Terminals and map of Sheremetyevo airport

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Terminals and map of Sheremetyevo airport
Terminals and map of Sheremetyevo airport

MASH, or Sheremetyevo International Airport, is the largest aviation complex in Russia. All flights of Aeroflot and well-known airlines depart from this airport. If we compare Sheremetyevo with other air gates, then the changes are obvious. A high-speed road has been built, the throughput capacity has been increased. This article fully describes the scheme of Sheremetyevo Airport, explains how to get to it and much more.

Safety and comfort

The safety of passengers is of great importance at Sheremetyevo. Baggage checks are carried out using the latest devices such as portal scanners, introscopes and tomographs. Of course, video surveillance is conducted throughout the entire territory of the aviation complex, thanks to which most crimes are reduced to nothing. And also throughout the complex there is security and specially trained dogs. Since the air complex is very large, many people can get lost in it. Specially for this, the employees developed a scheme of Sheremetyevo Airport. Even if you are lost, the station staff will always help you. For those who are afraid of getting lost, below is a map of Sheremetyevo Airport.

sheremetyevo airport map

Just like safety, comfort is one of the mainpriorities of Sheremetyevo. The airport was the first in Russia to introduce a method of check-in for a flight via Skype. Moreover, mobile and online registration is available. Sheremetyevo has the largest duty-free in Russia. For those who fly in transit, there are capsule hotels where you can relax or work.


Earlier, the airport consisted of only two buildings: Sheremetyeo-1 - for domestic flights and Sheremetyeo-2 - for international flights. At the moment, construction work is underway on the territory of the entire aviation complex, and by 2020 everything will be completed. Each airport terminal is capable of handling 12 million people annually. It's about 40 million a year. To ensure the safety of people, the work of each employee is scheduled by the minute.

Terminal A

This terminal operates for business aviation passengers. Everything for business clients is provided here. The terminal has been operating since 2012.

sheremetevo airport map

Terminal B

Probably, many are wondering why this terminal is not on the map of Sheremetyevo Airport. It's simple - in 2015, work began to improve the building. Already in 2018, the newest passenger complex will appear here. This terminal will be able to receive 15 million people annually. Moreover, it is planned to build underground tunnels that will connect all the airport buildings. An additional runway is also expected to be built. Thus, Aeroflot plans to increase the number of passengers to 60 million a year.

Terminal C

The architecture of this building attracts a lot of tourists and photographers. Most of the charter flights depart from this terminal. It has four levels of parking and its own check-in desks.

Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal D

Terminal D

It is this building that is highlighted as the main building on the map of Sheremetyevo Airport. More than half of all flights pass here. Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport has everything you need. This huge room with four floors is familiar to many. The building was built in the form of a swan, for which the project was awarded the prize in the field of architecture. The most important task of the terminal is functionality. In order for passengers to always have time for their flight, a special gallery was built. Moreover, the building is equipped with parking for 5,000 cars.

Terminal E

This building is a combination of the other buildings - D and F. It is here that the largest duty-free in Russia operates. And also in this place there is a zone for people with disabilities.

Terminal F

This terminal houses the airport museum. It also hosts a maintenance area.

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