Cyclades Islands: an overview of Greek resorts, sights, tourist reviews

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Cyclades Islands: an overview of Greek resorts, sights, tourist reviews
Cyclades Islands: an overview of Greek resorts, sights, tourist reviews

Original Greece is an amazing country that brings many new discoveries. The cradle of European civilization with a rich history harmoniously combines the spirit of antiquity and the most modern achievements of mankind. The sunny tale of the Mediterranean is a relaxing holiday and exciting excursions to the numerous islands of Greece, the sights of which make the face of the country unique.

Cyclades created by Poseidon

The archipelago in the southern Aegean is an extremely picturesque region. It consists of 2200 islands, of which only about 30 are inhabited. Land plots form a circle, and in its center is Delos (Delos) - the birthplace of the lord of the sun Apollo and his sister Artemis.

The Cyclades are rocky islands adorned with colorful villages and surrounded by an endless sea. Their name comes from the Greek word for circumference, given to the archipelago for its location.around Delos. Local residents pass on a legend from generation to generation, according to which the formidable god of the sea Poseidon, angry at the daring nymphs of the paradise, turned them into the Cyclades. But in fact, they are the peaks of the Aegean mountain range that plunged into the sea 5 million years ago.

A branch of heaven on earth

This is indeed a blissful corner where peace and harmony reign. Here, for almost 300 days a year, the dazzling sun shines, and the sea surface, sparkling with hundreds of glare, is of amazing beauty, which no photograph can convey. The Cyclades Islands, considered the greenest in the Aegean, come in search of an earthly paradise, and all travelers find it here. This is an ideal haven for those who are tired of all the delights of civilization. No smog, crowding and crowds! Only great weather, the purest sand under your feet, the boundless azure sea, which reflects the blue sky.

Aegean pearl necklace
Aegean pearl necklace

Important finds at Keros

The Cycladic Islands, located close to each other, attract tourists not only with luxurious beaches, but also with a rich cultural heritage. Archaeologists are constantly working here, drawing conclusions about life in Ancient Greece. So, on a small Keros, whose area is only 15 km2, ruins of buildings of the early Cycladic period were found.

Once a desert island was the center of a powerful civilization. Scholars from the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades (an organization owned by the Ministry of Culture andpreservation of the rich heritage of the country) found fragments of marble figurines, smashed to smithereens. According to the most conservative estimates, the figurines are about 4 thousand years old. It is believed that this island was chosen as the burial place for ritual objects. In addition, the ruins of buildings older than the age of the palaces of the Minoan civilization of Crete, and traces of drainage channels where metal processing was carried out were found.

Color of the archipelago

The most popular among the Cyclades in Greece are Santorini and Mykonos. The villages of the archipelago are a real delight for tourists: snow-white facades of residential houses with colorful doors and windows, small churches with bright blue domes, colorful windmills make an indelible impression.

It is the unusual wind-powered devices that are considered one of the main attractions of the islands. There are about 600 windmills that first appeared in the 13th century in the archipelago. Devices resembling towers with powerful outstretched wings process up to 100 kilograms of wheat per hour.

Romantic Santorini

Santorini is not in vain recognized as the most romantic island on our planet. It gained incredible popularity among travelers thanks to a volcano extinct even before our era, the eruption of which led to the flooding of part of the land and the formation of a picturesque crater. You can swim to its center on a cruise ship, and then walk along the rocks framing a depression in the top of a giant that erupted with scalding lava.

Village in Santorini
Village in Santorini

Amazingly beautiful black sand beaches, low-rise nice houses, unique landscapes make the rest here unforgettable. The hallmark of Santorini are snow-white windmills with thatched roofs and huge blades. Now the giants are not used for their intended purpose: they have been renovated and turned into cozy cafes and modern showrooms.

Fashionable Mykonos

Only two hours by sea, and tourists are waiting for the original Mykonos, recognized as the most expensive resort, where many celebrities come. Covered with hills adorned with dense greenery, it strikes the imagination of guests. The capital of the "Greek Venice" is the city of Chora (Mykonos), famous for its winding narrow streets, in the labyrinth of which you can even get lost, and unique architecture. This layout allowed the townspeople to escape from pirate raids.

Mykonos - a resort for the we althy
Mykonos - a resort for the we althy

The most favorite place for tourists to walk is the historical center, reminiscent of an Italian city built in a lagoon on numerous islands. Cozy houses are located on the water, and from the balconies you can dive right into the sea. A marvelous corner, saturated with an atmosphere of romance, causes the only desire - to return here again.

A real treasure of Greece

Sacred Delos is the main attraction of the Cyclades. An island in Greece, considered the true pearl of the country, keeps ancient monuments erected in honor of Apollo. Once Δήλος acted as a linkbetween different cities, uniting the Ionian Greeks. The center of the Attic Maritime Union has always been a rich metropolis, since the Roman Empire granted it the status of a free port. The tax-free first European trading zone developed economically, and only with the spread of Christianity did the city begin to die out.

Walking in the uninhabited land of the gods

You can get to the treasure (that is how the name of the island is translated) from Mykonos, which has a connection with the mainland. Only half an hour and tourists will be able to walk on the land, which is now uninhabited. It is forbidden to deviate from the beaten paths, since Delos, protected by UNESCO, was chosen by snakes. It was not for nothing that ancient poets called him "the unshakable diva of the whole world." The glory of the homeland of Apollo and Artemis and the beautiful harbor, which became the safest place for ships, was so great that the attacking enemies did not plunder the divine abode.

Open Air Museum

Revered on a par with Mount Olympus and Delphi, Delos is an archaeological zone in which it is forbidden to stay overnight, and all excursions are made during the day. The open-air museum attracts tourists who love the legends and myths of Ancient Greece. The place, characterized by intoxicating silence, actually consists of archaeological sites. Guests will be able to explore the ancient city with the ruins of pagan temples and the ancient theater, see the altars and chapels dedicated to the gods.

Sacred Delos
Sacred Delos

Travelers admire the temple of Apollo, which once housed his sculpture, as well as gold andother valuable relics, and a sanctuary erected in honor of Artemis. The Lvov road passed right there, adorned with huge marble sculptures of predatory animals. The archaeological museum is located here, and its exhibits tell about the life and life of the ancient Greeks. A boat trip to Delos (Cyclades, Greece) is an exciting adventure and new discoveries that history buffs will love.

Secret corners in the Aegean

Rest in Greek Polynesia will be appreciated even by the most demanding tourists. Particular attention should be paid to the so-called Lesser Cyclades (Greece) - a chain of 12 islands located between Ios, Naxos and Amorgos. This is a secret place with virgin nature and exotic beaches.

Koufonisia (Small Cyclades)
Koufonisia (Small Cyclades)

All the islands are connected to each other, so you can land on any of them. The largest are Keros, Schinousa, Donusa, Heraclius and Koufonisia. The heavenly corners inhabited in prehistoric times were remembered quite recently, and soon tourists began to arrive, appreciating their fabulous beauty. All those who dream of a relaxing holiday in the bosom of nature should visit the pearls of the Aegean world, which hold many secrets.

Advice from seasoned travelers

As tourists say, the most economical way to travel around the islands and cities of Greece is to use the ferry. It is worth remembering that it passes by Delos and Mykonos, while the main ports are Naxos and Paros. Ferries take on board up to 350 passengers and can accommodate 12 cars. The only island that can only be reached by bus from Athens is Andros. In addition, skopelitis, which is a tiny boat that can withstand a strong storm, goes to Naxos and Amorgos.

On the islands themselves, a popular means of transport is a car that does not restrict tourists in choosing a route.

The peak tourist season is in July and August. At the height of summer, local beaches are not overcrowded, so it is best to come here in late spring or autumn (September or October). At this time, the weather is warm, and there are not so many tourists.

Because the archipelago is a very popular holiday destination, tourists who decide to spend their holidays in the Cyclades should think about tickets in advance. Locals also enjoy visiting resorts in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

When traveling around the islands, it is worth purchasing a special card that will allow you not to buy a new ticket for a ferry trip every time.

Cycladic Islands of Greece: reviews

This is the most grateful archipelago for those who love to travel, moving from one island to another. Tourists even admit that the land plots, located in a round dance around the sacred Delos, are a small universe that lives by its own rules.

Each island, which can be fully explored in a few days, has its own traditions and customs. Unique and at the same time not devoid of similarity, the corners created for a peaceful holiday lure foreign guests with expressive landscapes and uniqueattractions.

Holidays in Syros
Holidays in Syros

Local color leaves a lasting impression, and guests, fascinated by blue and white architecture and the slow pace of life, seem to fall into another dimension. And the multicolored volcanic beaches, marked with the symbols of the international water quality standard, and the hotels located above them complete the picture.

In addition, on the islands of Greece, where 95% of the inhabitants profess Christianity, tourists often come to admire Christian churches. Entrance to religious monuments is free for everyone.

Where else to go?

Judging by the reviews, the Cyclades Islands are an ideal place to relax, where blissful silence reigns and the gentle sun shines. Here, time passes slowly, the clean sea air is surprisingly gentle, and the locals are especially hospitable.

Be sure to visit the following pearls lost in the Aegean Sea:

  • Milos is an island with a volcanic landscape. World famous as the place where the statue of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) was found, it boasts ancient historical monuments and developed tourist infrastructure.
  • Sifnos, which will surprise you with the delightful beauties of traditional architecture and virgin nature. Unique examples of Cycladic architecture, Christian churches and chapels scattered throughout the island will delight every traveler.
  • Tiny Anafi with a population of 300 people will appeal to lovers of a relaxed holiday. Superb beaches, stunning panoramic views, windmills and the ruins of a Venetian fortress are the main attractions of the island.
  • Tinos, neighboring Andros, is part of the Cyclades in Greece. Photos of an authentic place, where tourists rarely appear, cause the only desire - to instantly be in a piece of paradise. This is the sacred island of the Virgin, which receives pilgrims. On August 15, the temple of the Virgin Mary is overflowing with believers in a hurry to receive a blessing. Each guest finds himself at the center of a noisy celebration that lasts for several days.
Tinos - Island of the Virgin Mary
Tinos - Island of the Virgin Mary

Surprisingly, there is a theory according to which many scientists consider the Cyclades Islands to be the wreckage of Atlantis, a mythical state that disappeared into the depths of the sea. It is supported by the works of Socrates and Plato, and you can test your guesses yourself by going on a trip that promises a lot of interesting things.