Cruises on the fjords of Norway from St. Petersburg: route description, reviews

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Cruises on the fjords of Norway from St. Petersburg: route description, reviews
Cruises on the fjords of Norway from St. Petersburg: route description, reviews

The famous fjords of Norway (Hardangergerfjord, Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord and others) attract travelers from different countries. The transparent sea, which reflects the blue of the sky, sliding glaciers, sheer, like a wall, rocks, crystal waterfalls - this spectacle is mesmerizing. And it is best to contemplate this beauty from the sea: from the board of a comfortable cruise liner. These fjord trips (narrow bays framed by high cliffs) are now a very popular destination.

Many companies offer various routes, including those with a call to interesting cities in Northern Europe along the way. The journey may start and end in some foreign port, for example, in Oslo, Amsterdam or Kiel. But in this article, we will only consider Norway fjord cruises from St. Petersburg. In this case, tourists will not need to spend extra money on air tickets. The journey will begin and end in the City on the Neva.

Norway Fjord Cruises from St. Peteburg - Reviews
Norway Fjord Cruises from St. Peteburg - Reviews

When to go on a cruise

Norway is located so close to the Arctic Circle that there are white nights in summer, and in winter the sun only briefly appears in the sky. Russian companies organize cruises to the fjords only during the warm season. Navigation in this direction begins in early May, and the last flight of the year departs from St. Petersburg in mid-September. But, paradoxically, the Norwegian Fjords in Winter cruise is also possible. The fact is that due to the warm current of the Gulf Stream, the sea off the western coast of Norway does not freeze.

Of course, strong winds blow, raising waves, and the daylight hours are very short. Therefore, the journey comes down to sailing along the Sognefjord and its branch - the narrowest of all - the Nerey Fjord. This latter is included in the UNESCO list. Nerey Fjord has a length of 18 kilometers, and along its steep banks there are villages where tourists are offered to taste brown goat cheese. As a bonus, travelers who are not afraid to go sailing in winter have the opportunity to watch the northern lights. In addition, it is at this time that flocks of killer whales and whales swim up to the coast of Norway.

Cruise "Norwegian Fjords in Winter"
Cruise "Norwegian Fjords in Winter"

Sea cruises - entertainment for the rich?

Are fjord cruises really that expensivefrom Saint-Petersburg? The cost of a tour on average varies from 270 to 300 euros (19,800 - 22,000 rubles) for 6 days. But this is an approximate price. The cost of the tour depends on:

  • travel time (at the height of summer it is more expensive);
  • its duration;
  • route;
  • saturation of the excursion program;
  • type of liner (they, like hotels, have different status);
  • cabin class (mid-deck without windows; sideboard with porthole; deluxe suite with balcony, etc.).

The most economical travel options include bus travel from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, and from there by ferry to Stockholm. Actually, the cruise starts from the capital of Sweden. Thus, two days of the weekly tour are dedicated to the fjords of Norway. But on sale there are also luxury cruises for 15 days with visits to different cities of Northern Europe, off-site land excursions deep into the mainland. The cost of such tours starts from 1,100 euros (80,700 rubles) per person.

The good things about cruises. Reviews

Sea travel has a number of advantages over land travel. After all, a cruise liner is, in fact, a small resort town. In it, in addition to cabins, passengers are also offered a well-developed infrastructure for recreation and entertainment. Swimming pools, decks for sunbathing and walking, bars and restaurants, saunas, cinemas and even casinos. And in the evenings, there is an entertainment show.

Tourists are completely deprived of all the hardships associated with moving. In cities, they do not need to spend money on hotels, because they sleep in their cabins, on board the ship. Passengers stayingin economy class cabins (without windows), they can use the entire infrastructure of the liner. VIP guests (inhabitants of suites) have some privileges. They have their own lounges, living rooms, restaurants.

A ship cruise through the Norwegian fjords is an unforgettable journey. Glaciers, high sheer cliffs and waterfalls look best from the sea. But a cruise is not a confinement on a ship. Tourists actively travel by land, if it is provided for by the excursion program. They visit the cities, they can climb the glacier or the famous rock "Pulpit". If they buy a ticket to St. Petersburg, they are accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide.

Cruises to Norway and excursions to the fjords
Cruises to Norway and excursions to the fjords

Economical bus and sea tour for 6 days (5 nights). Route description

Cruises on the fjords of Norway from St. Petersburg do not always start directly in the northern capital of Russia. After all, most of all cheap offers exist from foreign companies that own luxury liners. But you can buy a ticket for such a ship in St. Petersburg. Consider the cheapest option for such a trip (from 210 euros - 15,400 rubles). It’s called “Norwegian Fjords Economy”.

Tourists leave early in the morning by bus St. Petersburg - Helsinki. There they make a sightseeing tour of the capital of Finland and move to the city of Turku. In this port in the evening they board the ferry for Stockholm. It should be said that the ship has on board cabins of various classes, bars and a buffet restaurant. After the tourin Stockholm, tourists move to Oslo, where they spend the night in a hotel. On the third day, they finally sail the Sognefjord. Tourists for a fee can ride on a unique railway from the town of Flåm to the Kjesfossen waterfall. Then they return to Oslo and return via Stockholm, Sigtuna and Helsinki by ferry and bus to St. Petersburg.

Ferry and liner

Agree that the bus is not the most comfortable way to travel. Even if night crossings are not provided, it is still tiring. There is another budget sightseeing tour to Norway from St. Petersburg - on the Anastasia ferry. The cheapest ticket costs already 340 euros (25 thousand rubles). The entire trip lasts a week. On board the Princess Anastasia ferry leaving the seaport of St. Petersburg, there are duty-free shops, restaurants, bars, a sauna, and in the evening passengers can attend a show or dance at a disco.

In the morning the ship arrives in Tallinn. After passing through passport control, tourists make a tour of the capital of Estonia. Another night at sea - and now the ferry is already in Stockholm. On the bus, travelers are taken to the mountainous region of Norway, where they stay overnight in a hotel. And in the morning of the next day they arrive in Flåm, where they sail on a cruise liner along the Sognefjord. Back, tourists follow the route Flåm - Oslo - Stockholm - Sigtuna - Turku - Helsinki - St. Petersburg. They overcome the path partly by bus and ferry.

Reviews of cruises from St. Petersburg on the Norwegian fjords
Reviews of cruises from St. Petersburg on the Norwegian fjords

Cruise "Music of the Fjords and B altic Cities"

Thisa two-week trip is not cheap. At the same time, not much time is devoted to the fjords themselves. But during this trip, tourists will see several countries: Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Estonia. And no tedious travel. The cruise liner departs from St. Petersburg and returns there. The ship's route is as follows: St. Petersburg - Copenhagen - Kiel (Germany) - Geiranger (Norway) - Flåm - Bergen - Oslo - Copenhagen - Stockholm - Tallinn - St. Petersburg.

Tourists leave the most enthusiastic reviews about this trip. The MSC Meravilia cruise ship is very comfortable. It looks like a floating resort. It has swimming pools, two main buffet restaurants, duty free shops. And every evening in the theater there are colorful shows. During the navigation period of 2019, this ship will sail on Norwegian fjord cruises from St. Petersburg on May 1, 15 and 29; June 12 and 26; 10 and 24 July; August 7.

Unforgettable Fjords

Even the most luxurious ship can get boring. During the Unforgettable Fjords tour, travelers are invited to change several liners, as well as stay in hotels on land. For 8 days, tourists will also see Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Going on cruises along the fjords of Norway from St. Petersburg, they will have the opportunity to sail on the ships Viking Line (Turku - Stockholm), Crown of Scandinavia by DFDS (Oslo - Copenhagen) and B altic Princess by Tallink Silja (Copenhagen). – Turku).

But tourists are warned: there will be bus crossings during this trip. In addition to the Norwegian fjordsonly a few hours left. This will be sailing along the largest of them - Sogna, as well as its two branches - Neuro and Aurland. For an additional fee, you can take a trip on the unique Flamsbahn railway.

waterfalls and fjords
waterfalls and fjords

The beauty of the Norwegian fjords

The cost of such a 9-day trip starts from 615 euros or 45,100 rubles per person (in an economy class cabin). But tourists during this cruise from St. Petersburg through the fjords of Norway can see not only seven narrow and winding sea bays, but also the Vøringfossen waterfall, as well as the Briksdal glacier. Travelers will ride on the highest plateau in Norway - Hardangervidd. They will visit the Troll Wall, Eagle Road, Gudbrandsdalen Valley.

But tourists warn in the reviews: the journey takes place on small boats along the fjords of Ordals, Nur, Geiranger and Nordals. During the tour, visits to the cities of Northern Europe are also planned: Helsinki, Stockholm, Turku, Bergen, Alesund, Sigtuna.

"The kingdom of fjords and glaciers" (from 50 thousand rubles)

During 9 days of this magnificent tour travelers will visit Porvoo, Turku, Stockholm, Oslo, Hemsedal/Gol, Gudvangen, Flåm, Nigard, Bergen, Geilo, Orebro, Langinkoski. In addition to sailing through the fjords, a three-hour walk along the Nygardsbreen glacier, a trip along the Snow Road, and photography at the observation deck above the Aurlandsfjord are also planned. Tourists in the reviews mention that the group spends two days in Bergen. During this time, travelers are offered an introductory tour of the city (included inthe cost of the cruise), as well as take the cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken, which offers wonderful views of the entire western coast of Norway.

Excursion tour to Norway
Excursion tour to Norway

"Grand Fjord Tour + Copenhagen" (from 73 thousand rubles)

The only inconvenience that travelers will have to experience is the bus transfer on the routes St. Petersburg - Helsinki and Turku - St. Petersburg. The rest of the tour will take place on board the Tallink Silja Line and Seaways DFDS ships. Travelers will not only visit, but also get acquainted with the key sights of Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Bergen, the villages of Hemsedal, Borgund, Alesund, Lillehamer.

During the tour, it is planned to sail along the most beautiful fjord in Norway - Gairanger - with the waterfalls "Groom", "Bridal Veil" and "Seven Sisters". Travelers will have the opportunity to climb the tongue of the largest glacier in Europe, Briksdal, where the snow plays with 18 shades of white and blue, and ride the Flambann railway. And, of course, they will take a boat trip along the longest fjord Sogne, entering its two branches.

Cruise on the Norwegian fjords
Cruise on the Norwegian fjords

Cruise Reviews

When choosing a sea voyage, tourists recommend studying not only the route of the liner, but also familiarize themselves with the list of free services. In reviews of Norwegian fjord cruises from St. Petersburg, it is often mentioned that only breakfasts are included in the price. Many paid city tours are too expensive. Tourists recommendgo ashore and explore the sights on your own. If you want to go on an all-inclusive sea trip, you can buy a cruise from the ports of Germany, Denmark or Estonia, paying extra for a transfer (by bus or plane) from St. Petersburg.