Paraguay: attractions, interesting places, historical facts and events, photos, reviews and travel tips

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Paraguay: attractions, interesting places, historical facts and events, photos, reviews and travel tips
Paraguay: attractions, interesting places, historical facts and events, photos, reviews and travel tips

Paraguay is a country located in South America and neighboring Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. This state is not included in the list of places that are in high demand among tourists. This is largely due to the lack of access to the sea. At the same time, sophisticated travelers are advised to come to Paraguay for at least a few days to see with their own eyes the originality and uniqueness of this place.

What to see in Paraguay, who should boldly go to this country? It is better to take care of this before buying tickets.

How to get there

There are no direct flights from Russia to Paraguay, so those who want to relax in such an exotic place should choose the most convenient option for themselves (flight through Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil or Chile).

Intercity communication is represented by public transport - bus flights, however, for a more comfortable movement, you can choose a taxi.

Upon arrival at Asuncion Airport, tourists receive a multiple-entry visa valid for 90 days.Thus, the visa regime for travelers will not be a problem.

City of Asuncion

The capital of Paraguay, the city of Asuncion, is considered the largest city in the country and its tourist center. Its construction began in 1537. Since then, almost nothing has changed in the old quarters. On both sides of the main streets rise buildings made in the Baroque style. A reminder of colonial times are the old rich mansions located next to the poorest neighborhoods. The excursion route mainly affects the architectural sights of Paraguay.

Plaza De La Constitución. Now in this building of the XVI century is the building of the National Congress. The main feature is that since the construction, the architecture of the building has not been changed / This was the reason for awarding the Place de La Constitución with UNESCO heritage status. The park, located nearby, is a place of rest for citizens and tourists

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  • Cathedral. This is another attraction of Paraguay, which is included in the list of must-sees. The construction of the cathedral began in 1561 at the direction of Philip II (King of Spain). The building began to be built on the site where there used to be a wooden temple, burned to the ground in a fire.
  • Palace Lopez. The palace got its original name due to the fact that the order for its construction in 1857 was given by the ruler Carlos Antonio Lopez. You can see the building from a distance - a snow-white facade and arched vaults with elementsstucco stands out from other buildings.

Itaipu Dam

On the border of Paraguay and Brazil, the full-flowing and fast river Parana flows. Here in 1979 it was decided to build the Itaipu Dam. The structure has reached impressive dimensions - its length is 7235 m, height is about 200 m, and width is 400 m.

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Now the dam has become the largest source of electricity, as the main element of the construction has become a hydroelectric power plant.

The name of the dam comes from the name of the island located at the mouth of the river. It was the island of Itaipu that acted as the main site for the construction of the dam. According to the literal translation from the Guarani language, “Itaipu” means “stone sound”.

Besides its main function, the dam is an important landmark of Paraguay. Since construction was completed in 1991, more than 9 million people from 162 countries have visited here. It will not be possible to see such a massive structure in another country - the construction of the structure required as much metal as needed for 380 Eiffel Towers.

Ruins of Jesuit missions Jesus and Trinidad

Another UNESCO heritage site is the ruins of the Jesuit missions. They were built during the period of the 17th-18th centuries and resemble small city-states that were formed during the integration of civilians into the Christian faith.

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Paraguayan missions are considered to be the most famous and impressive buildings that are religious. There were about 50miniature city-states, but only 30 have survived to this day. For tourists, the ruins of the Jesuit missions are open from 9:00 to 17:00.

Cerro Cora National Park

Just 45 km from the town of Pedro Juan Caballero lies the Cerro Cora National Park. Very close to it is the border zone of Brazil. The park is quite far from the capital of Paraguay (the city of Asuncion) (about 454 km), so it is worth allocating a whole day to visit this attraction of Paraguay.

Many tourists in their reviews note that this conservation area is one of the best places they have found in Paraguay. Cerro Cora received park status in 1976. The basis of its landscape was made up of small hills and dry tropical forests located on the banks of the Parana River. At the same time, the picturesque surroundings are by no means the only thing the park is famous for. In 1870, on the territory now occupied by the park, the final battle of the Triple Alliance took place, it is here that the place of the death of Francisco Solano López is located.

The tour program also includes a visit to caves dating back to the Celtic era.

S altos del Mondai Waterfall

The photo below is a landmark in Paraguay that deserves special attention.

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This waterfall is S altos del Mondai. It is located in the Mondai National Park, in the Presidente Franco area. The width of the waterfall reaches 120 m, streams of water rush down from a height of 45 m, turning into millions of splashes and puffs of white foam. At the very edge of the waterfallbridges and observation decks are arranged, thanks to which the natural beauty can be seen very close.

One of the most vivid impressions from visiting the country of Paraguay can be a picnic on a green lawn to the sound of a waterfall.

Maca Village

Adventurers can hardly deny themselves the pleasure of visiting the village of Maca, one of the most interesting places in Paraguay. Here, in a small area, there is a village of indigenous people who do not know the Guarani language and Spanish. All that can be seen in the village is the traditional way of life, which the locals have carefully preserved for many centuries.

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Arriving here, you can plunge into the original culture, get acquainted with the life of people who are far from civilization. However, the real success will be the presence at one of the holidays. At this time, residents wear bright national costumes, dance and sing.

You can get to the village by bus, but tourists should find a guide.

Gastronomic tourism

In the cafes and restaurants of Paraguay, tourists can find international cuisine, but not to try national dishes is a big mistake. Europeans speak of Paraguayan cuisine as unusual, but very tasty.

In small cozy cafes, visitors will be offered emponadas patties with fillings for every taste and soup with rice and noodles called soyo-sopi. Even sophisticated gourmets will appreciate the rich rich taste of soo-kui meatballs, tomato gazpacho soup and world-famous paella.

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For dessert, choose palmitos (palm heart), mbaipi-hee (cereal, milk and molasses porridge) or candied fruit.

All things considered, despite the lack of a coastline and noisy nightlife, Paraguay is an amazing holiday destination. It can be recommended to fans of excursion programs and quiet rest against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. The only drawback can be called an insufficiently wide selection of tours to this country.

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