Ohio is a treasure trove of attractions and natural beauty

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Ohio is a treasure trove of attractions and natural beauty
Ohio is a treasure trove of attractions and natural beauty

The state of Ohio is located in the northeastern part of the United States. Its capital is the large and developed city of Columbus, which in 2013 was recognized as the smartest city in the world. And this is far from the only interesting fact about this state.

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Sights and places of interest

The state of Ohio, whose cities are known throughout the world as large industrial, educational and entertainment places, has a lot to say about itself. Take Zanesville, for example. It is in this city that the bridge is located, the only one of its kind. It is notable for its structure - in shape it resembles the letter "Y". This bridge seems to have three ends and roads. The state also has a rollercoaster, which is the second fastest and highest in the world.

And in the city of Sandusky you can ride the attraction, the height of which reaches as much as 128 meters! If you want to admire the beauties of nature, you should definitely visit the Cuyahoga Valley. Its area is about 33,000 acres, and this is perhaps one of the most picturesque places in all of America (with the richest fauna). No wonder almost all tourists come here. You can also visitBrandywine Falls is an amazing place surrounded by coniferous trees. And in the gorge of Tinkers Creek you can admire the mysterious landscapes.

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Pure nature

No wonder this state has so many beautiful places with untouched nature. In fact, most of its territory is represented by endless plains. The state of Ohio is also called the horse chestnut state - all because here these trees grow almost everywhere. But in the western part you can see a lot of wetlands. But in the east - the Appalachian plateau, not very high (only 460 meters), but picturesque.

Lake Erie is located in the north of the state. There are some interesting facts about him. For example, it is the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world. In addition, the warmest of all the Great Lakes - all because it is not very deep. Erie is also the border between Canada and the United States - because of this, disputes often arise regarding the payment of calls on mobile phones. It just happens that operators consider certain calls to be international. Erie is far from the only body of water that the state of Ohio (USA) can boast of. There is also a river of the same name, it is located in the south. The Ohio is considered the deepest tributary of the Mississippi.

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A little about the capital

As already mentioned, the main city of the state is Columbus. Its history began in 1812 - that's when it was founded. By the way, from the very beginning it was thought that the city that would be built on this site would becomethe state capital. And so it happened. Today, Columbus is an excellently developed metropolis - from an economic, commercial, logistical, industrial and educational point of view. It is not surprising, because here they are engaged in trade, banking, he althcare, as well as aviation, defense and food industries. All this gave a certain result, for example, in 2009 the city's GDP exceeded $90 billion!

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Higher education at a prestigious university

There in Columbus is the largest university in the state of Ohio, abbreviated as OSU. Moreover, this educational institution is the third largest in all of America. This is a university with a rather long history, since it was founded back in 1870. But initially it was a simple technical school. Who would have thought that an ordinary agricultural college, located on the outskirts of the city, would turn into a popular educational institution. And if initially only 24 students studied here, today about 42,100 bachelors and about 11 thousand doctors and masters study at the university.

At the university you can get education in speci alties related to journalism, medicine, law, veterinary medicine, trade and agriculture. However, this is not the only university that provides a good basis for further professional activities. In total, there are about 150 educational institutions throughout the state. And education can be obtained in almost any speci alty - starting with journalism andending with engineering.

State cities

About 12 million people live in Ohio, and the state itself has several dozen cities. The largest are (besides the capital) Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo. New Lexington, Warren, Findlay, Parma, Canton, Dayton - all these names of megacities are heard by almost every person. But there are also small towns in the state, one of the smallest is Oberlin - the population is only about 9 thousand people. A small cozy town, designed for a quiet life, is the exact opposite of, say, Mansfield or Cambridge.

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Interesting facts

Each city or state has its own characteristics and interesting facts, which are always useful to know. For example, few people know that tomato juice is the official drink of Ohio. Or, for example, that the law allegedly prohibits six women (or more) from living under one roof. Five is still allowed. There is even a law banning duels, although they are unlikely to be held in our time. And before selling chickens, they are forbidden to be painted in any color.

And, finally, another funny law - it is forbidden to install slot machines in such non-standard places as a barn or barn. For information, we add that Ohio is a state whose time differs from Moscow by 8 hours. That is, when people come home from work in the Russian capital, in Cleveland they only wake up to go to the office.

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