Moomin Park in Finland: work schedule, how to get there, reviews

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Moomin Park in Finland: work schedule, how to get there, reviews
Moomin Park in Finland: work schedule, how to get there, reviews

Moomin trolls are known not only in Finland, but also abroad. They are the symbol of this country, and there is no such person who would not have heard of these cute creatures. And in Suomi itself they are loved so much that they even created a park of the same name. Now it is one of the main attractions. Moomin Park is a country where every visitor can immerse himself in the world of childhood.

The world created by Tove Jansson

These cute hippo-like creatures were created by Finnish writer Tove Jansson. Their story began in 1945 when she drew a funny hippo for her younger brother. Then he will become the most famous character in Finnish literature.

And the writer was inspired to create the Moomin world by the island of Pellinki, where the Jansson family rested for several months a year. This place is very cozy, the house surrounded by forest, the sea - all this inspired Tove Jansson. Then the fairy tale grew into a whole series of books about kind cozy creatures that were filmed.

fairy tale character moomin troll

Short description

There is a Moomin park in Naantali, but not in the town itself, but nearby. This is one of the best entertainment for children in the world. In 2005, it was included in the Top 10 Theme Parks list. For the Moomin Park in Finland, even a separate island was allocated, on which the fairy-tale world was placed.

Its visitors will be able not only to see real kind hippos, but also to visit familiar places from the book. There is a blue Moominhouse, where you can go up to the Moomin Attic and go down to the Moomin Cellar, which stores the most delicious jam. And nearby is the Hemulen's house and Moominpappa's boat.

Be sure to go to Emma's summer theater performance. But if visitors manage to see Moomintroll playing hide-and-seek with Sniff and Baby My, they should definitely play with them. Everyone can find entertainment in this fabulous place.

In the park, every corner tells about the life of kind little hippos. In the valley, visitors everywhere meet the Moomins, who are happy to show and tell everything. It is especially interesting inside the famous Moomin house. There you can explore every corner. Of course, it will be especially interesting in Moominmamma's cozy kitchen.

Walking through the park is especially nice in the warm season, because that's when Snufkin returns. By the lake he puts up a tent and fishes. Not only children, but also adults do not want to leave the park. After all, it is so fabulous, cozy there that you want to stay longer visiting the Moomins.

Moomin house


In the Moomin Park in Finland, visitors can find a map-guide to the fairy-tale world. In addition to children's entertainment, there are other attractions on the island:

  1. Emma's Theater is a children's theater that shows various performances. They are already included in the ticket price. Moomintroll shows in Finnish and Swedish alternate there. Those who do not know the language should not worry: there are sub titles in English and Russian. They also show a piece of music in which the language is not important. The Emma Theater is located right at the entrance to the park.
  2. Police station - there is the police chief of the Moomins, who guards the hooligan Haysuli (Stinky). It is periodically delivered there with noise by the inhabitants of the island.
  3. Hemulen's House - where visitors can look at a collection of Finnish plants and butterflies. Located next to the pier. The house has been restored and inside you can find various gardening tools that young visitors may be interested in.
  4. Guests will be able to visit the slightly abandoned house of the Witch and Alice. There is a wooden labyrinth along the way, and a bridge has been thrown across the river.
  5. One of the most mysterious places is the Hattifattenner Cave, which is inhabited by fabulous creatures.
  6. The main attraction is the Moomin house, the blue tower. To get and explore this house is the dream of every fan of good hippos. Next to the blue tower is a stage where various performances are shown.

In Moomin Park-trolls in Finland there are many more interesting places that both adults and young visitors are happy to visit. You can also send a real letter using Moomin mail: it will have a Moomin stamp and a Moomin stamp, it will definitely reach the addressee, like a regular letter. There is a flying ship and mysterious paths, walking along which you can meet fairy-tale heroes. You can also visit the store and buy a souvenir.

performance at the Emma Theater

Winter activities

The Moomin Park in Finland is also interesting in the winter season. There you can go snowshoeing, skiing and "cheesecakes". Everyone is happy to dance to cheerful melodies. Other winter activities include ice skating, dog sledding and horseback riding.

In the park you can rent equipment for winter recreation for free. Of course, there are slides where both children and adults have fun.

winter activities

Cafes and restaurants

Visitors of the Moomin Park can take food: there are even specially equipped places on the territory where you can fry sausages or sausages on skewers. Restaurants in the Valley will delight guests with delicious homemade cuisine. Only natural products are used for cooking, and possible allergens are excluded, because most of the visitors are children.

You should definitely go for goodies in Moominmamma's buffet. There are dishes only homemade cuisine that will appeal to all guests. From drinks will offer water, milkand lemonades. But those with a sweet tooth will also be able to find something tasty for themselves: coffee, pancakes, pancakes, various types of ice cream - the Moomin trolls also love sweets. Moomin Kiosk sells popcorn, cotton candy and lollipops.

The whole Moomin theme park is designed and organized to make the little guests feel comfortable. There are also several mother and child rooms with everything you need for convenience.

How to get there

The park is located on the southwestern Finnish coast, not far from Turku, but at a great distance from Helsinki. How to get to the Moomin Park in Finland? First you need to get to Turku, and then to Naantali by buses (No. 11 and 110), which depart from the market. Alternatively, you can get there by boat. This trip will take several hours, but there is an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

You can also get there by car (if guests decide to rent it for the duration of their stay in Finland). The park has its own parking, so you can safely leave your car there and go to enjoy the beauty. Visitor parking is free.

Another way to get to the Moomin Park is by a special bus. It departs from Turku hotels to Naantali every 15-20 minutes. Moomin bus ride: for adults - 6.5 euros (one way) and 13 euros (round trip); for children under 14 - 3 and 6 euros respectively.

children rest in the park

Work Schedule

You can check it on the official website. Moomin park opening hoursFinland depends on the season. It is open from June 8 to August 25, and in winter, good hippos hibernate and wake up only from February 16 to 24. You can get to Moominworld until August 12 from 10 am, and from August 12 - only from 12 am. The park always closes at exactly 6 pm.

Ticket prices

Moominland is not far behind other modern parks. And now it uses not ordinary tickets, but bracelets. You can buy them for one or two days. Cost for adults and children over 3 years old - 25 euros, for two days - 35 euros.

There is another type of ticket - a single one, it costs 40 euros. It is valid for two days and includes a visit to the farm and the reserve.

Moomin souvenirs


Moomin Park is one of the main attractions. The reviews say that this is not just an ideal place to relax with children, this is a special world. All those who have visited this park are immersed in a fabulous atmosphere and return to childhood. In the world of Moomin, everything breathes comfort, so you want to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

The reviews also say that everything is very well thought out for a comfortable stay with children. Parents can even heat up baby food in the microwave. Children are delighted that they can communicate with their favorite fairy-tale characters. They also enjoy watching performances at the Emma Theatre. Even adults are satisfied with visiting the park and are happy to plunge into the fairy-tale world.

Visiting the Moomins

Moomin Park is the coziest of all, it is the hallmark of Finland. Therefore, it is a must-see for all tourists. To make it more convenient to get there, you can rent a hotel room in Turku or Naantali. Parents of toddlers do not need to worry about the comfort of their children.

Suomi is a beautiful and mysterious country, and Naantali is an old small town, so this place is perfect for those who like a relaxing holiday.

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