Pension "Dzhubga". Description, photos, reviews of tourists

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Pension "Dzhubga". Description, photos, reviews of tourists
Pension "Dzhubga". Description, photos, reviews of tourists

"Dzhubga" is a boarding house, which is located in the Krasnodar Territory in the village of the same name in the Tuapse region. Among all the accommodations in the resort, it occupies a special position. The main highlight of the he alth resort is an exceptional subtropical park with a total area of ​​14 hectares. It contains approximately 1500 varieties of trees and flowers. Here grow trees over two centuries old, and unique plants that are characteristic only of this area. In the park of the boarding house, vacationers can see a prehistoric monument - this is a cult building built of stone by a primitive man, currently protected by UNESCO.

General Description

Dzhubga boarding house

In the boarding house "Dzhubga" the buildings are located between Mount Ezhik and the river of the same name. The staff of the complex with trepidation protects the local one-of-a-kind natural conditions and invites guests to taste all the beauties of the Black Sea resorts.


The resort center accommodates its guests in five bedroom buildings, which were built in stages so as not to harm the environmentglobal construction environment. The whole complex of the boarding house fits perfectly into the overall landscape and organizes an attractive shade of the shift of various eras, as well as nature and culture. It takes about 2-3 minutes to get to the sandy beach from the dormitories on foot. The rooms are organized in a variety of colors and styles. The first building of the boarding house "Dzhubga" (Tuapse) is a seven-story building where you can choose for yourself a room of a different budget category. In double and triple rooms (the bathroom is combined), vacationers are provided with the following composition of the bedroom set: 2 single beds, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe and a nice bonus in the form of a balcony. You can relax in the lobby, sitting on the comfortable furniture while watching TV. The rooms of this configuration, but of an improved standard category, have a TV and more comfortable furniture. The two-room suites have a living room and a bedroom with separate exits to the loggia. The living room is furnished as follows: it contains a sofa and an armchair, which can be folded out if necessary, a refrigerator and a TV. The rooms of this level have a separate bathroom. The second building of the boarding house is a building three floors high, from the windows of which you can see the sea and mountain landscapes. Nearby is the beach, from which guests are separated by 150 meters. There are double and single rooms (the bathroom is combined) with first-class furniture, a refrigerator and a TV. In building 5, vacationers are offered triple rooms of economy class. The eight- and seven-story buildings provide economy and standard double rooms with personalinputs. The buildings are located on the coast.


The boarding house "Dzhubga" offers a classic selection of entertainment typical for the resort: the opportunity to swim in a mask and fins, play table tennis and volleyball on the beach, take a boat trip. The boarding house has a library, a cinema hall and its own beauty salon.


Pension Dzhubga Tuapse

The boarding house "Dzhubga" has a two-story dining room, designed for 1000 seats, with several halls and built-in split systems. In terms of food, guests are offered a large selection of fruits and vegetables. Guests do not need to take care of cooking, because. the boarding house provides three meals a day, included in the price of the room.


, a sports hall and playgrounds, billiards, a library, a dance floor, a two-story dining room with a total capacity of 1000 seats, a cinema. Various excursions are also organized here.


Vacationers are provided with dental services, as well as a beauty parlor, manual massage, first aid. The following methods of treatment are widely used: massage, inhalation, herbal medicine, rehabilitation and general he alth programs, physiotherapy. Diseases are treated:nervous system, metabolism, urological, respiratory organs.

How to get there, comments from vacationers

Boarding house Dzhubga reviews

You can get to the place from the railway station of the city of Tuapse by minibus, bus or taxi straight to the village of Dzhubga. Reviews about the boarding house "Dzhubga" are different. But the he alth resort has a large number of satisfied guests. This is due, first of all, to the courtesy of the staff, cozy rooms, delicious food, and a private beach. The boarding house "Dzhubga" is what you need for those who are going to organize a family vacation, as well as a vacation for two.

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