Hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra, Abkhazia): description, services, reviews

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Hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra, Abkhazia): description, services, reviews
Hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra, Abkhazia): description, services, reviews

"Zhoekvara" is a 4-star hotel, which was built in the center of the famous city of Gagra in 2016. Due to its favorable location, it is suitable for traveling couples with children and young people who love outdoor activities. The hotel is located on the seashore (20 meters from the water), which makes it very attractive for recreation.

Hotel location

The hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra) was built just 2 km from the air terminal of the city of Adler. Fans of antiquity will love the ancient Gagra, which offers a view of the gorges, the bay and the majestic mountains. It has everything for a memorable vacation: the sea, ancient monuments, developed and modern infrastructure.

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The nature and climate of the place where the hotel is located are rightfully considered unique. The climate is humid, subtropical. It is typical for the Black Sea coast. The weather in Gagra is the warmest in the European part of the countries of the former Soviet Union. The average annual temperature reaches 17 degrees. Here the warmth of the coast coexistsand the coolness of the mountains. Due to the humid subtropical microclimate, the weather in Gagra is very pleasant for recreation.

Address and contacts of the hotel

Where is the new hotel "Zhoekvara"? Hotel address: Republic of Abkhazia, Gagra city, Apskha Leona street, house 1.

E-mail: [email protected]

Professional managers will answer any questions from tourists who are going to visit the hotel "Zhoekvara". Guest house helpline number:

  • MTS: 8-918-202-63-47.
  • "Megafon": 8-938-457-90-90.
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Joequara (4 hotel) has a convenient booking department. Its operating hours: on weekdays - from 9:00 to 19:00, on Saturday - from 10:00 to 16:00, Sunday - a day off.

Hotel bank details:

  • settlement account 40702810747850000033 in the Yuzhny branch of PJSC BANK URALSIB in Krasnodar;
  • correspondent account 30101810100000000700;
  • BIC 040349700.

How to get to the hotel

To arrive at the hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra), you need to get to the city of Adler. You can use air or rail transport.

If you follow from the airport, then by city bus number 173 or taxi you need to get to the Russian-Abkhazian border. Travel time takes about 50 minutes. At the Psou checkpoint, you should cross the border post (through the bridge). This is about 500 m. Further, through the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia, you can get to the hotel by taxi, city bus orfixed-route taxi. Travel time takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Joequara Hotel 4

From the railway station to the Psou checkpoint there are several fixed-route taxis: No. 117, No. 125, No. 57, No. 100. Travel time takes about an hour. Unfortunately, they stop a kilometer from the border. This distance must be covered on foot. To avoid this, you can take a taxi from the station. Further from the checkpoint, the route is the same as from the airport.

For guests who have chosen the hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra), it is possible to order a transfer from the border for an additional fee.

Documents for moving in

Russian citizens need to carry:

  • travel voucher;
  • passport (internal or foreign);
  • birth certificate (children under 14);
  • passport for children over 14 years old (domestic or foreign);
  • birth certificate (children over 14);
  • he alth insurance policy purchased at the holiday destination;
  • he alth insurance policy (optional);
  • citizens under 18 traveling without parents must have a notarized power of attorney from both parents to leave Russia;
  • citizens under 18 traveling with one parent do not need to have a notarized power of attorney from the second parent to leave Russia, unless he prevents this.

Citizens of the countries of the former CIS and neighboring countries must have a passport and a migration card.

When checking into a hotel there are additionalfees:

  • about 30 rubles per person - resort fee;
  • 250 rubles per person - tourist insurance.
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Hotel Rooms

The hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra) is located in a new modern 4-storey building.

The hotel room stock includes 151 comfortable accommodation options, among them:

  1. Standard room without balcony (1 room, 1 bed). This room can accommodate up to 2 people. It is designed for two.
  2. Standard room without balcony (1 room, 2 beds). This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It is designed for two.
  3. Standard with balcony (1 room, 2 places). This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It is designed for two.
  4. Suite (1 room, 2 beds). This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It is designed for two.
  5. Studio (2 seats). This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It is designed for two.
  6. Standard room without balcony (1 room, 3 beds). This room can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed for three.
  7. Standard room with balcony (1 rooms, 3 beds). This room can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed for three.
  8. Suite (2 rooms, 2 beds). This room can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed for three.
  9. Family (2 rooms, 4 beds). This room can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed for four people.
  10. Apartments (3 rooms). This room can accommodate up to 6 people. It is designed for four people.
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Description of standardhotel rooms

Capacity of hotel rooms varies. If necessary, additional space is provided. Children under 2 years of age are automatically settled without a place and food. You need to keep this in mind when ordering.

The room must have:

  • standard toilet;
  • shower or bath;
  • Plasma TV;
  • small refrigerator;
  • air conditioner;
  • phone;
  • kettle;
  • dishes;
  • hair dryer;
  • safe;
  • cot-euro (on request).
  • rest abkhazia hotel zhoequara

The room price includes:

  • full three meals a day;
  • visit the children's playroom;
  • use of hotel car park;
  • Internet throughout the hotel;
  • visiting a well-equipped beach at the hotel (with umbrellas and sunbeds).

Food at the hotel

Food at the hotel includes buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is very diverse and prepared by invited Moscow chefs.

An example menu can be seen in the table below.

Menu for every day at the hotel "Zhoekvara"

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Vegetable and butter butter.

Sausage cuts.

Cheese sliced.

Sandwiches (with butter, cheese, sausage, chicken, fish).

Various sauces (soy sauce, mustard, horseradish, mayonnaise, ketchup).

Vegetable cuts.

Vegetable, meat, fish salads.

Milk porridges in assortment.

Milk soups in stock.


Omelet with sausage slices.

Curd casserole.

Chicken steamed meatballs.

Sweet fritters and no toppings.

Boiled pasta with butter.

Mashed potatoes.

Steamed and baked vegetables.

Rye and wheat bread.


Tea green and black.




Pancakes with jam, jam, honey, condensed milk.

Dry breakfast (sweet and fitness).

Vegetable oil.

Various sauces (horseradish, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce).

Vegetable cuts.

Salads in assortment.

Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage.

Soups in stock.


Stewed liver.

Fish in stock.

Chicken diet meals in stock.

Meat rolls in assortment.


Boiled buckwheat.

Boiled rice with green pot and corn.

Baked vegetables.

Rye and wheat bread.

Assorted pastries.

Plum compote.


Assorted drinks (tea, coffee).

Fruits in assortment.

Assorted pancakes.

Vegetable oil.

Various sauces (horseradish, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce).


Vegetable cuts.

Salads in assortment.

Porridgedairy in assortment.

Milk soups in stock.


Fish in stock.

Bitochki in assortment.

Meat snacks in stock.

Vareniki with potatoes.

Macaroni and cheese.

Rice boiled with butter.

Steamed vegetables.

Rye and wheat bread.

Assorted pastries.

Tea green and black.



Stuffed pancakes.

For gourmets, the hotel has its own bar, a cafe with karaoke and a restaurant where you can taste local and European cuisine. There is a special menu for children.

Services for children

The hotel is strongly focused on families with children, so it provides several types of entertainment for young guests. This is primarily a children's playroom and playground. The equipment and toys located there will surely please the children and brighten up their rest. Abkhazia (Hotel "Zhoekvara") provides children's animators who spend most of the day with guests, and arrange discos in the evening.

Additional and paid hotel services

In addition to the above services included in the payment for the selected room, the hotel provides:

  • laundry service, which includes ironing (extra charge);
  • room cleaning every day (linen change every 3 days);
  • massage room (extra charge);
  • beauty salon with various services (paid);
  • small sports town;
  • beach volleyball;
  • gift shop;
  • excursion bureau with tours to the old city;
  • appliance rental;
  • hot and cold water;
  • tennis court.

Hotel benefits

Hotel "Zhoekvara" offers its guests a comfortable stay near the sea coast. The rooms of the new hotel are decorated in soothing colors. This design solution will help tourists feel comfortable and feel the warmth of home. Each room provides the most necessary equipment, including modern amenities and technology, without which the rest is now unthinkable.

An excellent infrastructure has been developed for the resort hotel. The central place in the hotel is reserved for the reception. He is responsible not only for the accommodation of guests, but also for solving problems that arise in the process of living and recreation. Having your own car park is a very important indicator of a developed infrastructure. You can leave a rental vehicle on it for free.

It is also important for guests that there is access to free wireless Internet. This allows not only to relax, but also to work remotely, if the need arises. You can use the usual services during the trip.

Quality food is of great importance for any holiday. It's excellent at the Joekwara Hotel. The room rate includes delicious and hearty three meals a day. In the restaurant and cafe at the hotel you can taste the local cuisine. In addition, the chefs offer many familiar European dishes. If the guestif he wants to treat himself to a refreshing or alcoholic drink or try an original cocktail, he can visit the hotel bar.

new joequara hotel

Sights of Novaya Gagra near the hotel

New Gagra is a part of the city built under Soviet rule. All boarding houses and resort hotels are concentrated here. These places are suitable for young people who love outdoor activities. Cafes and restaurants in the New City are open until the morning and welcome guests.

The pride of the city is the local water park. There are huge water slides that both adults and children will enjoy riding, a fresh water pool and a cozy cafe with delicious pizza according to local recipes.

Guests of the town should definitely visit the market and buy memorable gifts and souvenirs at attractive prices.

Sights of Old Gagra near the hotel

The old city is located between the rivers Zhoekvara and Tsykherva. It was built in the late 19th - early 20th century. It was at this time that the city was founded.

Guests should definitely visit the seaside park of the Prince of Oldenburg. There you can admire 200 plant species and sculptural compositions made by Tsereteli himself.

Leaving the park, you should definitely look at the colonnade, located near the restaurant "Gagripsh". The ancient fortress of Abaata, built in the 4th-5th centuries AD, is also worthy of attention. e.

Hotel "Zhoekvara" (Gagra): reviews

Most of the reviews left by hotel guests are positive. People love the conveniencelocation of the hotel, good equipment of the building, excellent service.

Of the shortcomings of the hotel, tourists note the thin walls and the lack of an elevator. But this applies only to those guests who lived on the upper floors.

Hotel "Zhoekvara" is suitable for families. For this, everything you need is provided here. Tourists who love nightlife and lively southern towns should choose another place.

Recreation in Abkhazia again becomes affordable and attractive for Russian travelers. They are waiting for stunning views, clean mountain air and a wonderful combination of price and quality of services provided.

All the best that modern Abkhazian service can offer is concentrated in the Joekvara Hotel. The hotel (4 stars) is rightfully included in the list of the best guest houses on the coast. This makes the rest on the Black Sea even more attractive.

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