Camping in Yeysk: choosing a place to stay

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Camping in Yeysk: choosing a place to stay
Camping in Yeysk: choosing a place to stay

How to spend a vacation or a weekend at sea and not experience financial hardships? Many Russians have found the best solution: camping.

Ideal for those who want to stay close to the sea coast of the Sea of Azov near Yeysk, there are many campsites, accommodation conditions are democratic, and therefore the rest will turn out to be economical and fun.

eysk camping
eysk camping

Dolzhanskaya Spit is an amazing place to travel with a tent

A unique beach area is located 35 km from Yeysk in an ecologically clean area. Dolzhanskaya Spit is a great place to relax with tents. The Dolzhanskaya Spit, which goes into the sea for 15 km, separates the waters of the Sea of Azov and the Taganrog Bay, so the wind always blows here, but the sea surface remains calm.

On the spit there is a place for everyone, because the width of sand and shell beaches is from 5 to 25 m.

Having settled down in a car camping, you can wake up next to the sea and fall asleep, inhaling the coniferous aromas of a pine forest growing on a spit - what could be more useful! The water in the shallow Sea of Azov warms up already in May, the entrance to itgently sloping, shallow and safe for children.

Most of Yeysk car campings are located on Dolzhanskaya Spit.

Variety of campsites on Dolzhanskaya Spit

Worth knowing when choosing a vacation on the Sea of Azov: in Yeysk, camping can be paid and free.

Free campsites are located on the so-called wild beaches, where there are no amenities of civilization - toilet, shower, water and electricity, not to mention Wi-Fi. There are no awnings, umbrellas, cafes on wild beaches. Having chosen free camping, you will have to worry about the safety of the car and your belongings, water supply and garbage collection.

The resorts of Yeysk practice the opportunity to park a car on the territory of a recreation center, and then set up a tent on an undeveloped shore.

camping eysk
camping eysk

When choosing a campsite in Yeysk, you should familiarize yourself with the services provided in advance. So, some campsites offer accommodation not only in tents, but also in stationary houses with amenities.

Autocamping "Shura-Mura"

Shura-Mura camping is quite popular in Yeysk, located in a quiet place in the village of Dolzhanskaya. There is no track nearby, noisy clubs, discos - only peace and quiet.

In a fenced area, you can not worry about the fate of the car, placed under a special shady canopy. And in general, here is what you need for a pleasant summer pastime:

  • shady gazebos for barbecue and relaxation;
  • changing rooms and showers;
  • toilets;
  • sportsplaygrounds (and equipment can be rented).

Playgrounds with shallow pools are equipped for children.

Camping "Uyut" on Dolzhanskaya Spit

"Uyut" - this campsite in Yeysk, reviews are only positive, because guests here are offered really cozy rooms in wooden houses, 1- and 2-room, where you can comfortably accommodate the whole family.

In the protected area of the campsite are:

  • parking;
  • gazebo;
  • tables and benches;
  • braziers;
  • toilet;
  • shower room.

Resting in the "Comfort" with children, you do not have to think about their leisure time. On the territory there is a magnificent children's play complex in the form of a sea ship, as well as a swing and a sandbox. In the camping you can play basketball, gorodki, ball.

camping in eysk reviews
camping in eysk reviews


Another well-known campsite in Yeysk is Storm. It accepts 80 cars. Nearby there is a shop, a bank branch, a pharmacy, and a variety of water activities on the beach. There are showers, toilets in a protected landscaped area, it is possible to charge phones. Barbecue and gazebo rentals are included in the cost of accommodation at the campsite. Lunch can be prepared in the shared kitchen or ordered from the café.

Yeisky Forest Park

In the pine forest, where you can meet pheasants and hares, there is a camping site "Forest Park Yeisk". You can camp on its territory both in tents and in vans. Autocamping accepts an almost unlimited number of visitors.

Territorywell landscaped for summer holidays:

  • there are toilets;
  • locker rooms, showers;
  • canopies, benches;
  • braziers (coal can be purchased right there);
  • volleyball court;
  • cafe.

Where else can you relax

Numerous car campings in Yeysk allow you to save a lot on summer holidays. The cost of parking and setting up a tent is low and starts from 100 rubles.

rest on the sea of azov eysk campsites
rest on the sea of azov eysk campsites

In addition to those listed above, there are other campsites on Dolzhanskaya Spit:

  • "Assol";
  • "Cascade";
  • "Gold Coast";
  • "Yana's";
  • "Alexander's";
  • "Dolzhanskaya fortress";
  • "Danis";
  • "Relax" and others.

In some of them you can rent a tent and bedding, book fishing or sailing lessons. The choice is yours!