Choosing a place to stay: which is better - Turkey or Egypt?

Choosing a place to stay: which is better - Turkey or Egypt?
Choosing a place to stay: which is better - Turkey or Egypt?

Choosing a holiday destination, many people ask themselves: “Which is better - Turkey or Egypt?” After all, these countries are somewhat similar to each other. In addition, they are one of the most popular places among Russian tourists due to the low cost of vouchers and the good level of service offered in hotels.

If we talk about travel time, then the flight to Turkey will take about two hours, and to Egypt - all four. However, different flights are offered, with or without transfers, so this number is subject to change. Comparing which is better - Turkey or Egypt, it is worth mentioning the hotels and the level of service in them. In fact, this criterion is quite high in both countries. Every tourist will find a hotel to their liking in both resorts.

As for a beach holiday, there is a significant difference. Egypt has the richest underwater world. Travelers from all over the world are attracted by the opportunity to go diving. However, Turkey offers beaches for every taste: from sandy to rocky. Therefore, the choice depends only on the preferences of vacationers.

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Choosing which is better - Turkey or Egypt, you should decide what exactly you expect from your vacation. For some tourists, animation and other activities offered in the hotel and its surroundings are very important. Fans of such a holiday are advised to opt for Turkey, as Egypt is far behind in this criterion. In the country of the pharaohs, there are not many discos and nightclubs outside the hotel. For those who want to travel on their own in their own transport around the area, it will be quite difficult here, since the desert is mostly located around the establishment. Turkey offers motorists a ride through the noisy and colorful cities of the country.

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A fairly important criterion is visiting excursions. Here, of course, Egypt is in a more advantageous position. Mysterious pyramids and other historical monuments dating back thousands of years attract tourists from all over the world. However, Turkey also invites guests to get acquainted with its amazing history. Here, too, the excursion program can be quite rich.

Family holidays in Egypt are quite comfortable. Virtually every hotel offers facilities for children.

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In addition, this area is mainly for a relaxing holiday on the seashore. Tourists come here almost all year round, while in winter the temperature can reach 20-25 degrees in the daytime. Holidays in Egypt in June are the most comfortable, asthe main peak of heat falls on the middle of summer. In Turkey, the season starts from the end of spring and lasts until October. The climate here is more humid.

Speaking of which is better - Turkey or Egypt, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. Each of these countries is unique, has a unique atmosphere. Therefore, the choice of a vacation spot depends mainly on the personal preferences of travelers. For young people, the Turkish coast is more suitable, a vacation with a family will be more comfortable by the Red Sea.

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