Old lighthouses: photos, secrets. Top 5 most mystical

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Old lighthouses: photos, secrets. Top 5 most mystical
Old lighthouses: photos, secrets. Top 5 most mystical

Old lighthouses scattered around the world. For many years they served as guides for sailors sailing on their ships at night. And now, with the advent of electronic navigators, they are forgotten and abandoned. But many of them still keep their secret. Today we offer you to get acquainted with those five lighthouses around which mystical and slightly creepy legends go.

Eileen More (West Coast of Scotland)

This is one of the oldest lighthouses. And he's one of the mysterious ones. In 1900, on December 15, three caretakers disappeared here. One would think that people simply sailed away from here, but … The island is completely cut off from civilization, there were no boats on it. In addition, the study revealed several interesting facts:

  • all clocks stopped at the same time;
  • the gates of the lighthouse remained closed, they were not locked from the outside;
  • beds were dismantled as if people had just got up;
  • the table in the kitchen was overturned;
  • waterproof raincoats were in place (without themthere nowhere!)

No traces that could indicate the whereabouts of the caretakers were ever found. The Scottish authorities, after an investigation, said that they were washed away by a sudden huge wave. But many private researchers do not agree with this version. In particular, ufologists say that aliens could have kidnapped people. But there is no evidence. Interestingly, the story of the old lighthouse and its keepers formed the basis of one of the episodes of the famous TV series Doctor Who.

the mystery of the old lighthouse

Great Isaac Cay (Isaac Cay Island)

This old lighthouse was built in 1859. Its height is 46 meters. Local old-timers tell everyone who is interested about a shipwreck that happened here at the end of the 19th century. Only one baby is said to have survived. What happened to him next, history is silent. But allegedly since then, the ghost of his mother (Lady Grey) every full moon is looking for her baby all over the coast and makes screaming sorrowful sounds. And here and then people disappear for unknown reasons. So, on August 4, 1969, two caretakers disappeared. Their search did not lead to anything.

photo of old lighthouses

Lighthouse on the Stonington Peninsula (Maine, USA)

Today, tourists go to this old lighthouse with pleasure, as it is considered a local landmark. But he also has his own secret. According to legend, pirates once sailed here and hid their we alth somewhere in the bay. So it was or not, but divers are still finding something. But that's not all. Every year, inSeptember, thousands of monarch butterflies arrive on the island during their migration. It's incredibly beautiful here at this time!

the oldest lighthouse

Talacre Lighthouse (UK)

The secret of the old lighthouse in Talakra who just did not try to reveal. But, alas, so far no one has succeeded. And what happens there is this: almost daily, along the paths near the building, which was out of operation and tightly closed back in the 1840s, a ghost in a uniform and an old-fashioned hat walks. They say that supposedly this is a caretaker who died at the lighthouse from a fever. Like it or not, is unknown. But a proven fact: people who are near the lighthouse, after returning home, begin to have a fever. And they end up in the hospital.

old lighthouse in usa

Seguin Island Lighthouse, Maine

This lighthouse was built in 1857. It is still considered one of the highest in the US. Old-timers say that in ancient times a caretaker and his wife lived here. She was lonely, and therefore every night she, trying to dilute the silence, played the piano. The husband was not able to show his feelings and could not find an occupation for himself, and therefore slowly and surely went crazy. Once, in the heat of anger, he hacked the missus with an ax, and he either hanged himself, or somehow committed suicide.

Some time after the incident, piano sounds began to be heard from the lighthouse at night. Many people have heard them. But the musical instrument had already been taken out of there by that time. In 1985, when it was decided to decommission the lighthouse, they came herepolice to take out everything of value. According to rumors, the commander woke up at night from the voice of an unknown creature, ordering him to leave the lighthouse immediately. But he did not listen and decided to finish the job. Coincidence or not, but the sent boat with cargo never reached the shore.

the most mystical lighthouses

As a conclusion

If you look at photos of old lighthouses, there seems to be nothing special about them. But it’s worth learning a little more about them and … It just becomes interesting: what are these inventions of people who want to attract the attention of tourists, or “real reality”?

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