Where to relax in Cuba: description of hotels, climate, travel tips, reviews

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Where to relax in Cuba: description of hotels, climate, travel tips, reviews
Where to relax in Cuba: description of hotels, climate, travel tips, reviews

The famous Island of Freedom is invariably associated with high-end rum, Havana cigars and groovy Latin tunes. However, Cuba is also famous for its resorts. For many travelers, this is a desirable place, alluring with exotic nature and ocean waters. The island has all the conditions for beach tourism, so a huge number of tourists come here every year. In our article, we want to talk about which months and where to relax in Cuba is better.

Love of Liberty Island

Thinking about where to relax in Cuba, many tourists imagine a picture of heavenly beaches with white sand and exotic palm trees. The country is really very attractive for sea lovers. The best conditions are created for tourists here. Experts say that Cuban beaches can compete with famous world resortsnot only in purity, but also in beauty. By the way, UNESCO recognized the island of Varadero as the cleanest in the world. And that says a lot. Holidays on the Cuban coast are appreciated not only by residents of the post-Soviet space, but also by representatives of other states.

Where is the best place to relax in Cuba

It doesn't matter where to relax in Cuba: in all the resorts of the country you will find the most beautiful beaches, most of which belong to the municipality and only a few to hotels. Rest on the coast is free everywhere, you don’t even need to pay for the use of sun loungers. Where else can you find this? But for some reason, the most popular resort areas are inaccessible for local residents.

Coastal waters of the Island of Freedom are transparent and clean. The visibility zone in normal conditions reaches 60 meters, which creates amazing conditions for diving. Planning to go to Cuba? Where to relax is best, experienced travelers will tell you. The most popular is the northern coast of the Island of Freedom, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular resorts of the country are collected on a narrow edge of the sandy coast. What is the luxurious Varadero worth, on the territory of which there are dozens of luxury hotels. The resort area of ​​Guanabo is a bit simpler. There are no hotels here, and beach houses are offered as housing for tourists. The wildest part of the coast is Cayo Leviza. There is no infrastructure and civilization here at all. And you can only get to the beach by boat. But this is the main charm of this place, because only here you can see the virgin nature. Therefore, choosing a place whereto relax in Cuba, you should be guided by your preferences: whether you want peace and tranquility or feel all the delights of a luxury resort.

On the opposite side of the island, the equally attractive beaches of Maria Aguilar and Ancon are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. On the coast there is the entire standard set of infrastructure facilities, including a dozen diving centers. There is only one island in Cuba - Caia Largo, which has no municipal beaches at all. The entire coast is divided between hotels. True, there is no total control over them, so you can relax anywhere.

Climate Island of Freedom

Choosing a place in Cuba where it is better to relax at one time or another of the year, you need to study the country's climate. The country, as you know, is spread over the lands of an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The largest island has the same name as the state. In the immediate vicinity are numerous coral reefs and small islands, of which there are more than a thousand. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream have a huge impact on the climate of the region. The islands are dominated by trade winds that blow from the ocean all year round. The tropical climate of the resort is determined by the northeast trade winds.

de better rest Cuba or Dominican Republic

On the archipelago, two seasons can be conditionally distinguished: dry and rainy. The first begins in November and continues until April. The rainy season coincides with our summer. From May to October, the annual rainfall falls. Sometimes rains turn into long downpours with strong winds. Typhoons usually hit in October or September.Therefore, the best time for a vacation in Cuba is from December to April, when there is no more rain, and the heat is very easy to bear.

High season is in January. The air temperature at this time fluctuates between +21 - +22 degrees, and the temperature of sea water reaches +22 - +24 degrees. In summer, higher temperatures are observed. In August, the heat reaches +28 degrees, and the water warms up to +28 - +30 degrees. An integral part of the local climate is high humidity all year round. In the heat, it is difficult for an unprepared person to endure it. But on the coast, the humidity is not so noticeable, because the sea winds save. Sometimes it can even get chilly in the evenings. On the islands you can see trees that grow obliquely. This is due to the influence of constantly blowing winds.

Dominican Republic or Cuba?

When planning a future vacation, many tourists are wondering whether it is better to relax in Cuba or in the Dominican Republic? Both countries can offer approximately the same range of services for tourists. But rest in them has fundamental differences. It’s worth starting with what to remember about the indigenous population. The people of the two countries are very different from each other. In Cuba, Russians are very much loved and treated well. Cubans are very welcoming and friendly people. In the Dominican Republic, you should not expect a friendly attitude. Local residents are set to enrich themselves as much as possible at the expense of tourists. Very often, Russians complain about extortion of money by hotel staff. Our compatriots are often placed in the worst rooms in the hope that for a bonus, the guests themselves will ask to be moved toanother place. Most often this is what happens. In addition, theft occurs in Dominican hotels.

Cuba where to relax with a child

Cuban hotels are very clean, and the level of service offered is at its best. Going on excursions, you will notice how clean the streets of the Island of Freedom are. Sightseeing trips here are much cheaper than in the Dominican Republic. And the whole holiday in Cuba will cost you much cheaper. Cubans treat tourists with care, each hotel has a doctor and a nurse. But from the Dominicans you can't wait for medical help at the hotel. And no one will take you to the hospital. They can only offer you to get to the hospital by taxi yourself.

The Dominican Republic is not clean. Local streets are full of rubbish. It is scary to go outside the hotel because of the high crime rate. Quite another matter - Cuba. There is a very low crime rate here. Locals do not steal or deceive gullible tourists. In cities, you will not see bars on windows and barbed wire on fences, which is the norm for Dominicans. And this speaks of the morals of people.

In Cuba, you can have a pleasantly inexpensive vacation surrounded by the local population, having experienced all the delights of the all-inclusive concept. The only slight drawback of the Island of Freedom is the climatic conditions. In the Dominican Republic, for example, you can relax almost all year round. In Cuba, the high season lasts from December to March. At this time, there is no strong heat, and the water warms up to +24. But in the rainy season, the air temperature rises to +32 degrees. Manybelieve that at this time it is not worth flying on vacation. But it is not so. Tropical showers do not happen so often, but discounts on tours reach maximum values. Incredibly warm sea water will be a pleasant bonus of relaxation. Therefore, when deciding whether it is better to relax in Cuba or in the Dominican Republic, consider all factors.

Cuba or Vietnam?

Cuba and Vietnam are the two most popular destinations among Russians. Therefore, the question often arises which country to choose. It is very difficult to say where to rest is better. Cuba or Vietnam - the choice is very difficult to make. These are two completely different countries, which are pointless to compare.

If we talk about weather conditions, then on the island of freedom reigns a tropical climate, and in Vietnam - subtropical. This suggests that more rain falls in Cuba.

Where is the best place to relax in Cuba in November

The fauna and flora of these countries are very different. There are a lot of picturesque bays on the Island of Freedom, protected from the waves, where you can go diving. Both countries offer wonderful food and a good level of service. In Vietnam, you can have a wonderful rest with children, for whom all conditions are created here. Cuban resorts are more focused on youth, but you can have a good time here with kids. The main difference between countries is the cost of tours. Experts note that a trip to Vietnam is three times cheaper than to Cuba. This is due not only to distances, but also to the peculiarities of the pricing policy.

Choosing a resort for families with children

ForFor married couples, the question is always relevant, where to relax with a child? Cuba is the perfect place for this. But you need to choose a resort with knowledge of the local features of the coast. It is worth highlighting the following tourist areas suitable for children's recreation:

Cuba where to relax with a child
  1. Varadero. The beaches of the resort are the best on the coast. They are characterized by a gentle approach and white fine sand. By the way, the region is closest to the capital of the island, where all planes arrive. This means that you can get to the hotel much faster.
  2. Cayo Largo is a real paradise island in the Caribbean. Any hotel on the coast will offer you the most beautiful beach. The sand on the island is much finer and more beautiful than on Varadero. A gentle entry into the sea is very convenient even for the smallest. But there is one drawback of resting on the island - this is an internal flight with an overnight stay in a Havana hotel. But among the advantages is the opportunity to spend time among the virgin nature.
  3. Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Guillermo began to be built up with hotel complexes quite recently. Before booking rooms at a hotel, you need to clarify which beach it has. Some hotels have their own plots on the coast.
  4. Holguín Province offers wide white sandy beaches suitable for families. However, not everyone dares to go on vacation here with the kids, since the distance from Havana to the resort is more than 800 km.

Hotels for families with children?

If you have already decided where to relax with your child in Cuba, then you need to choosegood hotel. It is worth knowing that there are many adults-only hotels on Liberty Island. In such institutions, only young people are accepted at least 16-18 years old. There are usually discounts for children. Very young guests are accommodated free of charge. However, it is worth paying attention to the definition of age norms. They may differ in different chains of establishments.

Where to relax in Cuba in July

If you are looking for a place where it is better to relax in Cuba with children, then give preference to family hotels. Such institutions often place children of any age free of charge in the same room with their parents. For example, in Varadero, the following hotels should be recommended: Blau Varadero 4, Sol Sirenas Coral 4, Arenas Doradas 4, Occidental Allegro Varadero 4, Mercure Playa de Oro 4, Tuxpan 4, Club Amigo Aguas Azules 4, Brisas del Caribe 4, Mercure Cuatro Palmas 4.

Cuban hotels offer well-equipped beaches with free sunbeds and umbrellas. Cheerful locals never get bored themselves and will not let tourists get bored. The hotel complexes organize animation for guests of all ages. A huge advantage of the establishments are mini-clubs for children. You and your child will not be bored during the whole holiday.

Cuba in July

Liberty Island in July is not very hospitable. At this time, there is hot weather and frequent showers. And yet the rainy period attracts tourists with the lowest prices of the year. A last-minute tour for a week for one person can cost up to 40-50 thousand rubles. Exactly because of this reasontourists are wondering where to relax in Cuba in July.

Holidays in Cuba where it is better to relax

High temperatures and high humidity are observed throughout the country. Therefore, it makes sense to go to Varadero, where showers happen once every two to three days. They are quite short-term and do not cause much inconvenience, it is much more difficult to endure high humidity. Varadero is known for excellent diving. In addition, tourists can visit national parks and see a real Cuban carnival that takes place in July. Fans of fishing and a relaxing holiday can go to Cayo Guillermo. In general, all resorts in the country will delight you with incredible warm water and hot weather.

Liberty Island in August

The rainy season is still going on in Cuba in August. However, showers happen much less frequently, so tourists are almost always pleased with sunny weather. The only downside is the high humidity. Where is the best place to relax in August? In Cuba, heat and humidity are better tolerated on the coasts, where sea breezes blow. Therefore, experienced travelers recommend the Varadero resort, the wind rose of which makes it easy to endure the heat. In addition, the temperature of the water in the Atlantic Ocean is a couple of degrees lower than in the Caribbean. Off the coast of Havana (Gulf of Mexico), the sea warms up to +29 degrees. Swimming in it does not bring freshness, so many people prefer pools. And this means that you can have a good time on the island at any time of the year, including in August. Where to relax in Cuba at this time? Experts recommendresorts on the Atlantic coast.

Cuba in October

Planning to go to Cuba in October? Where to relax is best, the most experienced tourists will tell you. The rainy season ends in October. Showers still occasionally occur, but they are rare. In addition, they are short-lived. Coolness gradually descends to Havana, in the daytime the temperature does not exceed +28 degrees, but the Atlantic Ocean warms up to the same temperature. In Varadero, the weather is no different, but the water near its coast is a little cooler (+26 degrees), so it is a little refreshing. Experienced tourists also recommend Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco, where the weather is hotter, but the heat is offset by strong winds. The resort of Holguin is no less attractive.

Cuba in November

You can spend a wonderful vacation on the Island of Freedom at any time of the year, the main thing is to know where it is better to relax. Cuba has good weather in November. The number of showers is significantly reduced, they go for a short time and only at night. The weather becomes much more comfortable due to lower humidity levels. In some regions, during the day the air temperature is +26 - +27 degrees, and at night it drops to +21. Coolness is felt at night.

Where better to relax in Cuba reviews

Planning your vacation to spend in Cuba in November? Where to relax in the best way, experienced tourists will tell you. In the middle of autumn, good, cool weather sets in the region. Therefore, you can choose absolutely any resort for living. Rest at this time has a lot of advantages,since the temperature indicators allow not only to spend time on the beach, but also to see the sights, attend incendiary parties and go diving. In addition, in November, locals celebrate a holiday - the Day of St. Christopher Columbus, who is considered the patron saint of Havana.

Hotel selection

The best hotels in the country have an excellent infrastructure and a high level of service. Among them, we can recommend the Nacional de Cuba 5hotel, which is called the hallmark of Havana. It was built back in 1930 at the expense of American gangsters. The stunning eight-story building is a reminder of the luxury of those times. Over the past decades, the interior decoration of the hotel and even the style of service have not changed at all. Here everything remains the same as at the beginning of the last century. The building is located in the very center of the capital, surrounded by a garden. And the courtyard of the complex pleases guests with a beautiful fountain. In the hotel lobby you can see photos of all the eminent guests of the institution. The hotel gained wide popularity thanks to the cabaret Parisien.

Where to relax in Cuba in October

No less good is the Iberostar Varadero complex, located on the first line, by the sea. It consists of three buildings, a spa, four swimming pools and five restaurants and an equipped beach. Sports activities are widely represented on the territory of the complex: bowling, tennis courts, fitness center, golf courses.

But fans of a measured and relaxing holiday should pay attention to the Royal Hideaway Ensenachos hotel, whichlocated in the north of the country, on the island of Cayo Esenachos. By the way, the hotel is the only one on the island. It is divided into three parts. Two kilometers of sandy beach will give you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and the Caribbean Sea. The hotel has numerous bars and restaurants, as well as a serious entertainment base.

We remembered only a few, the most luxurious establishments in the country. In fact, there are many more. Therefore, tourists have a wide choice.

The best islands in Cuba

Where is it better to relax on the island of freedom, the question is difficult. It all depends on the time of your visit and the company with which you go on vacation. Tourists recommend paying attention to the resort capital - Havana. The resort offers gorgeous beaches and a variety of entertainment. It is also convenient for families with small children, as there is no need to spend time moving around the islands.

Where better to relax Cuba or Vietnam 1

There are many small islands off the coast of Freedom Island, among which you can pay attention to Cayo Coco (the most picturesque), Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Largo. Cayo Coco is connected to the mainland by a system of dams. Its snow-white coast stretches for 9 km. The island has the largest diving center.

In the north of the country is the most famous resort island of Santa Maria. The dam, passing near Cayo Coco, reaches Santa Maria. The island offers secluded relaxation surrounded by stunningly beautiful nature. Here you can admire not only the expanses of the sea and beaches, but also flamingos,pelicans and drops that have chosen the region as a habitat. Santa Maria has a rather modest size. Its coastline stretches for only thirteen kilometers. But the island has still deserted and quiet beaches.

Where is it better to relax in Cuba: reviews

Tourists who have visited Cuba leave the most enthusiastic reviews about the rest. An exotic island simply cannot leave anyone indifferent. An amazing atmosphere of general fun is transmitted literally from the first minutes of your stay in the country. Especially, it is felt in Havana and Varadero. In these resort regions, life is in full swing. Holidays on small islands are more suitable for those people who are looking for peace and tranquility.

Where better to relax in Cuba reviews

Our compatriots leave a lot of laudatory reviews about Cubans who love Russians very much. Simple people with a wide open soul are the locals. If you choose one of the major resorts as a place of rest, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of local holidays and festivals. Tourists certainly recommend going fishing on a yacht in the open sea and diving. Sea adventures will give you a lot of fun and leave a lasting impression.

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