Non-traditional recreation as a "highlight" of the modern world. Nudist beaches in Europe

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Non-traditional recreation as a "highlight" of the modern world. Nudist beaches in Europe
Non-traditional recreation as a "highlight" of the modern world. Nudist beaches in Europe

If you organize a discussion about nudist tourism, then, no doubt, it is not difficult to identify leaders in this area. Today, Europeans actively practice tanning in the costume of Adam and Eve. Germans, Scandinavians, French and Spaniards rest naked under the sun and get incredible pleasure from it. Where are the most popular nudist beaches in Europe located? This article will consider this issue in detail and describe the most famous places for non-traditional recreation.

Banana Beach, Greece

Nudist beaches in Europe

Snow-white beach for connoisseurs of nudist relaxation is located on the unusual island of Skiathos. Part of this space is intended for lovers of sunbathing naked (the second is a place for traditional recreation). Thus, this island is considered not exactly friendly towards non-standard personalities. Nevertheless, nudists are delighted with it and spend time there with great pleasure.

The beach is divided into three areas allowing originals to sunbathe naked: BigBanana, Nameless Banana, and Little Banana. The first beach is mostly filled with fans of traditional recreation, but their pastime is often disturbed by lovers of nudist activities. The second place is almost incommensurable with conservatism, and the third can truly be considered the patrimony of the nude style.

It is important to note that all three beaches are defined by the sand type. Previously, only the indigenous people of Greece had fun there, but over time the situation has changed dramatically. This happened thanks to the filming of the musical "Mamma Mia" in the territory of "unusual sands".

Paradise Beach, Greece

Europe's largest nude beach

Another Greek "miracle" is a particularly glamorous island, where every night there are incredibly bright parties for non-standard personalities from all over the world. This phenomenon is relevant mainly in the summer, when the resort beaches of general purpose are clogged. So, many tourists decide to go to remote parts of Mykonos - and end up on a paradise island. In this place, they can fully reveal their spontaneity and show themselves real.

It is important to note that there is still civilization on the island, because all day its beach bars sell beer drinks, and in the evening, on the territory of seemingly nudists, beach parties are organized, intended for all people (both lovers of traditional recreation, and and for originals).

Europe's largest nude beach doesn't force people to sunbathe without clothes, so you can often meet ordinary people there who consider restin crowded places is not so attractive.

Sylt Island, Germany

The best nude beaches in Europe

Germans are the most ardent lovers of nudist holidays, so Germany is famous for a considerable number of specialized places, including the beaches of the North Sea. Moreover, they are considered the most popular among the natives of Germany.

The road to the largest nudist beach in Europe extends in a northerly direction, which in no way serves as a factor preventing rest. The fact is that the nation in question belongs to the culture of the free body (Freikoerperkultur), so today it will not surprise anyone that the Germans for the most part prefer exactly nudist recreation and with great pleasure settle down on the spacious sandy plains in order to in an interesting way spend time.

If we return to the pages of history, we can take into account the fact that the first official place for recreation of non-traditional personalities was formed in 1920. Thus, the habit of sunbathing without clothes has developed among the Germans for a long time.

Lingvisetta Beach, Corsica

Nudist beaches of Europe of the world

Nudist beaches in Europe have in their ranks and an element of French origin. Linguisetta is distinguished by its absolute isolation from external civilization. An unusual place is located among the tall cliffs behind the huge hills, which are located fifty kilometers from Bastia in a southerly direction. The presented region is distinguished by itspicturesque, because it is surrounded by eucalyptus groves of indescribable beauty. This fact attracts more and more tourists every year, who sincerely enjoy not only the pictures of nature, but also isolation from the outside world and a non-standard type of vacation.

It is important to note that the best nudist beaches in Europe are capable of creating an atmosphere of paradise on earth for lovers of an unusual holiday. This feature has also affected the beach in Corsica, which is very attractive for both indigenous people and tourists from various countries. Interestingly, the most frequent guests of the French island are Italians, who are simply crazy about the local sea and the unsurpassed smell of eucalyptus.

Cap d'Agde Beach, France

The road to the largest nude beach in Europe

Nudist beaches in Europe are also located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. A striking example of this is an incredibly cozy place in France, recognized as the "capital of European nudism", called Cap d'Agde. It is located relatively close to Paris (only five hours away).

Every year this beach is filled with original people who calmly walk around the city dressed as Adam and Eve. It is not at all surprising to see completely naked men and women there on the streets, in shops, restaurants (and there are more than fifty of them), cinemas and so on. Interesting for tourists is a place called Cleopatre, where incendiary parties are held for people of unusual sexual orientation, gays and lesbians.

On a french nude beach likeAs a rule, lifeguards are on duty, which ensures absolute safety for tourists. Incredibly soft white sand is an amazing feature of the place, which all tourists are delighted with. In addition, the beach is characterized by shallow water.

Vera Playa Beach, Spain

Many nudist beaches in Europe are distinguished by their width and length, among which is a place on the Costa Almeria. It is characterized by a very interesting infrastructure, because all establishments are aimed exclusively at recreation for people of non-standard sexual orientation. There you can see numerous bars of an unusual type, clubs, sports fields and so on.

The presented beach operates almost all year round, thanks to the dry and hot climate. In addition, the Vera Playa Club4 nudist hotel is located in its vicinity, in the structure of which solariums, swimming pools, bars for non-traditional personalities and so on occupy an important place.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the nudist beaches of Europe (the world) today are very popular in society, which should not be surprising. This is more good than bad, because modern man has absolute freedom in terms of activity, appearance and, of course, worldview.

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