Italian Airlines - the central link in the airspace of Europe

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Italian Airlines - the central link in the airspace of Europe
Italian Airlines - the central link in the airspace of Europe

Italian national air carriers are key links in the European air transportation system. Flights by planes meet all the rules of safety and comfort for travelers.

There are more than a dozen airlines in Italy that carry passengers.

  • Air Dolomiti is a regional airline in Northern Italy. The fleet consists of Embraer-195 aircraft.
  • Blue Express is a low cost airline based in Rome.
  • "Blue Panorama" - charter flights from Italy.
  • Ernest is a low cost airline between Italy and Albania.
  • Fly Valan is the base airport in Genoa, flights to European countries.
  • Mistral Air - charter flights in Italy and Europe.
  • "Neos" - charter flights from Milan.

Alitalia is the number one carrier

Alitalia company

Italian Airlines Alitália is the largest carrier in the country. Base airport - Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino.

Careful attention to the quality of passenger service,caring for the fleet makes Alitalia the leading airline in Italy.

Fully refurbished fleet consists of:

  • Boeing B 777 and Airbus A 330 for long-haul flights.
  • "Airbuses A 321", "A 320", "A 319" - for medium-range flights.
  • "E 190 Embraer" and "E 175" - for regional flights.

Alitalia is proud to have one of the most modern fleets in the world with only four types of aircraft. This allows it to use its resources efficiently. The new aircraft use less fuel and have significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions. The aircraft of the long-haul fleet have three classes: business class, premium economy and economy.

Flights operated by Italian airlines "Alitalia"

Airbus plane
  1. Africa - Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia.
  2. Pacific & Asia - Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, South Korea.
  3. Europe - Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, M alta, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK.
  4. North and South America - Argentina. Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, USA.
  5. Middle East - Iran, Israel, Jordan,Lebanon, United Arab Emirates.

On the official website you can study the schedule of Italian airlines Alitalia in Russian. This makes check-in features available for tourists who do not speak Italian or English.

There are several ways to check in for a flight. The most popular is online registration. For this you need:

  1. Select flight.
  2. Select additional services, location.
  3. Print your boarding pass.

Check-in service is available the day before departure. You can check in, print your boarding pass and change your seat up to 2 hours before departure on international flights and up to 1 hour for domestic flights. You cannot cancel your registration online.

Hand luggage that you can take on a plane can weigh no more than 8 kg and have the following parameters: no more than 55 cm in height, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in depth, including handles, side pockets and wheels. The maximum weight of checked baggage is between 23 and 32 kilograms, depending on the travel class and destination.

Meridian is the second largest Italian airline after Alitalia

Meridian airline

The fleet is represented by Boeing and Douglas. The company was founded in March 1963 to promote tourism in Sardinia. Thanks to the merger with Eurofly and the acquisition of Air Italy, the airline has strengthened its position in the international market. It constantly expands its flight range and cooperates with allthe main tour operators of the national market.

The official website of the air carrier has all the necessary information for passengers:

  • what documents do I need to take with me;
  • hand and checked baggage;
  • how much liquid you can take on board the plane;
  • prohibited items;
  • traveling with animals;
  • traveling with minor children, accompanying children.

The site also provides Internet services:

  • reservation;
  • web registration;
  • mobile registration through a special application;
  • selecting a seat on the plane.
Italian Airlines

On all domestic flights only economy class is provided, on medium-haul international flights economy and business class are provided. In economy class, travelers can order cold snacks or breakfast. Hot meals scheduled for flights over 5 hours.

To Italy from Russia

Buying air tickets to Italy is easy. Direct flights to Venice, Milan, Turin, Rome, Verona, Rimini and Bologna fly from Moscow. From St. Petersburg, a direct flight flies to Rome, Milan and Rimini. From other Russian cities you can fly to Italy via Moscow or St. Petersburg, or via other European cities with a transfer.

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