. The region has excellent transport links, so you can get everywhere by bus.

Resorts near Athens: Faliro

Faliro area, located just five kilometers from the center, is ideal for a holiday in Athens by the sea. The prestigious suburb is very attractive for tourists. The region is interesting for a relaxing holiday and an excellent beach. In 2010, the embankment was reconstructed here, which is the center of resort life. Faliro has a sandy city beach. The water near the shore is warm, but a small storm invariably brings cold currents from the depths. During such periods, the sea acquires an uncomfortable temperature, but soon warms up again. Faliro can be safely called a mini-resort. It has its own promenade, taverns, shops, cafes, a large park and other places of entertainment. The choice of housing, as you know, in the resort is huge. In Faliro, you can find housing for 4-8 thousand rubles. The region has not only hotels from 2 to 5 stars, but also apartments.


When planning a beach holiday near Athens, you should pay attention to the prestigious area of ​​Glyfada. Usually crowds of young people come here, as the region is famous for parties and vibrant nightlife. In the suburbs there are beautiful villas and no less beautiful hotels. In addition, Glyfada has excellent shopping, so lovers of shopping and beaches come here. Here is the incredibly luxurious beach "Asteria", equipped with changing rooms, umbrellas, houses and other facilities. Inwhile relaxing on the coast, you can ride water rides. Entrance to the beach is paid, and the ticket price is three times higher than in other areas. But this does not affect the number of tourists, there are always a lot of them here.

In the area of ​​Glyfada there is an expensive golf club with tennis courts. Local residents celebrate ceremonial events in it. According to reviews, the most inexpensive accommodation in the suburbs will cost 4 thousand rubles. Glyfada has many chic four-star establishments with suites, pools and spas. Rest in such places per day costs 8-20 thousand rubles per day for two.


Voulagmeni is another prestigious suburb of Athens with numerous coniferous plantations, thanks to which the air of the resort is incredibly clean and healing. Here is the beach "Akti", equipped with wooden deck chairs, a volleyball court, changing rooms, umbrellas and other attributes. Cafes are located right on the coast. Once one of the local beaches was even awarded the Blue Flag. On the coast, tourists have the opportunity to ride boats and do water sports. For kids, playgrounds are equipped on the beaches.

Glyfada in Athens

In the suburbs there is a lake with thermal waters. The reservoir does not freeze even in winter. The temperature in it reaches +22 degrees. According to experts, it was formed in prehistoric times due to the collapse of a large cave. Tourists come to the pond to treat skin diseases and joints. Everything here is equipped not only for relaxation, but also for treatment. Relaxationnear Athens in different areas differs in cost. Vouliagmeni is considered an expensive resort. Accommodation in a budget hotel here will cost 15-25 thousand rubles.

Holidays with children

Newbies are wondering if it is possible to organize a holiday in Athens with children. According to tourists, the capital of Greece is quite suitable for family holidays. The city is attractive not only in terms of attractions, but also a beach holiday with kids. Athens has everything for children - parks, warm sea, entertainment centers. This is not just a big metropolis that lives in its own rhythm, but a cozy city that has something attractive. Athens is beautiful and diverse, which is why every traveler will find something interesting here.

Rest in the metropolis is always very rich and interesting. There are an incredible number of museums and all kinds of attractions. However, with children it is important not to go too far with hiking, as they get tired very quickly.

According to reviews, holidays in Athens with children are very comfortable. The city has a lot of hotels of different levels, apart-hotels, villas and apartments. You can stay with kids in the institutions of the city and coastal villages. In almost every region you can find a decent place to relax with children. The city also has inexpensive hotels with excellent rooms, good infrastructure and additional services for couples.

Holidays with children in Athens

If you are planning a vacation in Athens (Greece), then you should understand that there are no family hotel complexes in the capital as such. In this regard, Europeanresorts differ from Turkish and Egyptian ones, where hotels certainly have a large territory, children's clubs, equipped playgrounds and swimming pools. You won't find this in Athens. But this local hotels are no less beautiful. There are so many attractions and attractions in the capital that there is no need to sit in a hotel.

What to see with kids?

Family holidays in Athens (Greece) can take place not only on the beach. The city has an incredible number of ancient sights and other interesting places. If so far your child is not interested in historical monuments, you can find other interesting entertainments. For example, experienced travelers recommend visiting Gulandris. The Natural History Museum will appeal to people of all ages. The most famous exhibit of the institution is the huge skeleton of a Triceratops. Children will be interested to see stuffed animals that are indistinguishable from real animals.

No less interesting is the Military Museum. Its exposition contains ancient devices for combat at sea and land, military equipment, modern weapons, warships and models of Greek fortresses.

Children will be interested in visiting museum ships - the destroyer Velos and the battleship Georgios Averof. You can also go to the Piraeus Maritime Museum. Another place that is definitely worth visiting with children is the Athens Planetarium, one of the best in the world. Modern equipment allows you to create a stunningly realistic picture. Visitors get the impression that they are actually surfing space.

Entertainment for children

On vacation in Athens with children, you can visit the amusement park, which is divided into two parts. Each is aimed at a certain age of visitors. It is best to go to the park in the evening when it sparkles in colorful lights. The amusement park is always a lot of fun and interesting.

There are many children's entertainment centers in Athens. Kids can have fun in them, and parents can sit in a cafe. The city has a large zoo. It has not existed for so long, but can be compared with the older menageries of Europe. On its territory there is a large collection of birds and animals. During the day, show programs are held here, you can also visit the dolphinarium.

Restaurants and cafes

Rest on the sea in Athens (Greece) can be diversified by visiting restaurants and cafes. Local cuisine is able to defeat any gourmet. There are many beautiful places in the center and suburbs. We will only recall some of them that tourists recommend in their reviews. A vacation in Athens is unimaginable without tasting Mediterranean and French cuisine. According to holidaymakers, it is worth visiting the chic Athenian restaurant Spondi. The establishment has two halls with patios, in each of which you can have a great time and enjoy delicious food.

It's also worth remembering Funky Gourmet. The restaurant is considered very popular in Athens, thanks to the unique gastronomic delights and unique environment. By the way, the restaurant has a trendy molecular cuisine. But fans of traditional dishes also have something to order here. Local chefs prepare excellent Greekdishes.

Restaurants in Athens

An equally interesting place is Archeon Gefsis. The popular cafe serves amazing Greek dishes. By the way, the restaurant's menu was compiled with the help of historians. But the highlight of the cafe lies not only in the preparation of unique food. The institution recreates the ritual "Symposium", during which the feet are washed, awarded with a laurel wreath and given tunics. Dinner is served in antique style after dinner. In general, the cafe has a special atmosphere.

According to reviews, holidays in Athens are a real holiday for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. In every area and on the coast, you can find many cafes, taverns and restaurants that offer an extensive menu. Greek food is seafood, cheeses, olives, oil and spices. Based on them, unique dishes are prepared here, which you should definitely try.

Athens hotels

If you are going on vacation to Athens (Greece), reviews of tourists will help you decide on the choice of housing. It should be noted that the choice of hotels, hotels, apartments and private villas in the resort is very large. Making a choice is hard enough. The first thing to do is decide which area you want to live in. It is important to understand what goals you are pursuing and what comes first for you. If you are only interested in a beach holiday in Athens (Greece), then you need to choose hotels in the coastal zone of the suburbs. In this case, you will not have to get to the coast by transport, and there are fewer people on the beaches than in the center.

In Athens, you can find housing of very different prices. There are fashionableestablishments and more budget places. You can choose cozy apart-hotels where you can comfortably stay with children, or rent a villa. By the way, in Athens, local residents rent housing to tourists. Therefore, renting private apartments is also a great option for a budget holiday.

Resort hotels

One of the luxury hotels in the city is Electra Palace Athens 5. The institution is located in the central part of the Plaka district. The complex can be recommended for very demanding tourists. The hotel is located within the walls of a snow-white building, decorated with wrought-iron balconies. For guests, very beautiful rooms in soft colors are equipped here. In them you will find antique furniture, modern appliances and colorful paintings. Most of the apartments offer views of the Acropolis.

Not far from Syntagma Square is a beautiful hotel called Herodion Hotel 4. Stylish rooms in white colors are the highlight of the establishment. Beautiful furniture, textured paintings and lighting make the interiors of the hotel unique. The hotel is set in its own gardens and features a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views and an outdoor terrace.

For lovers of classic interiors, we can offer the Sweet Home Hotel 1. A light aristocratic atmosphere is created thanks to unusual furniture, beautiful chandeliers, numerous photographs and lamps. Affordable prices and excellent service make the institution very popular among tourists, as evidenced by positive reviews.

A beach holiday in Athens can be combined with watching interestingattractions and entertainment. For this, the capital has everything you need. The main thing is to choose the most convenient place to stay.


Athens has a lot of entertainment, including nightclubs that young people like to visit. The most popular place is Gyalino Plus. The club has several dance floors and a bar. In addition to the opportunity to dance, guests are offered interesting theatrical performances. The cultural program of the institution is its highlight.

In the summer, the Island Club is open for tourists. During the daytime, the institution works as a cafe, and in the evenings parties are held here for fans of modern music.

Cubanita Havana is a traditional Latin American disco. The interiors of the club are designed in red and black shades, which adds to the unusualness of the institution. Tourists have fun to the sounds of incendiary salsa until the morning.

Active Entertainment

Not all tourists are attracted by seaside holidays. Athens has a lot of entertainment that will be appreciated by the most active travelers. There are places worth visiting in the Greek capital. In the city, you can always rent a bike and ride through the old streets and main attractions. By the way, special bicycle tours have even been created for such purposes. Their essence is that the best routes have been selected for travelers, which cover all the most important and interesting. The city has several excellent climbing walls that allow you to go mountain climbing away from the mountains.

resort coast

Warm weather almost always reigns on the coast, so sea holidays in Athens can be combined with windsurfing and diving. Good equipment and professional instructors will help you get a lot of impressions from the beauty of the underwater world. If you're looking for more relaxing outdoor activities, you can head to one of the clubs that have tennis courts and golf courses.

If you like entertainment, you should visit Copa Copana Park. It regularly hosts concerts, parties and other events. In summer, there are numerous water rides and pools, and in winter, winter entertainment is organized instead.

Rest on the sea in Athens: reviews

Athens is a beautiful city rich in culture and history. Some tourists believe that it cannot be called the best beach resort in Greece from the abundance of guests. Of course, in the summer, numerous flows of foreigners flock to the city, who are attracted by historical sights. The beaches of the resort are no less in demand. If you are only interested in seaside recreation, then you should choose one of the suburban areas for living. From them you can easily get to the center of Athens to see the main sights. Transport links in the city are well established, so you don't have to worry about this.

Athens is a great place for those who want to combine swimming and cultural relaxation. Tourists believe that the city has entertainment for people of all ages, so it is impossible to get bored here. The suburb will be an excellent option for relaxing onsea. In Athens, the beaches are always crowded.

According to reviews, all the beaches of the resort are equally good. They are distinguished by cleanliness and excellent infrastructure. The only drawback is the presence of paid beaches. They are incredibly comfortable, convenient and deserve a lot of praise. However, in Athens there are also free sites on the coast. Tourists recommend visiting the free beach "Faliron", which is located near the city center. It can be reached on foot or by tram 3. Despite the fact that the beach is public, it is equipped with everything you need. According to the guests, it is too crowded, and the cleanliness of the coast and the sea is not very encouraging.

Tourists recommend Voula beach for family holidays. It is always very clean here, and the water is warm. But the popularity of this place, of course, led to a large number of tourists. But here it is very convenient to spend time with children.

Alimos beach club is a great place to relax if you believe the reviews. It is located near the center and is considered a city beach. This part of the coast has a pebbly coating, but the bottom is covered with fine sand. The territory is landscaped, there are restaurants, cafes and beach accessories.

Housing in Athens

According to tourists, all hotels in Athens are maximally focused on their guests. They are beautiful and comfortable, and also correspond to their stardom and price. The choice of housing in the capital and suburbs is incredibly wide and varied: from private apartments to luxury hotels. If you are looking for a budgethousing, pay attention to apartments like hostels. Responsive hosts are happy to accommodate guests for a reasonable fee.

Local cafes and restaurants leave a lot of pleasant impressions for tourists. Greek cuisine is a pleasant addition to an exciting holiday. It does not matter where you want to dine - in an expensive restaurant or a simple tavern. In any case, local dishes will delight you. They are equally tasty prepared in all establishments. Well, if you want something special, you should visit one of the city's restaurants. In general, tourists are satisfied with the time spent in Athens. It is difficult to find somewhere else a city that has so many sights and interesting places. The ability to combine a sea holiday with a cultural one is the main feature of the capital of Greece.

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