The capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar

The capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
The capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar

Experienced travelers from all over the world argue that it is more rational to plan tours to Mongolia in such a way as to start exploring the country from Ulaanbaatar and focus on visiting the Khustai National Park, the Mongol Els desert, the city of Krakorum - the ancient capital, as well as lakes Khubsugul and Terhiin Tsagan Nuur. The advantage of this route is that all these destinations are located within a relatively small area and, traveling along them, you can quickly feel the peculiarities of the country: get to know the life of nomads, visit the northernmost desert in the world, see reindeer and much more.

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So, tourism in Mongolia begins with the main city of the country. The current situation in the world has made its own adjustments, and thus, the least amount of cultural values ​​is currently concentrated in Ulaanbaatar. That is, the capital of Mongolia can no longer vividly tell about the life and original mentality of the locals. Therefore, in order to get acquainted with the ethnographic features of this country, you need to go a little further than the city center. However, the capital of Mongolia can please tourists who havethere is free time for just pleasant walks.

In Ulan Bator you can visit the main square called Sukhbaatar. There are also monuments that are of great historical value, and nearby are the House of Culture, the Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as the National Museum. In the museum you can learn a lot about the history of the country and the significance of many sights that the capital of Mongolia opens up to travelers. The Museum of Natural History will also be interesting to visit, where you will have the opportunity to admire unique exhibits, such as dinosaur skeletons and meteorite fragments.

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Thus, the capital of Mongolia provides many reasons to explore and travel around it. But the most interesting objects to visit are located at least a hundred kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. Khustai Nuruu is located there. This is the National Park of Mongolia, which is famous, first of all, for the most numerous herd of Przewalski's horses in the world. Tourists have the opportunity to admire these animals when they come to the watering hole. In addition to horses, there are a lot of tarbagan marmots in the park.

Mongol Els gives a partial idea of ​​the great Gobi desert, which has a great variety of landscapes. This northern outskirts is located two hundred kilometers from the capital of Mongolia. Travelers will be interested in riding camels, watching the movement of the sands and spending the night in a real desert.

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As for the lakes, they are located much further, butworthy of attention, as they are distinguished by their special beauty. A trip to the lake Tsagan Nuur will especially appeal to fishing enthusiasts. And those who are not particularly interested in fishing can watch herds of yaks and taste their milk, butter and cream. The air in this area is unusually fresh and clean.

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