The most popular countries for Russian tourists

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The most popular countries for Russian tourists
The most popular countries for Russian tourists

Russians annually visit other countries as tourists. The overall flow is either decreasing or increasing both in total volume and in terms of trips to specific countries. It depends primarily on the foreign policy situation, and secondly, on the economic situation in the country. So, during crises, the tourism sector suffers greatly. There are some particularly popular countries for the Russian population in terms of tourism. Consider them and what attracts tourists the most about them.


Thailand is in first place in the list of the most popular foreign resorts among Russians. It is located in the south of the eastern part of the Eurasian continent, borders on Myanmar and Cambodia, the coasts overlook the Indian and Pacific oceans. People come here to relax, lie on the beach, swim in the ocean. Also in Thailand you can get acquainted with the local culture, visit caves and rocks that are remote from people.shores that can only be reached by boat.

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A huge number of hotels for different tastes and budgets are scattered throughout Thailand, but most of them are located in Bangkok and its suburbs, because. it is the capital of the country, it has more adapted conditions for tourists. Prices for tours to Thailand vary depending on the hotel, time of year, the number of days spent in the country and the proximity of the departure date. But of all foreign resorts, tours to Thailand are among the cheapest.


What other popular countries for tourism among Russians? Spain is in second place. It attracts tourists not only with the Atlantic Ocean on the one hand and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, but also with interesting hiking trails in the mountains, as well as rafting on yachts calling at Spanish ports. Also, people are attracted by Spanish national entertainment - festivals, holidays. One of the types of recreation is ecotourism with accommodation in close proximity to wild nature, which is not to everyone's taste, but the destination is constantly in demand.

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Tours to Spain can now be found at any travel agency, they are relatively inexpensive, and you can choose a variety of conditions.


We would not have listed all the popular countries for tourism among Russians, if we had not remembered Vietnam. It's summer here all the time. The coast of the Pacific Ocean and a very specific national culture attract tourists here all year round. Beautiful beaches, good conditions inhotels or private houses - that's why Vietnam is considered a great place to relax. There are also interesting places that tourists like - zoos, elements of urban architecture and restaurants with national cuisine. Tours to Vietnam are more expensive than to Thailand, but the conditions are not inferior, and sometimes even superior.

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Other countries

You can also name other popular countries among tourists, these include: Cyprus, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Israel, etc. The tourist flow to Finland is constant: tourists from Karelia, Leningrad and nearby regions travel to Finland in large numbers on buses or private cars, both just for a walk, visiting interesting places, and for the purpose of shopping.

Turkey has partially lost popularity in recent years due to the foreign policy situation, but still remains a frequently visited country by Russians. It has everything for recreation - beaches, hotels, restaurants, wildlife for lovers.

Russian tourists buy tours or go on their own to less popular countries like Chile, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates. Trips there are more expensive (especially in the UAE), but there are much fewer tourists, which makes you feel free, and there are also interesting elements of culture that are not hackneyed in the stories of seasoned tourists and allow you to discover something new.

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