Check-in for a flight: rules and instructions

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Check-in for a flight: rules and instructions
Check-in for a flight: rules and instructions

When the plane tickets are bought, the hotel is booked, the transfer is provided, the last step remains - check-in for the flight. In principle, it seems that the matter is simple, but due to ignorance of some of the nuances, you can spend a lot of time at the airport, take a lot of unnecessary actions, or even miss your flight.

Check-in allows you to confirm that the passenger has arrived for boarding. After that, get a boarding pass, possibly choose a seat and provide luggage for inspection. There are several options for checking in for a flight, let's take a look at each of them in action.

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Online registration. Time is money, and it is better to save it

To save time, online registration is recommended. You remotely book yourself on a flight and print your boarding pass yourself. When registering for an Aeroflot flight, they require a printed ticket. Upon arrival at the airport, there is no need to stand in a long queue at the check-in counter. It is also possible to choose a place on your own, inif permitted by your airline. Usually discounters do not allow you to use this service. You can check in your baggage yourself, and upon arrival at the airport, find the Drop off counter, where you can leave your already checked-in baggage. This function is available on the carrier's website 24 hours a day, so you can do it at any time convenient for you. Online check-in at the airport starts 24 hours and ends an hour, for some flights - 45 minutes before departure. No need to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure.

There is a category of passengers who cannot use the online service. Seriously ill or disabled people, unaccompanied children, passengers with animals, those who plan to carry special or dangerous cargo, those who purchased tickets through travel companies, when buying group tickets (more than 9 people).

At major airports in the Russian Federation, it is possible to print your boarding pass at the check-in desk or at the self-service check-in desk.

Self check-in

A passenger can check-in for a flight independently and without using home Internet. Moscow Domodedovo Airport is equipped with self-check-in kiosks located in the center of the airport. With the help of this kiosk, the passenger independently checks in for the flight, chooses a seat on the plane and prints out the boarding pass. You must have your passport, flight information and booking code, which is indicated on the ticket or on the e-ticket receipt, with you. The start of the procedure is usuallytakes place 2-3 hours before departure. Check-in for a flight to Domodedovo closes 40 minutes before departure.

Airport clearance

Upon arrival at the airport, the passenger will find their flight, route and check-in time on the scoreboard. Passport and customs control will be immediately before the procedure itself. Further, at the indicated counter, the registration of tickets for the flight and documents takes place. At the same time, your main luggage will be checked in and collected. Hand luggage is not checked in. Before buying a ticket, pay attention to whether the airline includes the baggage service in the ticket price and what dimensions are allowed. Here you can also specify the desired seats, if it is included in the price of the ticket purchased from your airline. Low cost airlines don't give this opportunity to those who bought the ticket at the lowest price.

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How long does it take to check-in for a flight

At the airport, like in the army, everything is strict and according to the time provided, not a minute later. If a passenger is late for check-in, they are not allowed on the plane. For example, check-in for an Aeroflot flight closes 45 minutes before departure. The same situation, if it turned out at the airport that the documents were drawn up incorrectly, they would not be allowed on board. Check the documents when buying or in advance. Check with your air carrier for how long check-in ends.

Business Class

Business class passengers check in separately. It can take place in separate business lounges or at a separate counter. If not, thenregistration of passengers of this class is carried out out of turn. Business check-in for a flight to Domodedovo is carried out without the participation of a passenger.

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Boarding pass: its function

When baggage is checked in, tickets are confirmed and seats are selected, the passenger is given a boarding pass, which must be kept until the end of the flight. The same applies to those who checked in online and printed out the boarding pass themselves.

The first thing you need a boarding pass for is a landing permit, it must be presented immediately before departure and the flight attendant.

Second, for purchases in Duty Free, these are shops that are located on the territory of the airport and offer goods at a cost that does not include tax. The price tag for goods is indicated in dollars or euros. When buying any product, the boarding pass must be presented to the cashier.

Third - after the flight, upon receipt of luggage. Your boarding pass has a number similar to the one affixed to your suitcase. To avoid confusion with identical suitcases.

A little about luggage

When collecting luggage, read the rules for the export of things and their packaging. Pay special attention to the list of permitted and prohibited items for transportation in hand luggage. Find out how to properly pack liquids, what must be checked in as general baggage, what cannot be carried in any form.

During customs control, things and the passengers themselves will be carefully examined. People who are allowed to enter the "Green Corridor", customs control is notpass.

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Domestic flights

The check-in procedure for domestic flights is slightly faster than for international flights. The passenger does not go through passport and customs control, it is only necessary to go through document checks and security control.

Things to do at the airport before departure

When registration, passport and customs control are passed, the most pleasant part of being at the airport comes - rest and preparation for the flight. In this case, the airports tried to please their passengers to the maximum.

When waiting for a long flight, the passenger can relax in the lounge area. This is a high-comfort lounge for business class passengers. If a passenger flies in economy class, it is possible to buy the services of this zone. The lounge space is equipped with the necessary office equipment, Wi-Fi, free food and drinks, a shower room, and you can also use a separate transport to the landing site. On average, the cost of staying in the lounge area costs from 30 euros (about 2500 rubles) for 3 hours.

There are Duty Free and duty free shops, often endless in the international departure area. In addition, there are a lot of retail shops and souvenir islands located throughout the airport.

A large number of food courts help pass the time. Fast food restaurants, coffee shops with desserts and cafes with full meals. Payment is possible both in cash and by bank transfer.

ATMs, currency exchange offices, pharmacies and press centers - all this can be found onterritory. Toilet rooms are equipped for different groups of passengers, for people with disabilities or parents with children.

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the airport and seats to wait for your flight.

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Long-awaited landing on the plane

After boarding is announced for your flight, you should go to the exit indicated on the scoreboard. Show your boarding pass one more time and get on board.

Depending on the airport and aircraft, there are several options for getting on board the aircraft. The first and most already common - by teletrap. Perhaps they will be taken by bus to the gangway of the plane, or you will need to walk across the airfield on foot.

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After overcoming check-in and waiting, finally getting to your seat on the plane, you can relax and enjoy the flight.

Have a fun, and most importantly, safe flight!

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