Cheap hotels in Yekaterinburg: list of the best, addresses and reviews

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Cheap hotels in Yekaterinburg: list of the best, addresses and reviews
Cheap hotels in Yekaterinburg: list of the best, addresses and reviews

Ekaterinburg is the largest city in the Urals, which is characterized by a powerful industrial and cultural potential. The flow of travelers who come here for tourism or business purposes does not end. Naturally, each of them wants to find the perfect accommodation option, where you can stay comfortably and inexpensively. There are many hotels in Yekaterinburg - for every taste and budget. Consider them.


If you are looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Yekaterinburg, the Leto mini-hotel is perfect for you. It is located in the very center of the city at 11 Universitetsky Lane. It is within walking distance of the Greenwich shopping mall, Uralets recreation center, Yunost stadium, Zelenaya Roshcha park and the Novo-Tikhvin convent.


The mini-hotel was opened in honor of Valentine's Day, it is decorated in a romantic themed style. There are 10 rooms for accommodation.categories:

  • double room with large or twin beds - from 1300 rubles;
  • superior double room - from 1400 rubles;
  • quadruple female room - from 500 rubles/person;
  • quadruple male room - from 500 rubles/person..

Guests can use the following services:

  • breakfast;
  • wireless internet;
  • ironing supplies;
  • laundry;
  • transfer organization;
  • parking.


Among the options where to stay inexpensively in the center of Yekaterinburg, the Leto mini-hotel is one of the most popular. The reason for this can be called such advantages of the institution:

  • very favorable location;
  • friendly and helpful staff;
  • hearty breakfast and delicious coffee;
  • cozy environment;
  • large and convenient parking;
  • free disposable slippers;
  • affordable rates for accommodation.

But there are also many disadvantages:

  • damp smell in rooms;
  • uncomfortable squeaky beds;
  • strong audibility in the room;
  • cleanliness questionable;
  • in the cold season, the room is poorly heated (it's good that there are heaters);
  • rooms need a facelift;
  • not enough space for personal belongings;
  • Mirror missing in room;
  • the actual state of the rooms is very different from the photo on the official website.


If you wantto stay inexpensively in the center of Yekaterinburg, the hotel "Kristall" will surely interest you. The institution is located at Korolenko Street, 5. There is a tram stop nearby, you can walk to Kharitonovsky Park in a couple of minutes. The following options are provided for accommodation:

  • quadruple room - from 500 rubles/person;
  • triple room - from 550 rubles/person;
  • family room - from 1500 rubles;
  • double suite - from 2700 rubles

Guests can enjoy the following benefits:

  • shared kitchen;
  • paid parking;
  • wireless internet;
  • ironing supplies;
  • laundry;
  • snack machine.

Opinion of guests

In search of an option to stay inexpensively in the center of Yekaterinburg, the hotel "Kristall" is chosen by many travelers. They emphasize such positive points:

  • spacious bright rooms;
  • friendly and helpful staff;
  • there is a stand with books in the lobby - you can take it for free and read at your leisure;
  • there are shops and cafes nearby;
  • there is a water cooler in the lobby;
  • close to train station (about 20 minutes walk).

And such negative ones:

  • almost all rooms smell of tobacco smoke;
  • old washed bed linen;
  • periodic interruptions in hot water supply;
  • cleanliness leaves much to be desired;
  • bedding needs to be refilledself;
  • there are no bathrooms in the rooms - only on the floor;
  • the establishment needs renovation for a long time;
  • lack of soundproofing;
  • bad wireless internet signal.


Looking for a budget hotel in Yekaterinburg? You can inexpensively stay at the "Caesar" at 115 Omskaya Street. It's just two stops from the railway or bus station (or you can walk in about 20 minutes). To accommodate guests, comfortable rooms are provided that were renovated in 2018:

  • common six-bed room - from 600 rubles/person;
  • shared eight-bed room with a kitchen area - from 400 rubles per person;
  • double suite - from 2500 rubles;
  • double standard - from 1600 rub.

Living here, you can enjoy the following set of benefits:

  • possibility of hourly payment (from three hours);
  • wireless internet;
  • closed parking with video surveillance;
  • safe.

Feedback from residents

For those who want to stay in Yekaterinburg inexpensively, the hotel "Caesar" can be a good option. Judging by the reviews of travelers, it has the following advantages:

  • spacious rooms;
  • affordable accommodation rates;
  • good cleaning quality;
  • fresh renovation and new furniture;
  • there is a beautiful suite with jacuzzi;
  • very nice staff.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • inconvenient location - no bus service nearbystops;
  • interruptions in hot water supply;
  • high humidity in the rooms.


A good option to stay inexpensively in the center of Yekaterinburg is the MILO hotel. The institution is located at Belinsky Street, 41. It is close to the Trinity Cathedral, Sevastyanov's house, the Big Chrysostom Church, the Academic Theater and other attractions.

The following categories of rooms are provided for accommodation:

  • standard with large bed and bathroom - from 2300 rubles;
  • superior room with bathroom - from 2300 rubles;
  • standard with separate beds - from 1500 rubles;
  • standard with a large bed - from 1400 rubles;
  • family triple room - from 1500 rubles;
  • single room - from 1200 rubles

This hotel has the following benefits:

  • wireless internet;
  • shared kitchen;
  • laundry;
  • ironing supplies;
  • breakfast;
  • potable water cooler.

What travelers say

MILO provides an excellent opportunity to stay comfortably and inexpensively in the center of Yekaterinburg. The hotel has received such positive feedback from guests:

  • spacious bright rooms;
  • conveniently located in the city center;
  • stylish interior;
  • give out disposable slippers and bathrobes;
  • well equipped communal kitchen;
  • in the cold season, the rooms are well heated, and air conditioning helps out in the summer.

And suchnegative:

  • irregular and poor quality cleaning;
  • strong audibility between numbers;
  • creaking doors;
  • staff treats guests rather indifferently;
  • some rooms have no windows;
  • it takes a long time to drain the water in the shower to finally get hot;
  • no possibility to pay by credit card;
  • Administrator is hard to find;
  • the actual state of the rooms does not match the photos presented on the official website;
  • does not distribute hygiene kits or restock toilet paper;
  • for some reason, some rooms do not have a TV remote control.
  • not enough towels.


Travelers have a fairly large selection of hotels in the city center of Yekaterinburg. You can spend the night inexpensively and experience the advantages and disadvantages of the new hotel format in the capsule resting place "Orion". The institution is located on Sverdlova street, 27, which is not far from the Church of All Saints, the Church of the Great Chrysostom and the Trinity Cathedral.

There are three capsule options to accommodate guests:

  • single - from 1100 rubles;
  • single room with TV - from 1200 rubles;
  • double room with TV - from 1700 rubles

The complete set of capsules is as follows:

  • safe;
  • locker;
  • air conditioner;
  • socket;
  • USB input (except single capsule);
  • reading lamp;
  • adjustable lighting;
  • table;
  • mirror;
  • wireless internet.

Guests can also enjoy these benefits:

  • shared kitchen;
  • laundry;
  • ironing supplies;
  • drinking water and hot drinks;
  • movie disc rental;
  • library;
  • bike and scooter rental;
  • car rental;
  • transfer organization.

Characteristics of guests

Ask for the opinion of travelers before renting a hotel in Yekaterinburg. It is inexpensive to stay at Orion. Here are some positive reviews left by guests about the original capsule format:

  • the capsule creates a feeling of solitude, no one disturbs the rest;
  • good location;
  • the inside of the capsule is very comfortable, good lighting pleases;
  • capsules well ventilated;
  • very good pod equipment;
  • comfortable mattresses, after sleeping on which the back and neck do not hurt;
  • very polite and attentive administrator;
  • you can have free coffee or tea;
  • the hotel is quite new, and therefore there are no serious scuffs or malfunctions yet;
  • almost perfect cleanliness both in capsules and in all rooms;
  • The sound of the TV in the capsule is supplied only through headphones, so no one bothers anyone;
  • individual lockers are quite large, they can easily fit things;
  • well equipped kitchen area;
  • new andperfectly clean linens;
  • Public areas have carpeted floors to soften the sound of footsteps.

But there are also negative points in that:

  • the walls of the capsules are thin plastic, which perfectly transmits sounds (to get a good night's sleep, you need to take earplugs with you);
  • the design of the bathrooms is rustic and does not correspond to the general space concept of the institution;
  • in the winter season the hostel is quite cool;
  • to wait for hot water in the shower, you have to keep the tap open for almost five minutes;
  • ventilation in the capsule is noisy.


In search of options where to rent a cheap room in Yekaterinburg, the hotel "Amigo" is definitely worth paying attention to. The institution is located on Pionerov Street, 1. It is not far from the estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov and the Church of the Savior on Blood.

The following room options are provided for accommodation of guests:

  • double standard - from 2300 rubles;
  • budget double - from 1800 rubles;
  • single standard - from 1800 rubles

Guest benefits include:

  • hourly pay option;
  • Pet friendly (by prior arrangement);
  • outdoor playground;
  • parking;
  • wireless internet.

Guest opinion

In "Amigo" you can rent a room for one or two cheaply. The hotel in Yekaterinburg received such laudatory reviews:

  • attentive and friendly staff;
  • spacious cozy rooms;
  • comfortable orthopedic beds;
  • wireless works well;
  • cable TV with over 50 channels;
  • nice interior;
  • the hotel is very quiet and peaceful, good soundproofing in the rooms;
  • delicious and hearty breakfasts;
  • proximity to train station.

And such negative comments:

  • fridge in the room full of paid drinks and snacks, nowhere to put your groceries;
  • hotel equipped in an apartment building;
  • very loud ventilation;
  • some rooms don't have windows (they are very stuffy and the ventilation doesn't help).

Other options

Accommodation options for every taste and budget are provided by hotels in Yekaterinburg. You can also stay cheap at the following establishments:

  1. Fort Hotel - Uralskaya street, 52a (from 500 rubles).
  2. Apart-hotel "Uralskie Berega" - Stepan Razin Street, 2 (from 550 rubles).
  3. Hotel The Old Times - Northern lane, 5 (from 550 rubles).
  4. Hotel "Big Ural" - Stachek street, 6 (from 900 rubles).
  5. Hotel "Palace of Weddings" - Sortirovochnaya Street, 16 (from 990 rubles).
  6. Loft Mini Hotel - Lenina Avenue, 62/3 (from 1000 RUB).


If you are looking for an option where to stay in Yekaterinburg inexpensively for the night, you should prefer a hostel to a hotel. This is the most budget option forshort term placement. Here are the cheapest hostels in the city:

  1. "Where to sleep" - Sheinkman street, 75 (from 250 rubles).
  2. Uspensky Dvor - 20 Teachers Street (from 297 rubles).
  3. "Aurora" - Chelyuskintsev street, 92 (from 349 rubles).
  4. Story - Pecherskaya street, 2 (from 400 rubles).
  5. "Arriva" - Lenina Avenue, 10/12 (from 400 rubles).
  6. B&B - Mamin-Sibiryak street, 58 (from 400 rubles).
  7. "Luxury Project" - Mamin-Sibiryak street, 132 (from 400 rubles).
  8. "RedStar" - Gorky street, 65 (from 405 rubles).
  9. "Red sofa" - Bebel street, 112 (from 450 rubles).
  10. "Podushkin" - Soyuznaya street, 8 (from 500 rubles).
  11. "Champion" - Krylov street, 26/1 (from 500 rubles).
  12. Sky - Khokhryakova street, 27a (from 500 rubles).
  13. Jazzzhostel - Union street, 27 (from 500 rubles).
  14. Skaz - Red lane, 8b (from 500 rubles).
  15. "Pushkin Street" - Pushkin street, 2 (from 500 rubles).
  16. Azbooka - Sacco and Vanzetti street, 105/2 (from 500 rubles).
  17. "Around the world" - Belorechenskaya street, 4 (from 500 rubles).
  18. DoBeDo - Lenina Avenue, 52/3 (from 550 rubles).
  19. R. E.d. - Red lane, 5/2 (from 550 rubles).
  20. "Nikolsky" - Belinsky street, 34 (from 550 rubles).

We hope that thanks to the information provided in the article, you will be able to choose the right option.