Rest in Sudak with children: hotels, beaches, entertainment, reviews

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Rest in Sudak with children: hotels, beaches, entertainment, reviews
Rest in Sudak with children: hotels, beaches, entertainment, reviews

Crimea, as an all-Russian he alth resort, is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to the diversity of natural landscapes, as well as affordable pricing. At the same time, on the entire Black Sea coast, one resort is distinguished by its special hospitality. It's about Sudak. Holidays with children here can be as comfortable as possible if you take care of housing, food, and entertainment in advance.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to the city of Sudak in the Crimea is to travel by private car. For families with small children, this is the best option, as it is quite fast and comfortable. Leaving Moscow, it is necessary to overcome 1500 km. There are several ways to enter the peninsula:

  1. Using a ferry crossing through the port "Caucasus". The cost of an adult ticket is 150 r, children under 6 years of age are en titled to travel free of charge, and children over 6 years of age the ticket price will cost 80R. Also, for the transportation of a car, you will need to pay 1700 rubles if the car does not exceed the size of 5.3 m, or 4800 if its length is more than 5.3 m.
  2. Travel across the bridge across the Kerch Strait. The nice thing is that today the bridge is free.
  3. kerch bridge
  4. You can also get to Sudak by regular intercity buses. The fare from Moscow varies from 2500 to 3000 rubles. Travel time is 1.5 days.
  5. There is also the possibility of flights to the airport in Simferopol. The cost of a plane ticket in the high season is about 8000 r in economy class. At the same time, travel time is significantly reduced. From the airport, you can get to Sudak by regular bus or by intercity taxi.

When to go?

Despite the fact that the sea season in the Crimea begins in May, you should take into account the peculiarities of young children. For example, in May and June, the sea for swimming can still be cool, while in August the so-called "bloom" begins and the sea becomes dirty, jellyfish appear. July is considered ideal.

It should also be noted that if there are children of preschool age, you should pay attention to the Crimea in September. The price of holidays with children in Sudak in the best hotels this month is significantly reduced, there are fewer people on the beaches, and the sea is still warm.

Black Sea

Where to stay?

For families with children in Sudak, they try to choose hotels on the coastline.This is due to the fact that the sea is the main entertainment for children of all ages. It should be noted that the cost of rooms in such hotels can be high. For those who want to save money, you can pay attention to small guest houses and mini-hotels, as well as private houses and apartments, the owners of which offer them to tourists during the high season.

Despite the fact that public transport in Sudak runs extremely irregularly, you should not be afraid of the sleeping areas of the city, as you can walk even from the most extreme point to the beach in just 30 minutes. This time is significantly reduced if you use a personal car. In addition, the cost of housing in such areas will be approximately 1000-1500 per room, which is quite inexpensive during the holiday season. Also a nice bonus is the proximity of markets, grocery supermarkets and pharmacies.

Among the comfortable hotels for a holiday in Sudak with children are the following:

  • "Soldaya Grand Hotel &Resort";
  • "Villa Fellini";
  • "Aquatel";
  • "Barcelona Hotel".

The cost of accommodation varies from 2000 to 15000 per night in the room.

Local Attractions

Reviews about holidays in Crimea in Sudak with children explain that the city is quite small, so there are also few attractions in it. It will be interesting for children from 5 years old and teenagers to visit the Genoese fortress, as well as take a walk along the Cypress Alley. Every year the fortress hosts various events such as festivals, reconstructions, tournaments,which can be quite interesting for older kids.

Genoese fortress

Recreation with children in the Crimea in Sudak can be interesting if you go outside the city and visit the village of Novy Svet, where you can walk along the Golitsyn trail, which includes such sights:

  • Green Bay.
  • Chaliapin's Grotto.
  • Blue Bay.
  • Lake cave.
  • Through grotto.
  • Royal beach.

An equally interesting attraction is Cape Alchak, which offers views of incredible natural landscapes.

Where to have lunch?

When traveling with children to Sudak, many families think about food during the holidays. Fortunately, there are no problems with this. Since there are many cafes and restaurants in the city, which, in addition to the main menu, also offer their guests a children's menu. Which is very convenient. Hotels in Sudak for families with children often offer buffet breakfasts, where you can also find dishes for the little ones. In addition, the institutions have restaurants or cafes where you can eat daily.

For more budget tourists in Sudak there are canteens with home cooking.

canteen zander

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to cook your own meals in hotel rooms, however, when renting rooms in private houses, the hosts offer the use of a shared kitchen.

From May to October in Crimea, you can try a large number of local fruits and vegetables, which have a reasonable price. Reviewstourists are recommended to taste local grapes and figs.

Establishments that offer takeaway food in the same way as ordinary restaurants carefully monitor the quality of products, so you can safely eat pizza, boiled corn or sweet baklava on local beaches.

Fun for kids

The best vacation with a child in Sudak is time spent with family. This can be facilitated by a variety of entertainment that will be of interest to both adults and children of different ages. In this regard, the resort is also at a decent level. Reviews about holidays with children in Sudak note the presence of such entertainment:

  1. Water park with a large number of water slides of various sizes, a swimming pool and a cafeteria. The institution is located outside of Sudak, however, the distance is only a few kilometers. It is recommended to go for the whole day. The entrance fee is 900 rubles from 13.00 to 17.00 and 1100 from 10.00 to 17.00. Children under 100cm tall do not need to pay an entrance fee.
  2. water park zander
  3. There are water slides on the beaches, the price for a single use of which varies from 50 to 150 rubles.
  4. Teenagers may be interested in horseback riding tours around Sudak, accompanied by a guide.
  5. There is also a petting zoo. There are not so many animals in it, however, all of them can be petted and hand-fed. Such entertainment will appeal to both children and adults.

There are a large number of playgrounds in the waterfront area, aimed at children from 1up to 12 years old. Their visit is free. There is also a Dolphinarium "Nemo", where you can not only watch a performance with aquatic mammals, but also swim with them in the pool and take a photo as a keepsake.

Beaches of Sudak

Practically the entire coastline of the city is built up with hotels and boarding houses. Unfortunately, only guests are allowed to enter the quartz beaches of hotels, while everyone can visit the beaches of sanatoriums and boarding houses. The disadvantage of such beaches is the fact that they close in the evening. This is mentioned on the sign at the entrance, however, those who missed this fact and did not have time to go beyond the beach will have to climb over the fence.

Sudak also has a city beach that does not close at night. It is also equipped with sun loungers and beach umbrellas that can be rented for a comfortable stay.

Crimean beach

Another advantage of local beaches is the abundance of small stalls that offer soft drinks, ice cream and takeaway food. In addition, a variety of sunbathing products, inflatable toys or towels can be purchased right next to the beach.

Vacation with children


It is worth noting that you should think over a vacation with a child at sea in advance. Experienced tourists recommend booking hotel rooms in advance for the desired date, as well as worrying about tickets to Crimea. It is also important to think over the luggage that children may need to travel to Sudak.

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