Palazzo Strozzi in Florence: photo and description

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Palazzo Strozzi in Florence: photo and description
Palazzo Strozzi in Florence: photo and description

Italy is a country that attracts with its amazing atmosphere of freedom, incredible landscapes and beautiful sights. One of such wonderful heritage of Florence architecture is Palazzo Strozzi. Behind the large-scale construction lies an exciting story of the struggle of two families for power, which we will tell in more detail in our article.

History of Creation

In the fifteenth century, as today, the issue of power and its representatives was relevant. In the political sphere then reigned the oligarchy and three families: Albizzi, Strozzi and young Medici, who quickly and confidently moved towards the desired.

The feud between the families has become quite heated. Here it was no longer about financial or political differences. The eternal rivalry reached the point that in 1434 the Strozzi family was expelled from Florence.

Return representatives of the family waited a long time. This happened in 1466 (twenty-two years later). Then the head of the Filippo family intended to restore its former glory and build the Palazzo Strozia - a building that would put enemies and haters in their place, as well asbypassed in all respects another castle of the Tuscan capital - Palazzo Medici-Ricardi.

In the city's historical center, a huge territory was bought, on which the Strozzi dynasty square was now located. It was here that the construction of the family palace was planned. Great hopes were pinned on the building, thanks to which even astrologers participated in the process, calculating the most favorable day for the start of construction work. It was the sixth of August 1492.

Palazzo Strozzi description
Palazzo Strozzi description

Obsessed with the idea of superiority and glory, Filippo was guided by an enemy building, so the architects of Palazzo Strozzi designed based on the Medici mansions. The huge desire for victory played a cruel joke, which is why the castle is very similar to the building of a rival family.

It took about forty years to build. Ironically, the head of the family died a year before the start of construction, never seeing the results of his ambitions. An architect named Bendetto da Maiano took care of the beauty and quality of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

Modern history

For almost five centuries the palace remained the property of the dynasty (until the death of the last representative of a glorious family). For thirty years, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence functioned as an art museum or exhibition center. At the end of the twentieth century, the building finally and officially came under the care of the local authorities.

Courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi
Courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi

The most significant events that took place within its walls are:

  • Peggy Guggenheim fashion show in 1949
  • Demonstration of masterpieces of Florentine art of the seventeenth century (1986).
  • Exposure of works by Gustav Klimt (1992).
  • Exhibition of works by Filippino Lippi and Botticelli (2004).
  • Presentation of paintings by Cezanne (2007).

In addition, the premises hosted many fashion shows, unique photo shoots and other events.


The description of Palazzo Strozzi is more like a novel. It is called the unique Florentine architecture of the early Renaissance. This is the true embodiment of majestic simplicity and aristocratic rigor:

  • The building is made in terms of the traditions of Florentine architecture.
  • Simple facade.
  • Lack of various decorative elements (columns, pilasters, etc.).
Palazzo Strozzi in Florence photo
Palazzo Strozzi in Florence photo

Skillful variation of combinations of stones of different lengths and profiles helped to create an extraordinary architectural expressiveness of the surface of the walls. All rustics are full of elasticity and tension, which gives the impression that the facade is easily springy.

Architects of our time call the cornice the masterpiece of Palazzo Strozzi. Horizontal strokes are a characteristic completion of the composition for this style. The far-protruding cornice emphasizes the planar feature of the building.

The plan of the palace itself is quite the same: a regular quadrangle with a courtyard in square proportions. Rectangular or square rooms are placed sequentially.

Firstthe floor is formed in the form of an arcade with majestic columns supporting the wall of the second floor. Its layout is also focused on the principles of the classics. The third floor can be compared to a loggia bounded by a balustrade. The desire to avoid the smooth surface of wall surfaces with the use of pilasters is noticeable.

Palazzo Strozzi
Palazzo Strozzi

The Palace today

Photos of the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence conquer social networks and are depicted on cute postcards. The building itself now consists of three parts:

  1. Noble Floor (First). Large temporary exhibitions take place here, which often reach international importance. Usually the number of exhibitions or screenings in the described premises varies from one to three per year.
  2. Center for Contemporary Culture Stroztsina. It is used as a platform for organizing expositions, consisting of the creations of contemporary European artists. Exhibitions change frequently, giving you the opportunity to get a better look at the art of our century.
  3. Patio. Here is an exclusive restaurant where you can taste speci alties and elite drinks. In addition, you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of the palace by sitting down to rest on one of the many benches.
Palazzo Strozzi Palazzo Strozzi opening hours
Palazzo Strozzi Palazzo Strozzi opening hours

The third floor is a space for cultural workers and the institute of the humanities. It houses the leadership and staff of the American Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, which operates to preserve the values of the Renaissance and increaseawareness of the features of this art in the United States of America.

How to get there

Palazzo is easy to find in Florence at the intersection of two streets called Via de’ Tornabuoni and Via Degli Strozzli. The palace is located close to other historical places of the city. Being in the central part of the capital of Tuscany, the best option to reach it is to walk. Such a walk and sightseeing will bring great aesthetic pleasure.

Palazzo Strozzi in Florence architect
Palazzo Strozzi in Florence architect

Mostly seasoned travelers recommend two transportation options (besides taxis):

  1. C2 bus route to Piazza Della Repubblica stop.
  2. Routes 6 and 11 to Vecchietti.

It is also worth noting that there is a railway station near the Palazzo (about fifteen minutes walk). The station is called "Santa Maria Novella". Tourists arriving by train can immediately visit the palace, where they will be introduced to architectural perfection.

When can I come

Opening hours of the Palazzo Strozzi (Palazzo Strozzi) delight tourists with the fact that almost at any time you can be inspired by the famous building. So, each part of the palace has the following schedule:

  • The Noble Floor is open every day. The gates open at ten in the morning and close at eight in the evening. The employees are so hospitable that on Thursdays they accept everyone until 23:00.
  • Center for Contemporary Culture is only closed on Monday. On other days, you can view the work of artists from 10:00 to20:00. On Thursdays, admission from 18:00 is free, you can walk around the structure until 11 at night.
Palazzo Strozzi architect
Palazzo Strozzi architect

As for holidays, the schedule can be easily found out. One has only to go to the official website of the museum.


The cost and program of the excursion to the Palazzo Strozzi depends on which parts of the palace the visitor wants to see. For certain inserts, a specific program is being developed that reveals information about the respective artists and features of the development of art.

The average price of a visit and a guide to the gallery on the ground floor is ten euros (about 770 rubles). Entrance to the Center for Contemporary Culture will cost three euros (about 230 rubles). You can also attend free concerts of local music groups, which take place in the courtyard of the palace.



Palazzo Strozzi keeps within its walls stories of many mysterious and incredible circumstances. At one time, the building embodied the desire of society for excellence. Today, within the walls of the palace, works of art of the past and the present are harmoniously united. Such contrast and alluring elegance of the building should definitely be appreciated by high marks and enthusiastic exclamations.