Hotel and restaurant complex Amici Grand Hotel (Krasnodar): address, description of rooms, service, reviews

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Hotel and restaurant complex Amici Grand Hotel (Krasnodar): address, description of rooms, service, reviews
Hotel and restaurant complex Amici Grand Hotel (Krasnodar): address, description of rooms, service, reviews

There is no shortage of quality hotels in Krasnodar. There are "five" and budget hotels there. But if you are looking for a hotel in the center of Krasnodar, and even such that the price matches the quality of services, then the choice narrows. The leader in popularity among visitors - both vacationers and business travelers - is the Amici Grand 4 hotel and restaurant complex.

In this article we will describe this institution in detail. Its original dark blue plate glass building, reminiscent of a medieval castle donjon, can be seen from afar. The address of Amici Grand Hotel is known to all local taxi drivers, and finding the hotel is not difficult. Let's see what rooms this complex offers its guests, and what is its infrastructure. The informative base for the review was the reviews of tourists.

Hotel in the center of Krasnodar


The hotel and restaurant complex is located in the heart of the city. His address: Krasnykh Partizan street, 112.This location provides excellent opportunities for hotel guests. After all, both business districts and key sights of Krasnodar are within walking distance. Turgenev and Herzen streets are considered commercial. There are many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Also very close to the hotel, in two or three blocks, there are such shopping and entertainment centers as "Red Square" and "Gallery" (on Krasnaya St.).

The Krasnodar airport is 20 kilometers away from the hotel, and the city's railway station is 7 kilometers away. Businessmen who come to the largest exhibition complex in the South of Russia "Expograd" often stop at the hotel. They find the location of the hotel very good. Most of the tourists who come to Krasnodar for its sights agree with the businessmen. The Kuban River flows nearby, and there are several park areas nearby.


The high-rise building of the Amici Grand Hotel was completed in 2016. Therefore, there are not so many reviews about this complex. But those that do exist are the most enthusiastic. The tower of the modern building, according to travelers, resembles a multi-storey Tower. True, from the panoramic windows of the rooms you can see not London, but Krasnodar with a simple chess layout of the streets. The Amici Grand is a typical city hotel. There is a parking lot at the basement level of the building. There, guests can leave their vehicle for free. The porter will help unload the suitcases from the trunk and deliver them to the reception, and then directly to the room. In the multi-storey building of the hotel there are:

  • magnificent vestibule, luxuriously decorated more like a throne room in a palace;
  • a cozy lobby where you can arrange a business meeting with a partner;
  • conference room and several meeting rooms;
  • wonderful mediterranean restaurant and cafe;
  • pool;
  • spa center, which, in addition to standard services, has a s alt room.
  • Amici Grand Hotel (Krasnodar)


Despite the epic and tall building, it only houses 79 guest rooms. Knowing how difficult it is for a person traveling alone to find a hotel, the administration of Amici Grand Hotel has provided 7 rooms for 1 person for such cases. All of them are located on the 6th floor of the building and belong to the "standard" category. The area of ​​such rooms is 15 square meters. But for the most part, tourists travel in couples or families. Therefore, most of the rooms in the hotel are classified as "double standard". These rooms are located from the second to the sixth floors inclusive. The area of ​​such rooms is 20 sq. m.

Travelers can choose from bedrooms with two separate beds or one matrimonial bed. Studios are located on the sixth floor. These are single rooms with an area of ​​30 sq. m., where the bedroom is harmoniously connected to the living area. Suites are located on the 2nd - 5th floors. These are two-room suites, consisting of a bedroom and a living room. And on the sixth floor of the building is the pride of the hotel - a three-room business suite. Luxurious apartments are complemented by a study.

Description of rooms at Amici Grand Hotel

The architecture of the building-tower, alas, does not provide for balconies. But in all other respects, the hotel rooms will enchant travelers with their comfort. All "standards" have private bathrooms. There, guests will find a set of fluffy towels, a hair dryer, and hygiene items replenished daily. Soft white bathrobes hang in the wardrobe. Slippers are provided. Bathrooms are equipped with showers. Upgraded rooms also have scales.

Let's move on to the description of the bedrooms. All services that should be in a 4-star hotel are available there: cable TV, safe, mini-bar. The bed is covered with hypoallergenic linens. There is also a mirror, spacious bedside tables, wardrobe, luggage stand. Superior rooms include morning and evening cleaning. Guests are offered compliments from the hotel in the form of a basket of fruits and sweets. Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Amici Grand Hotel - room description

How guests rate accommodation

The name of the Amici Grand Hotel contains the Italian word for "friends". It is the key to the service of the hotel. Here you are welcomed as the most cordial friends. And this is manifested not only in the hospitality of the staff, but also in many household trifles. These are, for example, a sewing kit and brushes for clothes and shoes. All rooms have an electric kettle with self-brewing bags.

If you specify when booking a hotel what will happen to youchild, the maids will put children's toiletries in the bathroom. Comfort is made up of such cute little things. Tourists traveling with a four-legged friend report that the hotel allows small breed dogs. In winter the rooms are very warm. Soundproofing is also good. Hot water is available around the clock and without interruption.


Amici Grand Hotel can be booked with breakfast, half board, three meals or all inclusive. With the latter option, the service will include three meals a day and the use of the services of the bath-thermal complex. The presence of a tea station in each room greatly facilitates the life of guests. And tourists also say that at five in the evening tables with hot drinks and pastries are set in the hotel. According to reviews, this service is free for all guests.

Many hotel guests took rooms with breakfast. What do they say about these morning meals? They are served as a buffet in the large hall of the restaurant. Regarding breakfast, you can read exceptionally rave reviews. Cereals, yogurts, several types of teas, hot dishes, salads, lots of seasonal fruits - it's just too much to list. Late breakfast is also available for all-inclusive guests, which lasts until 13.00.

Amici Grand Hotel - restaurant service


Despite the fact that in the center of Krasnodar there are many catering establishments - both budget and elite - guests prefer to dine at the hotel. The 24-hour Amici Grand restaurant specializes inMediterranean cuisine, but they also serve Russian national dishes. This establishment has two rooms. One is designed for chamber, private events, which gather up to 15 people. Breakfasts are served in the mornings in the second hall with 100 seats, and after 13 hours they serve a la carte. Both rooms are luxuriously cleaned, solemn and at the same time cozy atmosphere reigns in them.

City residents often reserve these halls for weddings and other special occasions. Well-trained waiters in white gloves will offer you a general menu, children's, Chinese, fitness, as well as an extensive wine list. Hotel guests enjoy a discount when served in the restaurant. In addition, there are "happy hours" at lunchtime, when all dishes are 25% cheaper. In general, a visitor will pay an average of 1,500 rubles for dinner (without alcohol).

Restaurant at Amici Grand Hotel

Other dining options in the hotel

A bar is open around the clock in the lobby of the Amici Grand Hotel (Krasnodar). It will offer the visitor a dessert, beer and snack menu, as well as a wine list. The hotel has a chocolate workshop. Hotel guests recommend trying Amici Sweet products. The hotel also has its own bakery. She doesn't just make buns and croissants for breakfast.

The lobby bar has a wide range of cakes and pastries, the result of the efforts of the hotel chefs. Even the rye and wheat croutons for the beer set, like bruschetta, are made locally. The lobby bar also offers light meals such as sausages.marbled beef or sautéed shrimp. The average check for a snack in this cozy place will cost 800 rubles.

Aquathermal complex

Already when booking a room of any category at the Amici Grand Hotel, you can sign up for wellness treatments. They are available from 6 am to midnight. In the aquathermal complex Amici there are rooms for massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, body wraps, hair removal, make-up, as well as a s alt room. Visitors say that a large aquarium with fish is installed in the relaxation room. At the private reception of the spa center there is a vending machine with drinks and snacks. Baths are represented by a Finnish sauna and an oriental steam hammam. Guests are provided with slippers, bath sheets and towels (included).

It is possible to reserve the entire aquathermal complex, where a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere reigns. Why should hotel guests visit this spa? Yes, because they are en titled to a discount. Those who live in the hotel on the "all inclusive" system can visit the baths daily. And without exception, all guests can use the exercise equipment in the fitness room for free and swim in the heated pool in the aquathermal complex. By the way, these services are available around the clock.

Amici Grand Hotel - Spa

Amici Grand Hotel Service

The hotel pays great attention to the safety of customers. There are CCTV cameras everywhere, security guards are on duty, and elevators are equipped with an intelligent floor access system. In-house laundry and housekeeping use products from leadingEuropean firms, which completely eliminates the appearance of allergic reactions among guests. The hotel has a "ladies" room with useful trifles for women, suites for honeymooners, rooms adapted to the needs of guests with disabilities.

Guests report an unusual service - "room service" is free here. They will also wash and iron three things for you absolutely free. From 17:00 to 18:30 in the lobby bar, guests can enjoy free tea / coffee with pastries. For a fee, a transfer to any point of Krasnodar is possible. And most importantly, when you check into Amici Grand, you are presented with an Amici Travel card, which guarantees a discount at resort hotels in southern Russia. The hotel administration takes care of organizing conferences: all the necessary conditions have been created for this. Numerous bonuses are available for group check-in.

Amici Grand Hotel Reviews


During the two-plus years of the hotel's existence, it has gained loyal fans. Some tourists stay only at the Amici Grand Hotel every time they visit Krasnodar. In the reviews, the guests say that they like everything here: from the location in the city center to the friendly and warm atmosphere. The rooms, in addition to the standard set of services, are full of various cute and necessary little things. Breakfast at the hotel is simply amazing. The cleaning quality is excellent. The staff is helpful and caring. Many travelers have stated that they will always stay at Amici when they come to Krasnodar.

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