Where to go in Simferopol and what to see for tourists?

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Where to go in Simferopol and what to see for tourists?
Where to go in Simferopol and what to see for tourists?

Every tourist, going on a trip, asks himself the question: where to go in Simferopol, what to see in Moscow, what are the most popular museums in St. Petersburg? It is very good to start your trip with planning in order to properly allocate time, calculate your budget and choose the most interesting places.

General information about Simferopol

Simferopol recently, or rather, since 2014, belongs to the Russian Federation and is a city with a special status. At present, the area of ​​the city is 107 km22, and the population, according to the calculation for 2017, was 310 thousand people.

where to go in Simferopol

Simferopol is the main administrative city in the Republic of Crimea, one of the important economic and cultural centers. It was founded in 1784, and the first mention of it dates back to the 2nd century BC. e.

This is an ancient city, and every tourist can easily answer where to go in Simferopol with a child, or alone, or with a group, because there are many historical places and interesting establishments. You can start your journey with sightseeing on the streets of the city, and then go to museums,art galleries and other places where you need to pay a ticket.

Simferopol: what to see and where to go?

Simferopol is the center and crossroads of Crimea, and it is from here that acquaintance with the peninsula begins. The main attractions are close to each other, and you can see a lot in one day. But if you are going on a trip with a child, then look for information in advance, where they advise where to go in Simferopol for tourists with small children, with kids who are already in school. If your children are quite adults, then together you can go to museums, cathedrals, see an oriental temple, and look at monuments.


Where can you go in Simferopol if you are a fan of museums? First of all, you should go to the Museum of Local Lore, where more than 150 thousand exhibits are presented, which can show a general picture of the nature of the peninsula. The Museum of Antiquities was opened a long time ago, and already on its basis this museum was created in 1921, it is located on Gogol Street, 14, and is open every day except Tuesday.

where to go in Simferopol for tourists

The Archaeological Museum, which opened in 1974, is also worth a visit. It contains a large collection of exhibits, divided into three sections. The first one represents the household items of prehistoric people, the second one is connected with the slave-owning time, and the third one presents objects from the Middle Ages.

One of the very first art museums appeared in Simferopol. It was opened in 1921 and the first collection consisted of nationalized paintings.Gradually, the collection was replenished with paintings by European authors, as well as works by local artists and painters from other Russian cities.

Historic buildings

Where to go in Simferopol if you want to get acquainted with historical places that are associated with some people? One of the main attractions is Vorontsov's house, which is located in Salgirka Park, built in 1826 for General Naryshkin. When the commander died, his widow sold this house, which became the owner of the governor Vorontsov. The imperial family, members of noble dynasties, and poets stayed in this house.

where to go in Simferopol with a child

In the same park you can see the estate of Pallas, who was a traveler and explorer of the Crimea. It is located on the Salger River. The manor is made in the Turkish style and was built in the 18th century. At the end of it, the great traveler bought this estate, making it a real cultural center.

Where can I go in Simferopol with a child?

One of the main attractions for kids can be a children's park, which is located on Kirov Avenue. There are many playgrounds, various attractions for kids and teenagers, there is also a zoo and an aquarium. Entrance to the park is free, but you need to purchase a ticket for rides, the zoo and the aquarium, the cost can be found at the box office of the park.

where to go in Simferopol

Where can I go in Simferopol with a child to be both interesting andinformative? Be sure to visit the chocolate museum with your children, from which everyone will be delighted. You can not only see figurines from it, but also taste various desserts, pastries and cakes. The most important exposition is exhibits that are created from different types of chocolate.

Just 6 kilometers from the city is the Denisovskaya ostrich farm, where everyone can get. Few are engaged in breeding ostriches in the Crimea, but it will be interesting for both adults and children to see how the farm looks like and where ostriches live. In addition to ostriches, you can see peacocks, geese, horses, donkeys.


Where to go in Simferopol to see historical monuments?

Near the Victory Square you can see the obelisk, which was created as a tribute to the memory of Vasily Dolgorukov-Krymsky. Once Crimea fought with Turkish troops, and General Dolgorukov played a significant role in these battles. The place was not chosen by chance, because it was near Simferopol in 1771 that the Russian army led by Dolgorukov fought the Turks, and it was then that the enemy was defeated.

Simferopol: what to see and where to go

In 1967, a monument was erected in memory of the great poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, which is located at the intersection of the street of the same name and Gorky Street.

The T-34 tank can be seen in the Victory Park, it was he who first left the liberated territory from the German invaders in 1944.


Where to go in Simferopol to see beautiful churches and cathedrals?

The majestic temple rises on one of the streets of Simferopol and is called the Holy Trinity Cathedral, or the Church of St. Luke. Its history began at the end of the 18th century, when a Greek church with a gymnasium was built. A little later, this small church was demolished and a large temple was built, which was the center of religious life. In Soviet times, especially in the 30s, they tried to destroy all the churches, but the Greek community managed to save this landmark. Here is one of the most famous shrines - the icon of the Mother of God "Grieving", as well as the relics of St. Luke, who was a talented surgeon.

where you can go in Simferopol with a child

In the Crimea live not only Christians and Muslims, but also peoples such as Tatars, Scythians, Greeks. However, such a people who live on the territory of the city, like the Karaites, stand apart. They profess one of the branches of Judaism and built a prayer house for themselves, which is called the Karaite Kenassa. It is located in the city center and attracts attention with its appearance, because it is very different from traditional cathedrals and mosques.

In Simferopol, there are also Crimean Tatars and just Tatars who profess Islam. One of the main Muslim shrines in the city is the Kebir-Jami white mosque. Its name is translated as "cathedral". Located on Kurchatov street, house 4, and the date of construction is 1508.

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