Kovrov hotels (Vladimir region): list with addresses, reviews

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Kovrov hotels (Vladimir region): list with addresses, reviews
Kovrov hotels (Vladimir region): list with addresses, reviews

Kovrov is a city in the Vladimir region, located on both banks of the Klyazma River. The city attracts with an interesting history and rich cultural heritage. A powerful complex of defense and light industry enterprises is also based here. If you plan to visit Kovrov in the Vladimir region, the city's hotels will provide you with a warm welcome.

Agora Hotel

When looking for a hotel in Kovrov, Vladimir region, pay attention to Agora. The institution, located at the address: Abelmana Street, 3, is within walking distance from the railway and bus stations. To accommodate guests, there are 18 rooms of the following categories:

  • single economy - from 1300 rubles;
  • double standard - from 1600 rubles;
  • improved double standard - from 1800 rubles;
  • family - from 2300 rubles;
  • deluxe - from 2300 rubles

The hotel has the following benefits:

  • sauna withswimming pool and shower room;
  • parking;
  • cafe-dumplings.

Reviews of the hotel "Agora"

About this hotel in Kovrov, Vladimir region, guests leave a number of positive reviews:

  • cozy comfortable rooms with fresh modern renovation;
  • during the cold season, the rooms are very well heated;
  • attentive gracious staff;
  • great cafe on the ground floor;
  • convenient location near train station;
  • good cleaning quality;
  • affordable accommodation rates.

But there are also remarks:

  • poor wireless internet signal quality;
  • inconvenient breakfast schedule (wish I could eat early);
  • bath and hygiene items are not provided for an additional guest;
  • wireless internet not working well;
  • the bathroom lacks a dryer;
  • poor soundproofing of the rooms (noise from the corridor is especially audible).

Visit Hotel

Among the hotels in Kovrov, Vladimir region, one of the most popular is "Visit". The institution is located at the address: Dimitrova street, 59. The following options are provided for accommodating guests:

  • single standard - from 2500 rubles;
  • improved single standard - from 2800 rubles;
  • double standard - from 3200 rubles;
  • junior suite - from 3600 rubles;
  • two-room suite - from 4200.

Choosing this hotel for accommodation, you cantake advantage of this set of benefits:

  • closed parking;
  • public computer in the lobby on the second floor;
  • ironing supplies;
  • laundry;
  • cafe;
  • billiards (guests are given 1 hour of the game as a gift).

Reviews about the hotel "Visit"

Reviews about the hotel "Visit" in Kovrov, Vladimir region contain such positive comments:

  • very beautiful, clean and comfortable establishment;
  • good parking;
  • you can order dinner in advance (even if the cafe is already closed, your food will be waiting for you);
  • spacious bathrooms in the rooms;
  • the rooms have electric kettles;
  • an opportunity to play billiards for an hour for free;
  • excellent cafe food - all tasty and fresh;
  • Despite the fact that the hotel building is old, it is maintained in excellent condition;
  • polite and efficient service;
  • tea set and drinking water in the room;
  • breakfast included in accommodation price.

And such negative points:

  • overpriced accommodation;
  • inconvenient cafe opening hours (closes early);
  • poor soundproofing in rooms;
  • old uncomfortable mattresses on beds;
  • unpleasant musty smell in corridors and rooms;
  • distance from city center;
  • outdated room furnishings;
  • uncomfortable public areas in dire need of repair;
  • not the most hearty breakfasts;
  • in the coldduring the year the rooms are poorly heated (good thing there are heaters).

Kovrov Hotel

If you are planning a visit to Kovrov, Vladimir region, the Kovrov hotel can be a good choice. The institution is located at the address: Uritskogo street, 14/2. This is the historical center of the city, a 10-minute walk from the railway station, as well as a quarter of an hour's walk from the main cultural sites, the Kovrov Mall shopping center.


"Kovrov" is one of the largest hotel and restaurant complexes in the city. To accommodate guests, there is such a variety of options:

  • luxury - from 3500 rubles;
  • a room of the first category of superior comfort - from 2500 rubles;
  • economy of the first category - from 850 rubles/person;
  • first category number - from 1200 rubles;
  • fourth category room with shared facilities - from 500 rubles/person

Guests are invited to take advantage of the following set of benefits:

  • cafe;
  • restaurant with a banquet hall;
  • parking;
  • luggage storage;
  • shoe repair in the hotel building.

Reviews about the hotel "Kovrov"

If you plan to stay at the Kovrov Hotel in the Vladimir region, first read the reviews of travelers. They leave such positive comments:

  • very friendly, attentive and qualified administrator;
  • convenient location in the historic city center;
  • affordable ratesfor placement;
  • comfortable soft beds;
  • large private parking.

And such negative ones:

  • irregular cleaning;
  • during the cold season, rooms are poorly heated, and you have to ask for a heater for a long time;
  • breakfast not included;
  • not all rooms have wireless internet;
  • old creaky floors;
  • good noise isolation in the rooms, you can hardly hear the neighbors;
  • dusty carpets in rooms and public areas;
  • outdated furnishings;
  • many guests smoke in the toilets, and the staff does not fight it.

Gold Hotel

When looking for a hotel in Kovrov, Vladimir region, pay attention to the recreation center "Gold", located at the address: Pokrovsky street, 20. For comfortable accommodation, there are several options:

  • double comfort with a balcony - from 2700 rubles;
  • double standard with large or twin beds - from 2500 rubles;
  • classic room - from 2300 rubles

The institution has the following set of advantages:

  • restaurant with a banquet hall;
  • cafe;
  • sauna;
  • parking.

Reviews about the hotel "Gold"

You can hear such positive reviews about this hotel in Kovrov, Vladimir region:

  • friendly and helpful staff;
  • excellent food quality in cafe and restaurant;
  • comfortable rooms with fresh renovation and beautifuldesign;
  • affordable rates for good living conditions;
  • the hotel has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere;
  • well equipped bathroom;
  • the rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay, including toothbrushes;
  • there are enough sockets in the rooms to connect household appliances and charge gadgets.

And such negative ones:

  • weak signal and poor wireless internet speed;
  • small portions for breakfast (although everything is very tasty);
  • dim bathroom lighting;
  • near the hotel there is a very bad road, which makes access very difficult;
  • noisy banquets are often held at the hotel (however, by 23:00 the music usually subsides);
  • the rooms are very stuffy, you need to ventilate for a long time;
  • overpriced restaurant food;
  • inconvenient location - nowhere to even walk nearby;
  • very small parking lot - only for three cars;
  • washed and hard bath towels;
  • curtains do not completely cover the window opening;
  • very noisy bathroom ventilation;
  • the rooms do not provide drinking water, and there are no coolers in the corridor either.

Hotel "Old Town"

Many travelers prefer to stay at the Old City Hotel in Kovrov, Vladimir Region. The hotel is located at the address: Abelman street, 1/1. It's next to the train and bus station. For accommodation of guests there are 11 comfortable rooms of the followingCategories:

  • double room of the first category - from 2100 rubles;
  • single room of the first category - from 1800 rubles;
  • double studio of the highest category - from 2500 rubles;
  • double suite of the highest category - from 3500 rubles;
  • double suite of the highest category - from 3500 rubles

Guests of this hotel can use the following services:

  • restaurant;
  • banquet room;
  • parking;
  • business services;
  • laundry.

Reviews of the hotel "Old Town"

A lot of positive feedback can be heard about this hotel in the city of Kovrov in the Vladimir region:

  • excellent location near good traffic interchange;
  • spacious clean rooms with all necessary amenities;
  • good breakfasts (you can include them in the price of your stay or pay separately);
  • democratic prices for food in a restaurant;
  • good spacious parking;
  • quick check-in without unnecessary formalities;
  • there is an extra blanket in the closet (though without a duvet cover);
  • comfortable orthopedic mattresses on the beds;
  • friendly and friendly staff;
  • the hotel area is closed, you can be sure that there are no strangers;
  • batteries have a regulator, you can independently set the heating intensity;
  • bedding is snow-white and starched.

But not without negative comments:

  • because the hotellocated next to the railway station, the noise of passing trains is audible;
  • unpleasant stale smell in the room;
  • clogged bathroom drain;
  • Windows do not open in some rooms;
  • Modest selection of drinks in the minibar;
  • doesn't show TV well;
  • furnishings in the rooms need updating.

Hotel "Diana"

"Diana" is a cozy place in the residential area of Kovrov, Vladimir region. The address of the hotel is Stroiteley Street, 13/1. It is about 5 km from the railway station. There is a large chain supermarket right in the hotel building. For comfortable accommodation of guests, rooms of the following categories of comfort are provided:

  • budget double room with separate beds - from 2100 rubles;
  • double comfort with a large bed - from 1700 rubles;
  • superior double room with large bed - from 3300 rubles;
  • single standard - from 1900 rub.

Guests have the opportunity to have breakfast at the hotel.

Reviews about the hotel "Diana"

You can hear a lot of positive reviews about the Diana Hotel. Here are the main ones:

  • staff are very polite and friendly towards guests;
  • stylish cozy interior of the rooms;
  • good cleaning quality;
  • very tasty and hearty breakfasts;
  • democratic rates for accommodation;
  • convenient location within walking distance from the train station;
  • breakfast brought directly to the room,you can make an order for a specific time;
  • there is a supermarket right in the hotel building, which compensates for the lack of a cafe.

But don't overlook the remarks:

  • tasteless coffee served for breakfast;
  • strong audibility between rooms, as well as clearly heard noise from the corridor;
  • some rooms have no windows - very dark and stuffy in there;
  • no private secure parking (only public parking next to the supermarket);
  • periodic interruptions in hot water supply;
  • only one breakfast option (a few years ago they offered 4 to choose from);
  • clogged shower drain;
  • leaky shower stall;
  • bathroom is cool;
  • beds are narrow and not very comfortable (and in some rooms, instead of large ones, shifted singles are provided).

Other hotels

In addition to the considered hotels of Kovrov in the Vladimir region, the list should be supplemented with the following establishments:

  • Park-hotel "Dobrograd" - Kovrovskiy district, Gorozhenkovo village, Dobrograd microdistrict (from 6300 rubles).
  • Guest house "Atrium" - Kirova street, 138 (from 2500 rubles).
  • Hotel "El Hotel" - Nikonova street, 43 (from 1500 rubles).
  • Hotel "Mini-hotel" - Uritsky street, 14 (from 1200 rubles).
  • Hostel Piezo - Lenina Avenue, 56 (from 450 rubles).
  • Hostel "Domino" - Parkovaya street, 2 (from 400 rubles).
  • Guest house "On Pervomaiskaya" - Pervomaiskaya street, 316a (from 600 rubles).