Journeys to sunken ships. Ferry "Zenobia"

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Journeys to sunken ships. Ferry "Zenobia"
Journeys to sunken ships. Ferry "Zenobia"

Sunken ships are silent, harsh and secretive. Each ship hides in its holds a million stories and human secrets. Some of them drowned, lost their way or got caught in a storm. Others suffered in military companies, proudly sinking to the bottom. But there are ships whose death seems stupid and ridiculous. The famous ferry "Zenobia" can be attributed to such vessels.


In 1979, the newest ocean-going cargo ferry called "Zenobia" was launched in Sweden. The ship was designed to transport bulky cargo over long distances. It was equipped with modern navigation and computer equipment. "Zenobia" at that time was proudly called the flagship of Swiss cargo shipping.

The ferry was equipped with spacious cargo holds, which easily accommodated more than a hundred trucks and containers with other cargo. The developers of the vessel also made sure that the crew and truck drivers could comfortably accommodate the ferry. Therefore, in addition to the cargo deck and the captain's bridge, the Zenobia includedcomfortable wardroom, dining room, medical facilities, etc.

The ship was impressive in its scale, and it was predicted a long "working life". But, unfortunately, this was not allowed to happen. June 7, 1980, making its first long-distance voyage, the ferry sank off the coast of Cyprus.

The ship was 178 meters long and 28 meters wide. The displacement of the ship is 10,500 tons.

Causes of the crash

The wreck of the ferry "Zenobia"

To date, there are two versions of the crash of the ferry "Zenobia". Official sources say that the cause of the disaster was a failure in the electronic balance management system. The computer pumped water into the wrong compartment, causing a fatal roll.

The unofficial version is more confused. Eyewitnesses claimed that balance problems arose on the way. In order to stabilize the ship, the captain had to pump the ballast in accordance with the protocol. But in order to save time and fuel, it was decided not to do this. "Zenobia" reached the port of Larnaca. The crew and passengers were successfully evacuated, no one was hurt. After the evacuation, the ship was driven one and a half kilometers from the port and they tried to fix the operation of the instruments. But the ship was never saved. It sank two days after arrival.

Today, the ferry "Zenobia" has remained lying near Larnaca (Cyprus). Its left side is at a depth of 42 meters from the surface of the water, and its right side is at 16 meters.

Sunken Cargo

Fortunately, this shipwreck did notvictims. But the cargo could not be saved. Together with the sunken ferry "Zenobia", 104 trucks with cargo were found at the bottom: construction materials, alcohol, children's toys, food, etc. As well as several trucks (they are lying on the bottom a few meters from the ship), a Zhiguli car, which belonged to the captain, and other useful items.

Sunk on the ferry "Zenobia" Zhiguli

Zenobia for tourists

A few years later, the ferry "Zenobia" (photo above) has become a favorite tourist attraction. Both ordinary tourists and professional divers go to the place of flooding. Fortunately, the transparency of the water in the Mediterranean Sea allows you to see the object from the surface.

So, what are the standard tours for tourists in Cyprus? Ferry "Zenobia" is included in the standard excursion offer of many travel companies. The tour itself consists of a boat ride, lunch, and the opportunity to snorkel over the ferry. As a rule, those who have bought such an excursion can see the upper side of the vessel and millions of bubbles rising up (just like in the above-water photo of the Zenobia ferry, posted below).

Photo of the ferry "Zenobia" from the surface

The cost of such an excursion varies from 30 to 70 euros (2-5 thousand rubles) per person. Everything will depend on where the tour is purchased. The best deals can be found directly at the port. Racks are conveniently located near the piertour operators. As a rule, these are direct offers from companies that are distinguished by a lower price and higher quality.

Diving on the ferry "Zenobia"

If an ordinary tourist treats the ferry as an ordinary tourist attraction, then for divers "Zenobia" is almost a cult place. Experts make it one of the ten best sunken objects in the world. The average cost of one dive on the ferry will cost an average of 50 euros (3500 rubles) per person. The price may vary depending on the club, but as with traditional excursions, the price does not always equal the quality.

Trucks transported by ferry

The difficulty of the dive will depend on the initial qualification of the diver. Beginners will be offered to inspect the ferry around the perimeter. Experienced divers will be able to walk along the decks and holds: carefully inspect the wardroom, inspect the trucks, look into the captain's cabin.

The most interesting and complex part of the Zenobia is considered to be the engine room. But now only well-trained professionals who have completed a wreck diving course can get there.

Best time to visit the ferry

From spring to the end of September, there are traditionally many tourists in Cyprus. Warm sea water makes visiting the object pleasant for both ordinary tourists and divers. But for technical diving enthusiasts, it is best to skip this period and come to dive on the Zenobia in November or December. Tourists and amateur divers will not interfere with a calm inspection. ExceptMoreover, the sea from the side of Larnaca is calm, and storms in this place are very rare, even in winter. The average water temperature at the bottom is about 16-19 degrees.

Ferry interiors

The ferry "Zenobia" amazes tourists with its harsh beauty. Most people who are lucky enough to get to know this object, one way or another, strive to see it again.

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