Monument to Athos in Yaroslavl: filming, sculptural composition, cafe

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Monument to Athos in Yaroslavl: filming, sculptural composition, cafe
Monument to Athos in Yaroslavl: filming, sculptural composition, cafe

The monument to Athos in Yaroslavl is not easy to find, despite the fact that it is installed in the city center. In a quiet courtyard, near the Afonya cafe, two heroes of the comedy Georgy Daneliya, a plumber and a plasterer, are talking about the meaning of life. Their presence here is so natural that the regulars have long considered them "for their own" and do not pay attention to the protracted conversation of men. Tourists will have to walk around the yards in search of a monument to Athos in Yaroslavl.

About filming a comedy

In 1975, the film was released, which became the undisputed leader of the box office. Spectators several times went to cinemas to laugh heartily, philosophize and mourn with the heroes of G. Danelia's comedy. Yaroslavl residents joyfully recognized familiar places on the big screen: Kotorosl Embankment, the Volkov monument, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the film was shot in their hometown for a long time.

To the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl hereA lot of improvement work has been carried out, many new, interesting objects and sights have appeared. The Yaroslavl residents were asked the question: “Which of the movie heroes would they most call their fellow countryman?” The majority named the resilient and sincere plumber Afonya, whose monument in Yaroslavl was erected with funds raised by the council of patrons and local residents.

About the monument

The author of the sculptural composition is Aleksey Korshunov from Yaroslavl. He portrayed the characters of the film at the moment of their first meeting, when at the exit from the cafe they found out an important question for everyone: “When is a person satisfied with his life from a philosophical point of view?”.

philosophical conversation

Easily recognizable faces of beloved artists Leonid Vyacheslavovich Kuravlev and Evgeny Pavlovich Leonov, who brilliantly played plumber Afonya and plasterer Kolya, seem to invite others to take part in solving this important issue for humanity. Obviously, for the convenience of those who wish, the pedestal of the composition is made low, just one step.

Photos next to the Athos monument in Yaroslavl are quite lifelike and very funny. A cat sits on the roof of the cafe, staring at the intoxicated couple with curiosity. The composition is decorated with a street clock-plate, many of which hung on poles in Soviet times. On the wall of the house, behind glass, there is a newspaper with a note about the work of the film crew in Yaroslavl.

Leonid Kuravlev

In the corner of the newspaper sheet there are autographs of the director and actors. Leonid Vyacheslavovich, who repeatedly came toYaroslavl, also went to a cafe named after his hero.

About Cafe Afonya

This colorful establishment, near which the monument to Athos and the plasterer Kolya is installed in Yaroslavl, will not be to everyone's taste. Only those visitors who remember similar Soviet-era pubs can truly appreciate its attractiveness.

Cafe Afonya

Wooden tables with immortal quotes carved on them: “Drive the ruble, relative!”, “The toasted one drinks to the bottom!” etc. are served in half-liter thick-walled mugs. Here, beer is drunk only while standing. There are napkins, but in faceted glasses, barmaids work in white starched tattoos on their heads, roach is offered with beer. There is no choice of beer, everyone is content, as expected, with one variety.

Besides, the movie “Afonya” is constantly shown on the TV installed in the hall, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Soviet pastime.

Finding this quiet courtyard in the center of Yaroslavl, where the monument to Athos stands next to the cafe of the same name, is not easy. The address of the institution: Nakhimson street, 21a. It is not far from the famous Strelka, in the depths of courtyards.

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