Pavlodar hotels: overview, rating, rooms, location and reviews of tourists

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Pavlodar hotels: overview, rating, rooms, location and reviews of tourists
Pavlodar hotels: overview, rating, rooms, location and reviews of tourists

Pavlodar is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities located in the north-eastern part of Kazakhstan. Only 335 thousand people live here, but this does not prevent new hotel complexes from appearing. By the way, there are more than 20 hotels in Pavlodar, but it is extremely difficult to choose a truly worthy one, because the administrations of all facilities claim that their institution is one of the first to visit.

Today we will discuss in detail the best and most interesting hotels in Pavlodar, which are not so many here. We will also find out their exact addresses, approximate prices for renting rooms and other useful information that will definitely come in handy for you. So, let's start discussing the best hotels in Pavlodar!


This tourist complex is one of the best in this city. The institution has only seven rooms, where there is everything for a great pastime. Wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel, and the hotel itself is located just 3 kilometers from the famous Irtysh River. At the same time, the railway station of this settlement is 1 km away. It is also worth noting that on the territory of the hotel complexthere is a parking area where any guest has the opportunity to leave their car for free.

Hotels in Pavlodar
Hotels in Pavlodar

In every room you will be able to use a flat-screen TV and a refrigerator. In addition, all rooms have their own bathrooms, where cosmetic accessories are offered for each client. This hotel has many advantages, among which the possibility of ordering drinks and food directly to the room should be highlighted. At the same time, other hotels in Pavlodar cannot provide their guests with such an opportunity, and this is already a minus!

On the territory of the hotel complex there is an excellent restaurant "Dvin", which includes a small summer cafe. There, anyone can enjoy the best culinary masterpieces of European and Armenian trends.


Comments in Runet left by the guests of this hotel complex testify to impeccable service. In addition, quite often the hotel's clients note the possibility of visiting 2 saunas and several indoor pools located on the territory of the Dvin project. The reception is open around the clock, so the client can clarify any information or ask any questions to representatives of the mini-hotel at any time convenient for him.

Pavlodar hotels: prices
Pavlodar hotels: prices

Also, visitors to this hotel consider its location quite successful, because the local airport is only 17 kilometers away.


In this casethe tourist complex is represented by only 2 categories of rooms. Any hotel visitor can stay in a double room with one bed for 2,374 rubles. alone or for 2,499 rubles with your soulmate.

Hotels in Pavlodar
Hotels in Pavlodar

In addition, the same room is also available for rent, but with two single beds. The cost of a daily stay is no different.

Be sure to note that the price of hotel accommodation includes breakfast at a local restaurant. By the way, this hotel is located in Green Lane (40th building).


If you are looking for inexpensive hotels in Pavlodar, then this complex should suit you. This establishment is one of the most unpopular in the city and does not have an official website, and the prices for accommodation here are quite low.

Hotel "Druzhba" (Pavlodar)
Hotel "Druzhba" (Pavlodar)

The Druzhba Hotel (Pavlodar) on Kutuzova Street (21st building, 1st building) includes a small restaurant, a laundry room and a parking area. Reviews about this hotel indicate an acceptable level of service and very low prices. Not all visitors are happy with this establishment, but it is still ideal for those who want to save money.


This tourist complex is also quite an interesting place where you can stay in rooms of different categories. In this case, the hotel has only 63 rooms, each of which is equipped with everything necessary for living. In almost all rooms you canuse cable TV, telephone, hair dryer, minibar and shower. All rooms are air conditioned.

Hotel "Sever" (Pavlodar)
Hotel "Sever" (Pavlodar)

The Sever Hotel (Pavlodar) operates around the clock and is located just 2 kilometers from the city center at the following address: Mira street, 39th building. In addition, reviews about this complex are quite positive. People are satisfied with a good level of service and rental prices. In general, the "North" is an interesting hotel with its own atmosphere!

Altyn Adam

This tourist site is a mini-hotel where anyone can stay in one of the 6 rooms available for rent. In this case, there is excellent Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and there is a special parking area for customers by car.

Pavlodar hotels: inexpensive
Pavlodar hotels: inexpensive

Each of the hotel's rooms has a modern interior and is equipped with all the amenities for living: air conditioning, plasma TV and so on. In addition, some rooms offer great views of the city or the river. It is also worth noting that all rooms of the institution have their own bathrooms, where a shower or bath is installed. Each guest is individually provided with slippers and a bathrobe.

The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, which means that you can ask the administration for any information at any time. By the way, the distance to the local airport is quite small - only 13 kilometers.

Reviews and room stock

Similarhotels in Pavlodar, the prices for renting rooms are low, otherwise there will be very few customers. You can stay at the Altyn Adam Hotel in a double room with two single beds for only 2677 rubles.

At the same time, the cost of renting a spacious single room is exactly the same. By the way, please note that in both cases breakfast is included in the price.

The best hotels in Pavlodar
The best hotels in Pavlodar

Comments from Runet users who have ever visited the Altyn Adam Hotel testify to the excellent level of service. Clients of the hotel leave positive feedback, which refers to the fact that there is a modern interior and a fairly reasonable pricing policy. In general, the complex is excellent!

Finally, we note that this institution is located on Yestaya Street (30th house).

Pavlodar hotels: rating

So, our article is already coming to an end, so let's make a short ranking of the best tourist complexes in this city, which are worth paying attention to for those who plan to have a great time in this city:

  1. "Dvin".
  2. "Altyn Adam".
  3. Respect (Toraigyrova Street, 79th house, 1st building).
  4. "Sary Arka" (Toraigyrov street, 1).
  5. "North".
  6. "Friendship".

Have a nice holiday and good mood!