Winter tourism. Types of winter tourism

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Winter tourism. Types of winter tourism
Winter tourism. Types of winter tourism

Winter is a great time to relax. And during this period of the year you can get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The most common leisure activity is winter tourism. Thanks to the long winter holidays, you can have a great time with the whole family. It should be noted that there are many holidays in January. Many entertainment programs and performances with songs and dances can be enjoyed at this time.

Travel companies are actively selling vouchers to famous ski resorts in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. The number of fans of this type of tourism is growing every year, although such a vacation is not cheap. This article will tell about winter holidays and tourism.


Winter tourism is a visit to any tourist area in winter. Most often these are ski resorts.

winter tourism

The success of the holiday during this period of the year depends on the availability of snow. This is a fairly active pastime, and sometimes it requires quite serious sports training. The most popular equipment for winter recreation: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, etc. in winterentertainment is available for both adults and children.

Types of tourism

There are many avid travelers in the world who love to explore new cities and countries, conquer the highest mountain peaks and raft on fast and stormy rivers. Many people like quieter hikes with gatherings around the fire, and there are those who love communication and photo shoots against the backdrop of the beauties of nature. It all depends on preferences. There are different types of tourism. The most popular of them, including winter tourism, are presented below:

1. Cognitive - a type of tourism that expands the cultural horizons of the traveler. It includes excursions to cities and places with architectural monuments, as well as trips to exhibitions and museums, visits to seminars, lectures, musical and other performances.

2. Adventure (romantic) - trips to different countries and cities, trips to rivers and mountains, round-the-world travel, cruises on rivers and seas, visits to holy places.

3. Business - business travel.

4. Active tourism is travel that combines adventure and sport. Refers to extreme species and is divided into the following groups:

  • ground - hiking, cycling, horseback riding, underground descents and mountain biking;
  • water - sailing, diving, rafting, kayaking, water skiing, rafting and surfing;
  • mountainous - snowboarding, skiing and mountaineering (one of the winter tourism destinations);
  • exotic - travel to hard-to-reachplanet locations, such as the North Pole.
Winter tourism

He alth tourism

Winter tourism is a real elixir of he alth. Rest in the winter season has an excellent tonic effect. True, this period of the year is different (hard frosts, cold winds, snowstorms, etc.), so you should always remember this so as not to harm yourself.

Wonderful winter landscapes and cold fresh air perfectly relieve fatigue and stress, give vigor and cheer up.

Tourism in winter is one of the most reliable means of maintaining the normal functioning of the lungs, heart activity and the whole organism as a whole, and it is also an excellent tool for hardening and strengthening immunity.

Winter destinations in tourism

Popular tourist destinations in Russia

Climatic conditions in many parts of the country favor the development of winter tourism.

Going to any winter resort, everyone gets the opportunity not only to cheer up, but also to breathe in wonderful fresh air. If you do not have the skills to ride equipment, at any resort you can use the instructions of a trainer who will quickly teach you the basic skills. You can go ice skating, sledding and any other equipment that does not require any special skills, even for children.

Ski tourism is very popular among Russians, which is explained by the appropriate climatic conditions for this in most of the country. Here the snow cover stays for quite a long time (severalmonths).

For example, the Urals is known for its excellent winter tours: skiing, horseback riding and snowmobiling. Interesting and fascinating routes here are laid along the snowy ridge of Kraka-Tau, along the floodplains of the Kaga and Agidel rivers. Fast horseback riding that raises whirlwinds of snow, magnificent landscapes and the purest air - all this is the Urals, which you can visit for winter holidays from December to March.

Also, the mountains of the Caucasus attract lovers of adventure and extreme recreation.

Tours in Karelia are also beautiful: snowmobile and dog sled races on endless snow cover, ski trips.

Winter recreation and tourism

Vacations Abroad

Winter tourism is very popular in the Carpathians and many other European resorts. Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries offer great service and great runs.

It should be noted that Germany is considered the cheapest European resort, however, the tracks here are not the longest, but they are good for beginners.

A little about tourism with children

For a winter holiday with children, the best option is to visit Lapland. Although Finland is distinguished by rather harsh climatic conditions, the winter here is magnificent and one of the most fabulous.

According to legend, Santa Claus lives in Lapland. Many families from all over the world come here every year to celebrate the New Year.

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