Welcome to Negril Jamaica

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Welcome to Negril Jamaica
Welcome to Negril Jamaica

Jamaica, or rather Negril in Jamaica, is a place at the end of the world that is adorned with a beautiful coastline. Negril was once an ordinary fishing village until it was taken over by hippies in the early 1970s. Free-spirited young people stayed with local families or slept on the beach. Crazy parties were often held on the beach, giving the place a reputation for being casual yet out of reach for ordinary people.

Of course, Negril has changed in 40 years, the infrastructure of the island has grown, additional places to visit have appeared, but one thing has remained unchanged - the spirit of freedom and happiness that the first settlers of the 70s brought. The local population carefully protects the precious ecology of the island, which is why Negril remains a place for impromptu reggae concerts and psychedelic sunsets.

Both in terms of geography and character, Negril Jamaica can be divided into two parts. In the north, Seven Mile Beach, about 7 km long, and the West End - this part of the island is for those who adhere to the culture of the hippie era. Steep cliffs that plunge into the azure ocean, palm trees and white sand. From all this view, it is instantly breathtaking, and incrediblythe beautiful nature of Negril captivates from the first minute.

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The resort has developed an active and environmentally conscious spirit under the leadership of the locals, resulting in the creation of the Negril Marine Park in order to protect the environment of Negril. The park includes a coastline, mangroves, sea waters, coral reefs and is divided into eight zones. A worthy example to follow for other resort countries.

Negril Entertainment

This island is famous for its reggae culture, so there are often themed performances, DJs playing dance music in the bars, and live jazz performances can also be heard. Usually parties last until late at night.

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In addition to nightlife, Negril will offer the tourist an active holiday. Diving and snorkeling is very popular in Negril Jamaica, there are extensive offshore reefs and cliffs, grottoes that are ideal for beginner divers. The sea is in most cases very calm, so visibility often exceeds 30 meters. Most dives are in water between 10 and 23 meters. Some sites will be of interest to more advanced divers, these are Tron Cave, where you can meet sharks, octopuses, barracudas and rays, or Deep Plain, where the remains of a Cessina plane lie underwater at a distance of 21 meters. Corals have settled in and around the plane, attracting an abundance of fish.

Cliff jumping

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, why not jump off a 10-meter cliff into the ocean? At Rick's Cafethere are 3 rocks to jump on: 3m, 7m and 10m. Even if you are not ready for such jumps, this is a great place to spend the day.

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As previously mentioned, Negril's waters are generally calm, ideal for many water sports. There are many places along the beach where you can rent sea kayaks (about $ 20 per hour, which is about 1240 rubles), water skis ($ 25 (1.5 thousand rubles) for 30 minutes) or a boat ($ 15 - 930 rubles.).


There is no doubt that the best sunsets in the Caribbean in Jamaica are in Negril. Rest in the evening here is associated with the "sun show", which pleases the guests of the resort. We recommend stopping for a few minutes after sunset and seeing the sky's rich palette of colors.

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The photos here are great, the white sand and turquoise waters of Negril Beach are especially well combined. Jamaica itself is buried in greenery, which gives complete unity with nature. If you are lucky enough to spend your honeymoon in Jamaica, there is nothing more romantic than a sunset on the beach.

Negril, Jamaica Hotels

West End leans more towards boarding houses, and there are also hotels in the rocks. Seven Mile Beach is occupied by upscale all-inclusive hotels or standard hotels dotted along the beach further south. There are a lot of hotels that surprise with their emancipation.

Hedonism II. This adults-only hotel, with only 280 rooms, is known for its wild parties and private beaches: for those whoprefers to sunbathe naked, and there is a standard beach for conservatives.

Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa. This hotel is suitable for honeymooners. A quieter hotel allows you to enjoy the relaxation and nature of Negril.

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Sunset at the Palms. This hotel is like stepping into the jungle - mixed Thai style and African décor with sustainable materials is a delight. The hotel has a sports center, tennis court, swimming bar and a romantic restaurant serving first class cuisine.

Remember good manners

Jamaica is a very laid-back country, but no one canceled good manners. Upon arrival, you will notice that people always say "good morning" to guests of the island. The type of clothing that is recommended for visiting a particular place is always indicated on the door of the institution. Remember that beachwear is appropriate only on the beach. Also, Jamaicans are quite straightforward, so don't be surprised by their manner of communication during a conversation.

High season in Jamaica is the beginning of the year, between mid-January and mid-April. At this time, the largest number of tourists, but this makes the holiday unforgettable fun and allows you to break away like never before.

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