The best hotels in Essentuki: description, pros and cons of hotels, reviews of tourists

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The best hotels in Essentuki: description, pros and cons of hotels, reviews of tourists
The best hotels in Essentuki: description, pros and cons of hotels, reviews of tourists

The city of Essentuki is known to tourists in Russia and around the world primarily as a balneological resort. Mostly people with diabetes come here for treatment. Also in this city you can treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the reproductive system. People who came for treatment in Essentuki stay in hotels or sanatoriums. Of course, there are many good hotels of different categories in this city.

How to choose a hotel in Essentuki

Many wells with healing mineral water in this resort are located closer to the city center. Therefore, most tourists who come here prefer to rent accommodation here. If desired, in Essentuki you can choose both an inexpensive hotel that simply provides guests of the resort with rooms, and a hotel complex, on the territory of which vacationers can undergo various physiotherapy procedures.

Are there 5 hotels in Essentuki?

Mostly in this resort, rooms are rented in two-, three- and four-star hotels. But there is in this city popular with tourists and one more comfortable 5complex. This hotel is called PontosPlaza. Tourists refer to the advantages of this hotel in the first place:

  • very beautiful, well landscaped area;

  • large room area;

  • presence of a free mini-bar in the rooms;

  • delicious breakfasts and lunches in the restaurant.

At the moment, this particular complex is considered the most convenient and comfortable in Essentuki. Service for guests here, judging by the reviews, is provided by a European class.

Five-star hotel in Essentuki

Among other things, in this hotel you can hold a wedding or, for example, an anniversary. The hotel is equipped with a very beautiful, according to many vacationers, banquet hall. Of course, tourists and the location of this hotel are very praised. It is located in the very center of the resort area.

Practically the only drawback of this complex, guests of Essentuki consider the rather high cost of living. As for everything else about this hotel on the web, there are extremely positive reviews.

Four Star Resorts

In Essentuki hotels of this class, of course, the service provided to guests is not as high quality as in Pontos Plaza, but also quite decent. In addition, accommodation in such complexes is cheaper. Unlike five-star hotels, there are many 4hotels in Essentuki. Most local hotels belong to this category.

The most popular 4 complexes in this city among tourists are:

  1. "Resort" 4.

  2. Resort Hotel 4.

  3. Art Hotel 4.

  4. Resort Spa 4

Hotel Resort Description

This hotel in Essentuki is located at: st. Andzhievsky, 24. Initially, this hotel was called "Resort", but was later renamed. The advantages of this hotel tourists include:

  • convenient location (next to Source 4);

  • cleanliness and beautiful appearance of rooms and bathrooms;

  • staff attentiveness;

  • silence in the rooms.

There are practically no shortcomings at the Resort hotel in Essentuki, according to many tourists. The only negative, according to some hotel guests, is not very hearty breakfasts. With regard to lunches and dinners, tourists do not express any claims to the restaurant of this hotel. This complex is also located in the center of the resort area.

Resort Hotel

Of the shortcomings of this hotel, tourists note mainly the lack of elevators and noisy refrigerators in some rooms.

Complex "Resort": pros and cons

This four-star hotel in Essentuki is located at: st. Internatsionalnaya, 11. The Resort complex was built relatively recently. And so the interiors in the corridors and rooms in this hotel look attractive and modern. The advantages of this hotel tourists include:

  • cleanliness and silence in the corridors and rooms;

  • responsibility and friendliness of the staff.

The location of this hotel is also considered very convenient by most tourists. In the immediate vicinity of this complex is the Kurortny Park. Hotel guests can reach it literally in 3-5 minutes.

The restaurant of this hotel deserves simply excellent reviews from the residents. The menu for vacationers is varied here. At the same time, the chefs of the Resort Hotel (Essentuki) prepare dishes only from natural fresh products.

An absolute advantage of this complex, many tourists consider the presence of an elevator in its building. Unfortunately, such equipment is rare for Essentuki hotels, even four-star hotels.

Resort Hotel

There are practically no negative reviews about this hotel on the Web. The only thing is that some of its guests believe that not very beautiful views open from the windows of the rooms of the lower floors. Also, some of the guests express the wishes of the administration of the hotel "Kurortny" in Essentuki to replace the waffle bathrobes issued in the rooms with more comfortable terry ones.

Kras Hotel Resort & Spa 4

This hotel is located in Essentuki on the street. Lenina, 16. A feature of this hotel is, as can be judged by its name, the fact that guests are provided here, including spa services. Residents of the complex on its territory can also use the swimming pool and sauna. True, hotel guests have to pay for the use of these services separately.

Location of Kras Hotel in Essentuki is considered by most tourists to be very convenient. Close to this recreation centerthere is, among other things, and a source of mineral water. The rooms at this hotel, judging by the reviews of travelers, are quite spacious and clean.

Dinners at the local canteen are also praised by most tourists. As some travelers note, the hotel's restaurant offers a large selection of dishes suitable not only for adults, but also for children. Dinner for guests in this complex can be brought directly to the room. The residents of the hotel, of course, refer to its unconditional pluses. In addition, the waitresses at the local restaurant, according to many travelers, are very friendly and helpful.

A small drawback of the Kras Hotel Resort & Spa (Essentuki) tourists consider the lack of indoor parking and frequent failures of WiFi in some rooms.

Kras Hotel SPA

Art Hotel 4 short description

This hotel in Essentuki can be found at: st. Engels, 2A. The advantages of the location of this hotel, tourists include, first of all, the proximity to the railway station. To get to the hotel, who arrived in Essentuki, holidaymakers, even on foot can literally take 5-7 minutes. The mineral spring park is also very close to this complex.

The main advantage of the Art Hotel 4 travelers consider the beauty of its interiors, the cleanliness of the rooms and territory, as well as the friendliness of the staff. The rooms in this hotel are not particularly spacious. However, tourists consider their layout and equipment very thoughtful. To live in this hotel, as many travelers note, is reallyactually quite convenient.

Comfortably vacationers at the Art Hotel in Essentuki feel both hot and cold. To create a pleasant microclimate, the rooms of the complex are provided with air conditioning and a "warm floor" system.

Art Hotel in Essentuki

Some disadvantage of this hotel, tourists consider only that too little parking is equipped on its territory. No more than 5-6 cars can be accommodated in this parking lot. Of course, with a large influx of guests, this may not be very convenient.

Best three-star hotels

Such hotels in Essentuki are usually chosen by those tourists who want to spend time in this city with relative comfort and at the same time not overpay for accommodation. The most popular hotels of this category in Essentuki among travelers are:

  1. "Orange" 3.

  2. Verona 3.

Both of these three-star hotels, despite the fact that the cost of renting rooms here, have earned very good reviews from tourists.

Hotel "Orange": accommodation features

This hotel is located a 5-minute walk from the city center and 6 minutes from the Mineral Springs Park. In the rooms in this complex, despite the fact that it is only a three-star hotel, guests are provided with electric kettles and utensils. The advantages of the hotel "Orange" (Essentuki) tourists also include the fact that next to it there are many shops of different directions and a clinic. At the same time, there are several decent cafes in the hotel building itself,closing only at 2:00 am.

This hotel is praised by many travelers for the responsiveness of the staff, cleanliness and comfort of the rooms. Most tourists find the interiors of this recreation center very stylish and pleasant. Another plus of the hotel are large bathrooms and good water pressure in the shower.

The restaurant of this hotel is praised by most tourists. Breakfasts for vacationers are served here delicious and at a reasonable price.

Hotel "Orange" in Essentuki

The shortcomings of the hotel "Orange" some guests include not very good soundproofing in the rooms. Also, many hotel residents advise the administration, in order to improve its image, to think about changing the lighting in the rented rooms. Light bulbs are provided here, unfortunately, too low power.

Reviews of the Essentukov Verona Hotel 3

This three-star complex is located in Essentuki on Gogol Street, 1. Accommodation in this hotel is very inexpensive. At the same time, it is located, according to many tourists, even more convenient than many expensive city hotels. This complex is located in the very center of Essentuki, literally 5 steps from the park with mineral springs.

For 2018, this hotel can be considered new. The interiors here, according to the guests, are quite beautiful and solid. In addition to towels, this hotel also provides bathrobes and slippers.

Tourists consider the small area of ​​rooms to be rented to be a disadvantage of this hotel. However, the rooms of the Hotel Verona are equipped, according to travelers, verynot bad. The rooms of this complex even have refrigerators.

The disadvantages of the hotel, many tourists include, first of all, the lack of an elevator. Also, travelers consider the disadvantage of this hotel to be that breakfast is not provided for guests here. Residents of the complex have to eat in the dining room, located near the hotel. Another small drawback of the Verona Hotel (Essentuki) is considered to be not very stable WiFi.

Hotel "Verona" in Essentuki

Two-star Nika Motel

This small one-story hotel is located in the south of Essentuki at the address: st. Nikolskaya, 12. From the railway station to this complex you need to go about 10 minutes by car. The city center from the hotel can be reached in 7-10 minutes on foot.

Rooms at this affordable hotel are air conditioned. Guests are also provided with free breakfast. It is believed that this hotel is just great for car travelers. There is a service station and car wash on site.

Some rooms of this recreation center offer magnificent views of Elbrus. The rooms in this hotel are small, but very comfortable. Some hotel rooms even have bathtubs or showers.

A small drawback of this hotel, many travelers consider meager breakfasts. Also, in the rooms of this hotel located above the sink, judging by the reviews of tourists, sometimes it is too noisy.

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