The Lost World base (Perm) is an ideal place for active tourism

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The Lost World base (Perm) is an ideal place for active tourism
The Lost World base (Perm) is an ideal place for active tourism

The Lost World tourist base is located in the Perm region, in the picturesque village of Kustye-Aleksandrovsky, Gornozavodsky district. A comprehensive holiday here combines river rafting, mountain hiking and excursions.

Active rest in the Perm region

Why does the Perm Territory attract so many tourists and fans of outdoor activities? Everything is very simple - there is everything that the restless soul of a Russian extreme can wish for. Unique in its beauty and the number of fresh impressions, it is located right in the middle of forests, mountain ranges, turbulent rivers and coastal cliffs "The Lost World". Perm and the Perm Territory are generally ideal for recreational active tourism in the bosom of wildlife, away from the bustle of the city. Getting to the base is not difficult at all. The main thing is to get to Perm, and from there the bus takes all the arriving tourists to the village, almost 230 km from the city. If you have your own transport, there will be no problems with arriving at the place of deployment and parking the car.

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Due to the favorable location of the hostel, gueststhere is an opportunity to make amazing rafting on catamarans on rivers, climb the rocky peaks of the Ural mountain range, breathe fresh and clean reserved air, wander through karst caves, and also capture in memory and in the photo the natural monuments of the Middle Urals. But first things first.

Mountain tourism

The Lost World base in Perm operates all year round, and at every time there are entertainment and programs that attract even the most sophisticated tourists. For those who wish, mountain, cycling and ski trips are organized. What real tourist would deny himself the pleasure of climbing a rocky mountain peak? But not everyone will dare to overcome the Chuval ridge. And the one who succeeded, certainly feels the heroic power of the conqueror.

Each mountain route is worked out very carefully and professionally, therefore it excludes dangerous places for the benefit of ensuring the safety of tourists. Climbing is carried out under the careful supervision and guidance of instructors. Not far from the base, the Big Shaitan solemnly rises. Climbing it is probably the dream of any professional climber, and even a simple lover of mountain tourism. Such an opportunity is provided immediately after the river rafting, which is included in the standard tour package.

River rafting

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River vacation has its own meaning for different people. Some mean it as fishing or swimming in warm clear water. Others are not limited only to this, therefore they go to the seething rivers withsteep underwater rapids for a common goal - rafting. Its dynamic popularization in Russia is not surprising. There are many mountain rivers in the country suitable for rafting, including in the area where the Lost World camp site (Perm) is located. Rafting here is proposed to be made along the rivers of different categories of complexity. The six-hour catamaran trip down the Koive down the water from Tyrym is for just about everyone. Koiva is generally considered one of the most favorite rivers of the Middle Urals for tourists. It is convenient to get to it, and on its banks there are excellent places for parking. Playful and rolling, she is great for rafting throughout the summer.

The most popular length of rafting on weekend tours is from 15 to 45 km. It depends on the level of training and the wishes of the group. Those who come for a week-long vacation can go on a trip of more than 80 km along the Koive and Chusovaya rivers. Also extreme rafting on Usva, Vishera, Yuryuzan, Vagran-Sosva and others. Alloys are organized in groups of 6-8 people. It is very important for each participant to learn how to work in a team, to respond quickly and organize themselves, not to give up so as not to let the others down. A powerful adrenaline rush and an explosion of emotions are guaranteed!

Excursion program

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You need to prepare for rich adventures and interesting events if you find yourself in the "Lost World". Perm, in addition to mountain peaks and fast-flowing rivers, is very rich in sights. Therefore, during the rest, a cultural and educational program is also provided,including exciting excursions. Guests of the camp site, if desired, can visit the local history museum in Gornozavodsk. Vacationers should definitely visit the former diamond factory.

Among the rocky mountains, a real waterfall falls like a noisy stream, polishing the stones, which attracts with its wild beauty. And here a mysterious and unique natural monument of the Middle Ural mountain landscape settled forever - the stone "Small Shaitan" with rocky outcrops of carboxylic limestones and a silent trinity of karst caves. For more than a century, old Shaitan has been welcoming his enthusiastic guests.

Complex of events and services

The Lost World (Perm) is suitable not only for experienced climbers and rafters. Qualified instructors will help you master the basics of mountain tourism and river rafting, so that even beginners can have fun, gaining not only new skills, but also memories for a lifetime. Tourists are provided with all the necessary climbing equipment, life jackets, catamarans and oars for rafting, sleeping bags, tents, if you plan to spend the night outdoors. Also, in addition to equipment rental, the price certainly includes accommodation, meals, guide work and an excursion program.

The territory of the base can simultaneously accommodate up to fifty people. Here, in the middle of a forest glade, there are cozy guest houses for vacationers, designed for a number of two to seven people. Therefore, there is always suitable housing for both families and companies, where you can spend the night, relax, gain strength beforethe next day and new adventures. A Russian banya with a fragrant steam room, and washing with life-giving river water will help restore energy and get a boost of vivacity.

All year round welcomes guests who want to spend an exciting weekend or arrange an extreme vacation with friends or family, the Lost World base. Perm always friendly welcomes tourists from all over Russia. Standard weekend tours are designed for 2-3 days. Their price depends on the chosen holiday program, day of the week and season. There are separate offers for children of different ages and groups of schoolchildren. Special programs have been developed for them, which, in addition to active entertainment, include training in orienteering, making a fire, cooking on it, and much more.

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